Coug-Are You?

A brief e-exchange with an old friend today regarding cougar barbie video….  A very sexy, charming and engaging old friend… and before he retired and moved away, we had a happy, friendly and perfectly-appropriate little flirtation! 

Sexy Retired Friend (SRF):  I’ll bet this is on your wish list………

daisyfae:  Nope. C’mon. You know I like older men!

SRF: Yea, but see what you are missing–all of those young “Kens” looking for that special Cougar to turn her into jello……….

daisyfae:  They’re boring. Who wants to hear about their silly little dreams? I like men who have given up on all that.  Bitter, washed up, and thinking their best days are behind them.  To them I may represent their last hope of something wild.

SRF:  Very well said and yes I agree!

daisyfae:  damn.  i am one cold woman…

forget doing the yard work... i've got something else you can mow!

forget doing the yard work... i've got something else you can mow!

17 thoughts on “Coug-Are You?

  1. Cougs are great. Mercury and Female.

    Shit, I just had implants rubbed all over my arm and an offer to some fancy party or another, you know, dreamy orange barbie style.

    I’m not saying I turned it down. I’m just saying.

  2. love the video…especially laughing at Barbie’s lovely 38Ds turning into 38 longs (is that one reason why you got the 2007 bionic twins?).

    so, if i’m not just mostly bitter and sort of washed up, though older, does that mean i don’t have a chance? 😉

  3. i love being bitter and washed-up and all before the age of40. The fact i excel at failure pleases me in the fact it makes me good at something, well besides drinking and drugging and the last time i saw a Cougar at the bar she had a purse that looked like a pharmacy, made me want to hit on her.

  4. renalfailure – “i’ve given up on life and know that i’ll never touch hot, young female flesh again…” is a nice follow up…

    silverstar – it was around the time she started swinging on the stripper pole in the Barbie Dream Condo that they all started running for the door. Mine isn’t installed yet…. (will steal the “sabre toothed tiger” line!)

    casey – the old merc’s rocked. the new little ones annoy me… suspect that you are prime cougar bait. you can figure out what color bulbs to put in your bedroom to soften the orange, and perhaps that’ll help. careful not to put your eye out on the Stepford Nipples…

    gnukid – the bionic reconstruct would have likely happened even without the pesky li’l cancer nugget. you are still a touch too optimistic for me. i like to pull them off the ledge….

    kono – yet another reason why older women rock! we’ve got all the drugs…

    stephanie – damn logic. crap. now i’ll be stuck in a do-loop all weekend!

    unbearable banishment – that’s a lovely way to look at it! St. Boob-a-factor. Rescuing lost testosterone, one pasty old white-boy at a time…

    tNb – oh, crap… that’s funny. evil, but very funny! time for a telethon to raise money for the poor dear?

    DP – well, you ARE getting at least one hit a day at the ol’ blog, aren’t you?

  5. ‘Bitter, washed up, and thinking their best days are behind them’

    I’m those things now! Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t be advertising that fact…

  6. alex – i dunno. i like men with a solid grasp of reality, and men who aren’t confused…

    archie – ok. a little bit of optimism is perfectly ok!

    amber – i just wanna sing back up with you in the band…. got my little black dress and heels, and am ready to go!

  7. I dun know. Being married to a man twenty years my junior isn’t so bad. Keeps my motor revvin’, dontcha know…. I’m just grateful he’s not built like Ken too. 🙂

  8. dolce – of course! go with your strengths, right?

    awalkabout – ahh, but you were lucky enough to find the Cabana Boy 2000 model, right? i seem to trip over goobers…. i think that line must have been discontinued!

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