Rom-Com – FAIL

Random conversation with a friend a few weeks back tells me that i missed more than “Home Decorating 101” in chick school. Oh, and that thing that people do in the kitchen, where they process a variety of edible plant and animal matter into consumable nutrition. 

Another estrogen failing is that i simply despise romantic comedies. Pulling up the list of the top grossing romantic comedies, there are only 2 in the top twenty that i could sit through without puking up my colon.

Common to both: More “Comedy” than “Romantic”. My Big Fat Greek Wedding and There’s Something About Mary both made me laugh, snort and giggle in public places.

1 My Big Fat Greek Wedding
2 What Women Want
3 Hitch
4 Pretty Woman
5 There’s Something About Mary
6 Sex and the City
7 Runaway Bride
8 Knocked Up
9 As Good as It Gets
10 Bringing Down the House
11 Coming to America
12 Sweet Home Alabama
13 My Best Friend’s Wedding
14 Sleepless in Seattle
15 Mr. Deeds
16 Something’s Gotta Give
17 50 First Dates
18 The Break-Up
19 Notting Hill
20 You’ve Got Mail

The next ones on the list that i like? Moonstruck at #32 and Groundhog Day, at #40.  That’s it for the top 50.  Even considering that this list is going to be more biased toward modern flicks, as it is ranked by “dollars earned”, i only found two more in the top 100 — #65 Bull Durham and #89 Manhattan

Six out of the top one hundred? (sigh) Not sure what it means… other than the fact that “i’m not a sucker for cliches, i don’t believe in soul mates, happy endings or ‘the one’…”  (Everyone should enjoy a little Pink on a Sunday morning…  woman has a ridiculous set of pipes…)


22 thoughts on “Rom-Com – FAIL

  1. I wonder if a cuple of my favs are on the list like The Goodbye Girl (Richard Dryefuss & Marsha Mason) and The Four Seasons (Alan Alda & Carol Burnette). 70’s I know but good nontheless. CHEERS !

  2. Well aren’t you just the crusty pelican? Although many of those movies would make Mrs. Butterworth cringe at their sticky sweetness (Notting Hill – egads!), there are others on that top 20 that, when I find them playing late on a Saturday night, I can always sit sighing and grinning through to the swoony candy coated ending – Sleepless being one of them. I second Knocked Up and one of my recent instant rom com faves is Forgetting Sarah Marshall (also known as For-penis-ing Sarah Marshpenis Penis Movie). Huzzah! Hello – I am 8.

  3. The ones you do like are good ones, if that’s a comfort.

    I haven’t seen more than half of the top twenty but I have to admit a fondness for Notting Hill and You’ve Got Mail, the latter of which grew on me as I repeatedly stumbled across it on cable and the former is one of the first movies I can remember seeing with my late husband. I listened to the soundtrack the summer before our wedding. Good memories attached.

  4. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? 🙂

    I love ALL of those movies. As a rom-com writer, I guess that makes sense. I guess you could call those of us who appreciate them “hopeless romantics.” Or dumb motherfuckers, huh?


  5. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… ‘Groundhog day’ is a Rom Com… really, he doesn’t even attempt to get her until the last half an hour of the movie, am I right…

  6. “ROMANCE, n. Fiction that owes no allegiance to the God of Things as They Are.”
    –Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

    To put it bluntly, a romance that ends in indifference has gone through a full course of development.

  7. uncle keith – that’s a very different happy ending… but it doesn’t last, either…

    unbearable banishment – both of my kids recommended “knocked up” and “forgetting sarah marshall”, so i’ll likely watch those. no. not a dude. i believe our mutual friend, bob, can vouch for that…

    WTG – since that list was done by box office revenue, then a lot of decent older flicks weren’t there. if i wanted to make an effort to dig a bit, i’m sure i could find a critics list of “best”… but that would be like work, so it ain’t happening… there are a few older ‘classics’ that i enjoyed…

    pickles – back slowly away from the willie wonka candy bowl. too much sugar, eh? as i said above, i’ll likely watch ‘knocked’ and ‘sarah’. my son’s fairly addicted to the latter… oh, and “i know you are, but what am i?”

    annie – i suppose if i’d ever been on an honest-to-god movie date ever in my life, there might be a good memory attached. i don’t count multiple visits to “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with an early boyfriend as an actual ‘date’, as there were transvestites among our group…

    fragrant – ah, but it’s ME that’s messed up. i’m the one that is apparently damaged beyond repair… been giving serious consideration to why i’m not like all the other gals. not a good thing or a bad thing, i guess. but a ‘thing’ that is on my mind at the moment…

    alex – i was surprised to see it. but it’s more “comedy” than “romance”, and Bill Murray is adorable. is it romantic to say “he wants me, he just doesn’t know it yet?”

    toby – exactly how i see it. i truly wish i didn’t sometimes… like now… but as ol’ pickles said a few comments ago, i’m quite the “crusty pelican”. but i don’t think i smell quite that bad…

  8. Rob to Annie: “What’s daisyfae up to today?”
    Annie: “She doesn’t like rom-com’s”
    Rob: Giggles. “Is she a man trapped in a woman’s body, or what?” (I must have been channeling Unbearable.)

    Seriously. FAILBLOG? LOVE IT. (Mostly for the commenters. Oddly, I have had my own series of FAIL blog pieces planned. Mostly to mock the next door renters.)


