Inside the Executive Washroom

“My name is daisyfae.  And I Am A Manager”.

There.  i said it out loud.  This is the first step to overcoming any affliction… 

i was amused today by a brief e-mail exchange.  One of my co-managing consorts was stuck at a medical appointment, and asked me to sit in on a program review, to be conducted by The Ninjaneer.

JB:  daisyfae — Would you please abuse The Ninjaneer during his program review?  I won’t be back by 1330.

Ninjaneer:  You. Are. A. Turd.

daisyfae:  My pleasure!  i worship at the excrement altar…

JB:  Teamwork.  It’s a beautiful thing!

Ninjaneer:  May you both fall in a pile of Shared Leadership.

Why, Yes!  i HAVE been promoted beyond my capabilities!

Why, Yes! i HAVE been promoted beyond my capabilities!

13 thoughts on “Inside the Executive Washroom

  1. I heard an interesting ad on the radio today, about companies choosing to promote from within during these economic doldrums we’re in. The poor Company receptionist became the Company overseas correspondent in Poland. Very funny . . .

  2. Even though it has place certain earning limitations on me, I have avoided moves into management. I just don’t have the temperament for it. I like people except in an office setting. Under those conditions, I pretty much hate people.

  3. A program review…blah…yech…oh God…oh Jesus…of all the foul bull shit…a program review…Jesus ‘Tap-Dancin’ Christ…a program review!

  4. tysdaddy – at the moment? i’d volunteer To be the company overseas correspondent in Poland. Or even a country ending in “-stan”…

    alex – absolute power corrupts absolutely. but it also rocks fully… unfortunately, i’m just another cog in a big ol’ bureaucratic monkeyspank. i make do…

    DP – “in house politics”? did you mean “out house politics”? that’s about what it all smells like to me…

    nursemyra – i may print this one, poster sized, and stick it on my bulletin board…

    unbearable banishment – i want out of the office environment. at least temporarily. for the EXACT reason you mentioned…

    uncle keith – you know this beast. cannot be slain. must be endured. bring on the gallon jugs of high-test coffee and Preparation H…

    silverstar – i am Queen Turd. The biggest, baddest, brownest, corn-encrusted-est motherfuckah in the building…

    manuel – i have to look back. there are people behind me with sharp objects…. i avoid eye contact, however… that is a sign of weakness and sometimes encourages them to speak to you conversationally.

  5. “i worship at the excrement altar…”
    isn’t that the Men’s room at the Back Bay train station in Boston?
    Damn, I’m laughing quite hard here . . .
    We need to do beers someday, even if it’s online . . .
    You rock, girl.

  6. <<< B I G fan of DaisyFae and what’s weird is that it doesn’t really bother me much if in fact you resemble a corn-heavy pile of excrement(based on your comment). Yum, is soup on ? Cheers and look me up already !!

  7. Hey, its more that a first step, it’s half of the battle… get it all out girl, we are here for you! I still remember my first Manager’s Anonymous… as if it were yesterday…

  8. michael – i might have actually been in that men’s room. long story for another day. i get to the boston area on business from time to time. scotch and cee-gars on me!

    WTG – thank you. nice to know that i have fans even with my pesky corn-infiltration problems. i’m not sure where to find you… westward?

    Bb – making tracks to get out of an “organizationally defined position” so i can go back to what i do best: fucking off and entertaining the rabble creative, independent program development and optimization.

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