It’s about 5pm here.  Left work early.  i have to leave for the airport in exactly 11 hours.  That’d be for a 6am flight.

i have a suitcase that contains:  wetsuit, fins/mask/snorkel, buoyancy compensator (dive vest), swimsuits (yes, two, in case there is a blowout), dive boots, SCUBA log book, regulator/dive computer…

i have a backpack that contains:  iPod, noise canceling headphones, passport, chargers, ASUS 900eeePC baby travel laptop, point and shoot camera, memory cards, portable keyboard, optical mouse, books for plane, assorted chargers and cables and geek-shrapnel.

i have not yet packed one article of clothing.  The resort is NOT clothing optional…. 

Holy shit

i’ve always traveled a bit by the seat of my pants…  Likely to be even more sporadic than usual for the week.  Surf’s up!

9 thoughts on “Ack!

  1. you’ve got a bathing suit..two, in fact. what else is needed? you’ll have clothes on your back to fly there (understanding that clothing is not optional on airlines as well)…wear the same thing back.

  2. BLT – i’m hoping that some sunshine on the scars helps lose the “Franken-tittie” look… but shall avoid sunburn…

    tysdaddy – survived the morning, chillin’ in the atlanta airport. i’ve either packed it or i’ll buy it…

    gnukid – bathing suits, toothbrush, regulator… i’m thinking i can do some sort of artistic installation with that…

    silverstar – probably over packed. brought underwear, too…

    tigereyesal – i like the way you think!

    uncle keith – for underwear, if you get the ones with the big leg holes, you can technically get about 6 days our of one pair… try it. take pictures…

    nursemyra – got one. but can always buy more if needed!

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