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i easily fit the category of “expert traveler”.  Logging at least 100,000 miles (mostly domestic) and spending at least 90 nights a year in a rent-a-bed, it isn’t often that a travel experience knocks me over with unexpected goodness.

The recent trip to Seattle?  Woo-hoo!  It was a geek fest, held at the Hotel1000 – a fun, boutique hotel.  The amenities at this place had me alternately giggling and snorting – and feeling like a rock star.

decadence... including pics of nekkid people on the wall!

Even had sketches of nekkid people on the wall!

For starters? The room itself was delicious.  The bed/desk/minibar were fairly typical, but it was the bathroom that had me just awash* in silliness!  It took me a full five minutes to locate the toilet – which was hidden behind a clever frosted glass door next to the shower.

party tub

party tub

The bath? Ridiculously decadent!  Gigantic free-standing tub – orgy-sized!  i rooted around upon arrival, thinking that it might be a jacuzzi tub – but alas, it was just a 4-person modern marvel. Best of all?  The faucet was in the fucking ceiling!

spigot. in. the. fucking. ceiling.

spigot. in. the. fucking. ceiling.

This kept me amused for no less than an hour. After cleansing* my toilet-related curiousity, i checked out the rest of the room – and discovered that the HDTV on the wall was playing a serene movie – boats, waterfalls, beaches… Farting around a bit with the remote, i learned that there were about 10 different choices – essentially allowing me to customize the wall art in the room!  Did i say “WOO HOO!”?

Geek chic boutique...

Geek chic boutique...

Scrumptious bathrobe, in-room french press coffee maker, ubiquitous Starbucks fresh ground coffee available in massive quantities.  The bed?  The only thing that could have improved it would have been an in-room cabana boy… A tall, blonde Swedish masseur, named Sven, with no vocal cords, perhaps…

But my favorite moment of the week involved the hotel catering services.  Typically at any workshop or meeting, refreshments are provided – maybe fruit and bagels in the morning, with brownies or cookies for an afternoon snack.  The Hotel1000 set a new standard, in my opinion, with the afternoon break refreshments on the second day of the meeting.

Cupcakes.  Beautifully decorated cupcakes.  Gleaming pink frosting, with raspberries.  Neon green frosting, with shaved chocolate.  Sumptuous ivory cream frosting, with chopped almonds.

i returned from my extended lunch adventure with silverstar to find a beautiful spread of cupcakes outside the meeting room!  As we reconvened following the break, i was delighted to sit in the meeting room, and watch some of the worlds best scientific minds debate the nuances of transformational optics – while enthusiastically licking brightly colored frosting from their cupcakes!

Oh, if we’d only been allowed to pull out mats and have a communal afternoon nap on the floor…


* yes.  I DID just do that….

11 thoughts on “Geek Chic

  1. That room was totally nummy. I want to move there. And those cupcakes? Me want at least one of each.

    I really enjoyed hanging out with you, and I hope I get to hang out with some more of my blog friends soon.

  2. I’ve spent a fortune on decadent bathtubs for the missus over the years.
    I’m so glad that I’m a man, and that the shower was invented.

    All that soapy fragrance and bubbly bubble stuff. Pah!

  3. I’m as close to ‘mermaid’ as a girl can get without giving up nookie. I love love love bathing. And there’s a spigot in the fucking ceiling? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. rob – yep. the only thing missing were the drunken snowboarders howling outside my room at 3am…

    silverstar – those aren’t the cupcakes we had; ours were even prettier! raspberries on top! how cool is that? really enjoyed our meet up – and hope to get back to seattle again! not just for the cupcakes!

    uncle keith – it was pretty dreamy! glass wall between bedroom and bathroom had a ‘privacy shade’, so it was set up to allow a private party, even with the children and grandparents in the room watching the TV!

    jimmy – the shower was pretty fantastic, too! big enough for two…

    dolce – the tub had to be that deep to keep the splashing off the floor and glass wall! but it was a happy, happy respite! would have been even more fun with a cabana boy there to provide in-room foot massage!

  5. There have to be some compensations for being on the road (or cloud – what the hell is the air travel equivalent?) constantly. Don’t know if I’d sell my soul for cupcakes. Again.

  6. unbearable banishment – absolutely agree! But, why then do i clean up my room before leaving it for the day? and tip the housekeepers? i feel so guilty if i trash it… but i do like the fresh linens, freshly made bed and daily vacuum…

    amber – that’d be on my other blog… 😉

    kyknoord – the primary compensation for being on the road, at least for me? NOT being in the office! the cupcakes, frequent flier miles and occasionally free booze are nice, too…

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