Feedback time

Once again, an opportunity to hear from the management on how i’m doing on the job.  i look forward to these moments just as i would look forward to putting cigarettes out in my eyeballs, as there are opportunities to learn and improve with every insightful nugget. 

In addition to my regular mid-term feedback session with my boss in a couple weeks, we did a rather extensive “360 degree review“.  A highly structured opportunity to receive an assessment on your performance from above, below and from the side – and this is then compared with a self-assessment.

Prior to the session with the boss, we were asked to get our results from the organizational development specialist.  i met with her on Friday.  She went over the process, and discussed the opportunity to identify both hidden strengths as well as blind spots.  Then we dove into my results.

Throughout the survey, i rated myself lower than all others.  i was quite proud of the fact that i rated myself a “2” (on a scale of 1-5) for “dresses professionally”.  She noted that others had me rated around at an average of  “4”.  She used this as an extreme example of me being my own worst critic.

Organizational Development Lady (ODL):  You are clearly very hard on yourself.

daisyfae: [giggling and trying not to say “hur, hur, hur… you said ‘hard on’…”] No one can accuse me of a lack of self-awareness.

ODL:  But do you really think you dress unprofessionally?  i’ve seen you give seminars and presentations and you always dress appropriately…

daisyfae [wearing jeans, a low cut tank top, and a baggy, belted sweater that has seen better days]:  ummm…. right…. (pointing at partially exposed tits)

Then it was time to review the comments from the reviewers.  Of the eight responses from folks who took the time to write a few strengths and weaknesses down, there was a fairly consistent thread.  Six of the eight responses included the words “Burnt Out”.  One nicely suggested a sabbatical…

My favorite weakness, however, was the following:  “daisyfae doesn’t respond well to ‘idiots’…”. 

Since when is that a weakness?

i have patterned my professional career after the teachings at

i have patterned my professional career after the teachings at

23 thoughts on “Feedback time

  1. Whew! I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one who has grown cynical with age.

    We use 360 feedback. I remember when there was a big push for this (you know, “empowerment” an’ all), many people had their 360 feedbacks done (at something like $89 USD per) and then never got the results. Why? The computer that contained all of the feedback compilations was in the basement of the World Trade Center towers…..on 9/11.

    You have a category for “dresses professionally”? Weird.

    Interestingly, I’ve always tended to rate myself lower than others. So I guess I’m “hard on” myself too!

    Here’s hopin’ daisyfae gets a promotion/commendation/bonus/raise or all of the above at the end of the year!

  2. Oh joy. This is something I have to look forward to in the next month or so. Yet another spirit crushing smart bomb in management’s delightfully Orwellian arsenal.

  3. tysdaddy – yes, blind. but, we choose the folks to send the review to – 6 peers, 6 subordinates, 6 ‘others’ plus the supervisor. we only get the data if at least 4 in each category respond… so it’s not really fair, as we get to pick the folks to review us… mostly, we pick people we know don’t hate us…

    dolce – i should be given a commendation medal for not whacking them with large metal objects. they have no idea the restraint i manage by NOT unloading on them with the full wrath of daisyfae…

    rob – since the folks that report to this supervisor are all part of the ‘leadership’ group, we did a 360 focused on ‘leadership styles’. dressing professionally was simply one question of about 80… i think nearly everyone on our team rated themselves a little lower, but mine were significant (1-3 points on a 5 point scale). oh, and no promotion. can’t go anywhere but down… i’ve maxed out.

    kyknoord – corporate neutron bomb. i like the analogy. this was done with the best of intentions, and i’m sure there will be some folks who benefit. those would be the people who still actually give a shit. i just wanna tend bar and fuck off, but it’s not in my position description at the moment…

  4. This made me laugh. And laugh. Not so much in the corporate setting but clearly in the parenting one. 35 years of active parenting is just plain too much. *nod*

    But it’s nice to know they’re all scared enough of you to build you up. 🙂

  5. I am what those halfwitted cardboard cut-out in HR would deem to be a ‘Dinosaur’.

    I am old school.. I wear what I like, I say what I like. If someone makes a boo-boo, I let them know that I’m not pleased. I’m not racist, sectarian or homophobic, I even encourage the woman who work for me have an opinion, and to lead from the front.

