Special Edition T-Shirt Friday

With a meeting in Seattle this week, i have had an opportunity to hang out with the coolest powerchair-babe on the internet!  Ms. Silverstar has been a fabulous host/tour guide, showing me the sights of the Seattle waterfront for lunch yesterday!

Since the lights in the blogosphere are still dimmed, with nursemyra off the grid due to a house-move, silverstar suggested a T-Shirt swap Friday!  She got me a great Seattle T — carefully selected to be Mr. Pickles Brown!  And with her anti-establishment bent?  i thought “Alcatraz” might be a good fit!

Hangin' with Silverstar

Hangin' with Silverstar

From there?  Lunch at Ivar’s!  Despite a short battle with a misdirected hunk of bread, we had a lovely lunch on the waterfront where i got to indulge my scallop-lust.  No.  Not like that…  Making a quick visit to the waterfront arcade, i also got to indulge a little carousel-lust!

Pretty pony - jewels, amazing mane...

Pretty pony - jewels, amazing mane...

In a race?  My money's on Silverstar and The Scarlet Pimp!

In a race? My money's on Silverstar and The Scarlet Pimp! Heigh-ho, Scarlet Pimp - Awaaaaaay!

And for even more fun, i got to meet Ms. Friday, the wonder pup!  She is the most well-behaved diva ever! 

Adorable working-pup!  Hear that, Mr. P?  This dog has a JOB!

Adorable working-pup! Hear that, Mr. Pickles? This dog has a JOB!

Speaking of Divas?  i was hanging with the traveling nerd herd in the lobby of our hipster-cool boutique hotel for happy hour, and was a bit surprised to see none other than Miss Britney Spears being escorted across the lobby.  Being good Trailer Park Rabble, i whipped it out – the camera, you perverts – and snapped a few pics!  Only random thought?  She’s tiny.  Teeny-tiny…

Loves me some hangover sunglasses...

Loves me some hangover sunglasses...

Despite the unexpected celebrity sighting, the highlight of my week – in fact, the highlight of all my recent roadtrips – was a chance to meet silverstar in person!  She’s delightful!  And i really can’t wait for another day of extended lunch-hour hookey!  Today?  She’s taking me to Pikes Place Market and i’m going to do everything i can to get hit in the head with a fish!

10 thoughts on “Special Edition T-Shirt Friday

  1. Heh, heh, heh. I’ll tell you just where to stand to get hit in the head with a fish. Um, actually, they throw them the other direction, into the store, not out of it. But, oh, the trailer parkesque tourist crap they have for sale…I can hardly wait.

  2. I loved Seattle. I took the best nap of my entire life during the lunch break of a boring users’ meeting, in the back seat of my rental car, at the Supervisor of Shipbuilding (SUPSHIP) in Seattle.

  3. sounds like so much fun – wish I’d been there too. Still resorting to using the local internet cafe but at least the moving part of moving house is over. now if my ISP can just get their arse into gear I’ll be back to blogging before too much longer…..

    hey daisyfae, I didn’t know you ate scallops (?)

  4. Stephanie – it WAS a lot of excitement! Seattle is big fun!

    Rob – I just go where the job takes me. Bonus points if there’s a festive meet up along the way!

    Silverstar – thanks again! Best trip in a long time!

    Unbearable banishment – it’s a mystery to me…

    Uncle keith – I can think of more fun things to do in the back of a rental car!

    Nursemyra – you’d have loved the hotel! Corset/Sex shop next door! Good to see you connected a little! Xxx

  5. Oh. My. God!!!!! You were in the presence of Teh Trash herself? Wow. Did you feel the flood of raw power? Did you tingle? Are you at your most full Trailerness now?

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