    Chagrined to say I’ve seen more of those than you have. My take:

    1 My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Seen it. Um. Yeah. What’s the big fuss?
    2 What Women Want – Seen it. Mel Gibson….well, ooooookay. I am a Helen Hunt fan, though.
    3 Hitch – Seen it. Funny. Seen it again. Not so much.
    4 Pretty Woman – Hated it. (Think “It’s Raining Men” sketch from “In Livin’ Color”.)
    5 There’s Something About Mary – Had it’s moments. Ben Stiller gets on my nerves.
    6 Sex and the City – Nope, didn’t see it. Won’t see it. Judged from afar as total trip.
    7 Runaway Bride – ? Don’t think I’ve seen it. Not a big Julia Roberts fan. (That’s who was in it, right?)
    8 Knocked Up – Seen it. This Seth Rogen vehicle blew chunks.
    9 As Good as It Gets – LOVE Jack. Love Helen Hunt too. For a rom-com, not a bad flick.
    10 Bringing Down the House – ? Was this Queen Latifah? I think I did see this. I guess it was just THAT memorable.
    11 Coming to America – Hmmm. Eddie Murphy? Arsenio Hall? I think it sucked. If I saw it. Not sure.
    12 Sweet Home Alabama – ? No idea
    13 My Best Friend’s Wedding – ? Is this Julia Roberts again? If I saw it, I probably had a lobotomy right after so I don’t know.
    14 Sleepless in Seattle – Tom Hanks, right? Sappy.
    15 Mr. Deeds – Was this Adam Sandler with the frozen foot? So not funny.
    16 Something’s Gotta Give – LOVE Jack, but he’s showing his age in this one. Have to admit I freeze framed Keaton’s nude scene. Just. To. See. What. A. Nude. 55. Year. Old. Woman. Looked. Like.
    17 50 First Dates – Sandler again. Saw this. Stupid premise.
    18 The Break-Up – ? No idea.
    19 Notting Hill – Recently had to sit through this. Non-commital (‘cuz the wife loves this one…)
    20 You’ve Got Mail – Was this the bookstore one? Tom Hanks. Yeah, whatever.

  9. Oh man, I totally end up hating myself when I watch most rom-coms. Like, I cringe, I feel that uncomfortable. Straight rom, or straight com. (That sounds unintentionally homophobic. Whoops.)

  10. Romantic comedies, especially these days, suck. The golden era of the rom-com was the Tracy-Hepburn era, IMHO. I can watch those over and over. You should take a hint that the list is of the grossest movies. The only ones I can remember seeing are Pretty Woman and Sleepless in Seattle. I also prefer my comedy served straight up.

  11. I’ve never really thought of There’s Something about Mary as a romcom. that’s the only film on that list I liked then again I haven’t seen that many – I’m more into docos and dramas….

    and UB – of course daisyfae is all woman – didn’t you see our photos together in seville – the ones where we were both wearing corsets and rubbing bosoms?????

  12. rob – not a man. men are much more emotionally available than i am… i think i’m a rock trapped in a woman’s body. hope she doesn’t find out. like your take on the flicks…

    ginny – they’re meant to entertain. nothing wrong with that at all… and i have (in the past, i believe) had a good ol’ cry at the movies. it’s just the happy ending parts that i can’t sit through. the end of “40 year old virgin” made me pull a blanket over my head, the cringe factor was so high…

    silverstar – i love the old “Tracy/Hepburn” stuff, probably because it’s impossible for me to relate to it in anyway, so it’s just goofy fun (which is what they’re supposed to be, i guess…)

    nursemyra – i’m more action, doco, drama, comedy bent… and thanks for the happy memories of “double corset friday”. you are a great and powerful mentor, dear nurse….

    kyknoord – star wars isn’t funny. and ‘boy lusts for sister’ doesn’t count as romance, does it?

  13. i’m with you, daisyfae. rom-com FAIL. it’s all tailored to compulsory femininity. as for “knocked up” – get the damn abortion. seriously. that movie made me puke. i have very little patience for rom-coms, unless there’s a wicked plot line in there… and i can’t think of any movie that fits that description.

    however, i did just finish “manhattan” the other day and loved it – although i’m not sure i would classify that as “romcom”. i’m with the commenters who feel that the era of true romcoms has passed, long long ago.

  14. ok–love all the movies–sometimes it’s good to watch w/out much thought needed..But I have to move on to the best part….
    LOVE P!NK……She is awesome–really great for that whole “screw you world” moment…makes me feel pumped up and alive..

  15. daisymae – ah, so we share quite a bit more than a common blog name! i try sometimes to get in touch with ‘romantic’. well, it’s more like ‘drunk dialing’ my heart. doesn’t work out well… guess i’ve just got to get used to being a rock with a brain and circulatory system…

    hisqueen – She’s the total package! Saw the HD video of her last tour and she’s my hero… definitely pulls me out of the dumper… sometimes…

    dolce – when i’m lunar? a damn diaper commercial can make me cry. doesn’t take 90 minutes of sap and insulin-sucking glurge…

  16. One problem here is that what appeals to the mainstream masses is already likely to suck regardless of genre…

    Love Actually should be #1 on that list and I’d gladly tear up my man card to watch it again.

  17. manuel – didn’t see “punch drunk”, but had heard good things from somewhere… Would consider it a maybe.

    ty – sad but true. It’s about entertainment more than enlightenment, so it makes sense that folks want “light and fluffy”. Will have to watch “Love, Actually”. Will let you know if I think you need to burn up the man thing card.

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