Heartworm… of a sort…

Returning from the airport well after midnight on Saturday, it wasn’t until lunchtime today that i was reunited with my canine life partner, Mr. Pickles.  After letting my kids know that i’d had a great time, but was doing battle with a mild case of “Mummy Tummy” after eating some bad nachos at a rasta bar, i got this from my daughter:

Sorry to hear about your tummy trouble, though you and Pickles share similar circumstances. I woke up on thursday to an extremely irritating puppydog demanding his walk. When i let him out, he shat a lovely brown liquid. When going downstairs for my run, i discovered that he had left me a “good morning” present: a splattering of poo all over the theater room floor that loosely resembled a Pollack painting. Dog’s got talent…

By the time i was in the airport on Saturday, my son called to inform me that the gastro-rocketry had gotten worse – now with much pukage.  Including a rather spectacular splat on my bed*.  He took the pup to the vet first thing Saturday morning, and the doggie doc wanted to keep him for the rest of the weekend.  It seemed fairly serious.

Sunday was a very long day.  It’s hard to describe, but the presence of this large brown dog – breathing, rearranging his dulaps, groaning or sighing in his sleep – is something that we’ve all gotten used to.  He doesn’t constantly beg for attention.  He’s just always there.  A quiet, comforting companion.

As we go about our business, he moves from room to room – flopping on the bedroom floor as i put away my laundry, dozing at the top of the stairs if i’m mucking around in the utility room downstairs, coming in to say ‘hi’ if i’m in the bathroom for more than a few minutes.  Mostly, he sleeps.  Hardly an overpowering presence.

When he’s gone?  Everything is wrong.  Feng Shui fucked up to the max.  It’s as though the household heart has stopped beating.

Given that the doc’s office was closed on Sunday, i wasn’t able to get an update on his condition.  Fearing the worst, i called this morning.  I was overjoyed to learn i could pick him up at my convenience! 

Still no idea what jacked his delicate digestive tract, i’m simply delighted to have him home again… even though my current endearing name for him is “Shitstain”…

Still not 100%, but glad to be home...

Still not 100%, but glad to be home...

* The Boy earned himself some bonus points by laundering all of my bed linens – and making my bed – before i returned home… And both of them spent many hours scrubbing the gnarliest of gnarly dog messes from carpeting… Thankfully…

23 thoughts on “Heartworm… of a sort…

  1. Now, we know you put your dog up to it. Those kids have to be test for the real world somehow. And when best to do it than when you’re not there? I hope you rewarded that handsome boy well. 🙂 Do they make Pepto doggy treats?

  2. Went through that with Friday once. Only she was pooping blood. The vet said it’s usually from too much fat. Never want to go through it again.

    I know what you mean about the dogs. When I go someplace without Friday now, I will catch myself saying “Let’s go.” before moving my wheelchair. Don’t know what I’ll do when she isn’t around anymore.

    Your kids are great to clean up the mess before you got home. Give them a hug, and Mr. Pickles a pat for me.

  3. fragrant liar – yes… that was it! don’t have pepto dog treats, but he’s getting some icky-smelling canned food mixed in with the dry stuff for a few more days… he’ll be spoiled!

    e4 – i’m not prone to LOL’ing but THAT got me! and a *snort* for good measure…

    tysdaddy – he’s pure, fur-encrusted love. nothing like a dog. well, except maybe a different dog…

    silverstar – it had gotten that bad, apparently. but he’s ok, on the mend, resting and thumping the carpet with his tail randomly. seems glad to be home… will pass along the hugs and pat!

    jenny – i find myself pacing when he’s gone. out of sorts, out of whack…. wild, isn’t it?

    alex – yep. definitely a case of ‘who’s really in charge’. but worth it… it’s not like they can clean it up themselves…

    jimmy – *snort* my second LOL of the comments section… along the lines of holding a female roommates hair back as she hoarks up her innerds after a night of drinking, it’s just part of the bonding experience.

    nursemyra – i could have been more graphic with the descriptions, but would never have topped “hot gravy poo”

    unbearable banishment – i’m more convinced than ever that i’ll never be without one… poo, puke or no… and even with the devastation that i know will come the day i lose him? worth it. completely worth it for me…

  4. i would have been a worried mess.. especially if i could not call or go thee for an update on his condition.. i am so glad all turned out well.. i wonder what was up with him???

  5. Dogs like that are like silent people. It’s hard to tell if they’re sort of dumb, or just smarter than you. You know they’re nicer than you.

  6. I love dogs.

    I am too irresponsible to have one of my own.

    Shitstain is the most endearing term in the world…

  7. Now that’s what I call evidence of decent sprog rearing!

    Glad to hear Mr. P is a-okay. Probably just a little sympathy/empathy for your mummy-tummy.

  8. Glad Mr. Pickles is perking up. A home is a better place with a pooch living in it, no matter the gastro-intestinal distress that invariably crops up and deposits itself right in the middle of the living room rug.

  9. Weird – the idea of cleaning up after my cat was no problem but the idea of cleaning up after a child just makes me queasy. Childless through fate? probably not … 😉

  10. No, tNB – cleaning up kid poo is way grosser. You are elbow deep in it sometimes repeating “You’re part of me, you’re part of me” just to keep from going insane.
    I hope the mister is back to normal soon, Daisyfae. He’s a charmer, that one, and he looks so pathetic in that picture.

  11. paisley – i’ve been very sympathetic to your doggie-digestive troubles. you’re a devoted pup owner for sure… the petsitter who was with him on saturday let him play in the creek, and i wonder if he picked up a bug there.

    casey – ‘silent people’… yes… as for the smarter/dumber question? we have no idea – jury swings both ways. he doesn’t have a mean molecule in his fuzzy ol’ body. definitely nicer than most humans…

    uncle keith – much better today. back to being a sweet goof…

    sweetlifeconfidential – my dog puts up with a lot of my shit. being gone during the day, not taking him on long enough walks, or to the dog park often enough… i can put up with a little shit from him every now and then…

    rob – they’re good kids… they know that the last thing i’d need is coming home at midnight to a bed encrusted in dried dog muck… we decided it was sympathetic squirtz…

    squirrel queen – i often think he’ll be my last pup, but i cringe at the thought of being dogless for very long. especially given my path toward perpetual singleness…

    tNb – i did things i couldn’t imagine while caring for both my kids and my dad through his last year… it was pretty damn disgusting.

    mstng – concur with the kid poo/puke assessment. once you stop nursing them and the odor goes from that mild yellow-poo smell to rancid dogshit? it was almost time for “baby in the airport dumpster”. he’s doing much better, and we dodged a liquid chocolate missile….

  12. I remember when I had light carpets. Um – never again. See blog post above.

    Glad Mr. Shitstain (sounds like a name for my ex) is doing well!

  13. poor Mr.P I get so irritated at the little guy here but then when we took them to the kennel my night was too quiet. It’s the snoring and shifting and kisses in the morning. missed it.
    glad you both feel better….(that’s why you don’t send home those mexican burritos)

  14. amber – he’s recovered. but he is brown and he’s on my rug, therefore the name is going to stick. and yep – i’m thinkin’ your ex earned it…

    hisqueen – everyone is at least momentarily healthy! he’s sawing logs as i type!

  15. glad to hear mr pickles is okay. i hate it that dogs can’t tell you what is wrong. i hope your carpet and linens are not of the white variety. if so, then your children are 100% darlings.

    petey had the opposite problem recently and hadn’t made a poo in over three days. vet prescribed a bland diet- rice and boiled beef. he found it rather tasty compared to his regular dog food and was soon pooping like all get out.

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