14 thoughts on “Egg-centric

  1. became super sensitive when you hit “47”, huh..
    having hot flashes already? =)
    poor girl…tell her there’s more of that to come when menopause hits.

  2. fkdupdad – Welcome to The Park… and you are a funny fucked up dad! i’ve been at it longer, but it seems i could learn a few things from you!

    hisqueen – doc assures me that i am not even in the “peri-menopause” phase yet (at least hormonally). he kinda ducks under the table when he says it, though, so i think it’s coming…

    DP – you’ll get your warning. likely via BBC… international incidents are not out of the realm of the plausible…

    Miss P – yes, today i’m laughing! tomorrow? whothefuckknows! ARGH!

    silverstar – i’ve discovered the joys of organic milk. lasts a month, which is about how long it takes me to use a half gallon. somehow the farmers and the lawyers much have conspired for the egg expiry dates… hmmm….

    alex – they aren’t always warmed by it, but they are certainly used to it!

    nursemyra – might have been an 0800 attempt to craft a batch of chocolate chip cookies. yes. that’d be a perfectly FINE breakfast!

    unbearable banishment – that happened when i had radiation treatments after breast cancer!

    tysdaddy – it was an across the board “ouch”. but we were both laughing our asses off after, so all’s well with the world…

    uncle keith – do old cats eat expired eggs? or would that just quadruple the ‘bitch’ factor in these parts?

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