    My idea of an appraisal for my staff is to either say well done, or tell them they are a complete wanker.

    But my way cannae be that bad. My staff turnover is roughly 1%. In fact nearly everyone who puts up with my shouting, my moods, my loud bark, and a very bad bite, have all been with me for over ten years.

    I must be doing something right.

    HR? I wouldn’t give them floor space.

  6. I have my review this week……same old same old…..unless they have the swingers to face me down….which they don’t……I also look forward to the empty promises they always make…..

  7. HAH! I have that poster up in my office at work. When an idiot comes in wanting something idiotic, I point them to it. They can’t say I’m not self-aware, either.

  8. Man, do I know about burnout. I think the stress of being on the road all the time is getting to you. And I think these kind of reviews are tedious, meddlesome, and practically worthless. You’re right, they might make a difference to someone early in their career who still gives a shit, otherwise they are mostly toilet paper.

  9. This kind of thing is why I am in business for myself.

    When I was still a college student under 20, the dean of students, not unkindly, told me that the one clear thing about me was that I did not bear fools graciously…

  10. We have “dresses professionally” on our reviews too. the rest of our categories are all about christian fellowship and love – it’s hilarious, very weird and sad at the same time

  11. fragrant liar – no raise likely, other than cost of living. i maxed out about 6 years ago in pay grade. it’s just riding the wave til retirement for me… not a bad gig…

    stephanie – again, the fact that i don’t throw things at them should get me some bonus points! i mean, there’d be terrible paperwork to be done if i started throwing things again.

    awalkabout – you are a hero in the parenting realm! lifetime movies should be made about you! i have no idea how you’ve done it, and i continue to cheer wildly for you, but damn, woman… you’re certainly entitled to a little burnout!

    jimmy – where do i sign up? i fantasize about working honest labor to pay my bills. less idiot wrangling, paperwork, and cardboard cutouts who can only say “that’s not my job”… i’d be happy to wield a nailgun in your army!

    manuel – ah, the empty promises! kinda makes me nostalgic for a time when my management tried to make me feel good… now they know it just makes me cranky, and they hunker down…

    beth – i have the “that which does not kill me only postpones the inevitable” poster on my wall… my daily moment of zen….

    silverstar – been home almost an entire month! woo hoo! it does wear on me. trips are starting to pile up again, though. need to fix that…

    sledpress – if i had any marketable skills, i’d be self employed. paper-pushers are a dime a dozen. i did consider the comment as a compliment…

    archie – you are far from being an idiot, although i am also known to get a bit crunchy around the edges if one drops a few too many puns! that’d be what gets you in trouble, kind sir!

    tNb – might have to! i will likely keep some of the other comments in my ‘feel good’ file… makes me feel all special and stuff!

    nursemrya – that’s right! you work for a christian facility. i’d last 10 minutes with that kind of review… the lightning bolts could be used to power the east coast of the US…

  12. Could they clarify to you how to respond well to an idiot? Perhaps it could involve the use of a guillotine choke and a magic marker to write on their forehead after they lose consciousness?

  13. unbearable banishment – mine were nice. partly because the people who made the effort to comment were likely to be folks who were ALSO having 360’s done… and partly because i am the shizzle… 😀

    archie – AAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! you are too fast for me!

    renalfailure – not sure what the proper response is, but apparently throwing a stapler is NOT. like the marker idea… as a warning to others…

  14. Time to just go fucking postal.
    They’ll never know what hit ’em.
    Did I say that?
    Oh, DF
    Some people just suck.
    I’m thinking you already get that.

  15. michael – i’ve kept a running list of ‘things that might get me fired’. bringing a gun to work, and using it, is on it. not much else, however… having fired someone a few years back, it is exceedingly difficult to remove someone. i’ve even suggested that i could screw a goat in the hallway – and not be fired. perhaps sent to couseling. with the goat…

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