No “Joy of Sax”

During my two most  recent visits to The Park, i made a  concerted* effort to locate the missing tenor saxophone that Dad’s mother bought for him as a child.  It is a large instrument, with a case that is at least 4′ x 2′.  Beyond just cluttered, Mom’s house is small.  There are only so many places it could be – none of which bore instrumental fruit.  i (sadly) remain convinced that it’s ‘wandered off’ and been sold…

i sent an e-mail to the rest of the clan when i realized it was gone, letting them know that the sax was MIA.  At the same time, i put out an all points bulletin for two other missing instruments.  First, the alto sax that my sister, T, played in high school – that i’d fixed up for The Girl, hoping she’d follow the path of Lisa Simpson.  Second, the flute that i’d bought for The Girl when she made it clear that she would not be following in Lisa’s footsteps.  Both of these items had been delivered to my niece, DQ, for potential use by her daughter, DQ, Jr. 

No leads from anyone regarding Dad’s saxophone – just protestations along the lines of  “It has to be there” and “None of us would take it” from my oldest sister, S.  The alto was located, as was my flute.  This was as a result of some mildly annoying exchanges with S.  She has both instruments and is “using” them.  This means displaying them in her basement, alongside an old Casio keyboard, some lame-assed print with musical notes on it, and calling this her “music nook”.  (sigh)  That’s not using them.  That’s decorating badly with them.  But i told her i was happy to know the flute was still accounted for and would like it back someday.  Disposition of the alto sax was between her and my sister, T….

i’m generally not much on “things”.  It’s just stuff.  But musical instruments aren’t quite in the category of “stuff”.  Despite the fact that the first guitar i bought has imploded – i paid a whoppin’ $70 for this 3/4 size classical guitar in 1975 – the neck is cracked, keys broken and it’s not repairable.  But i can’t (yet) bring myself to get rid of it.  There is something deeply intimate about an instrument**.

You hold it in your arms.  You work together, learning nuances of touch and response.  The relationship can deepen over time, or lose fire – much like relationships with humans.  Another instrument comes along and the old one can be displaced.  Cast aside, perhaps temporarily, perhaps not…

The idea of displaying perfectly good instruments for no purpose other than to fill space in an unused corner of a basement causes an involuntary eye roll.  So it’s with that thought that i’m hoping Dad’s tenor sax has, in fact, been spared this fate.  If it found it’s way into a pawn shop, perhaps someone wanted it.  Someone bought it.  And i can only hope it’s helping some other young soul earn money for rent while he beats his way forward in life…

Gene Ammons, tearin' it up.

Gene Ammons, tearin' it up.

* oh sometimes, i’m just such a card… “concerted”?  *cackle*

**NOT a euphemism, you perverts…

17 thoughts on “No “Joy of Sax”

  1. Favorite suburban wall ornament of all time: The huge wooden spoon and fork hung in the paneled basement of my friend’s parent’s house back in Ohio. They look like monstrous salad tongs. You can’t BELIEVE how funny those are after a few bong hits.

  2. Sorry you can’t find the sax, but I agree it’s better off sold to a budding young musician than decorating a “music nook.” Love your description of your love affair with an instrument.

  3. I know it’s not likely, but I still hope it turns up somewhere… But perhaps it has served its’ purpose for your family and has moved on to help someone else. If that is the case, I still hope your paths cross again in the future so you can know what happened. I guess I watch too many cheesy movies.

  4. well i must admit i am of the pessimist variety on this subject too and believe someone has sold it,, but as you say perhaps someone that truly appreciates it has it now and that is a much better fate than being lost in the clutter or displayed in sisters music nook……

  5. casey – of course you are… somebody must be…

    unbearable banishment – i had those implements. The Girl bought them at a thrift store because they made her laugh, and because she ultimately didn’t want to display them, they were honest-to-god SOLD at the garage sale last summer. i couldn’t believe someone would buy them!

    silverstar – i’m fickle. my interest comes and goes. ranges from full-throttle passion to ‘meh…’. kinda like my approach to men when you think about it…

    anniegirl – hope it’s in a better place. but i’m deeply curious as to what happened…

    jenny – there’s something refreshing about that kind of optimism! there’s still a sparkle in me that says ‘maybe it’s still there…’. will be absolutely delighted if it appears!

    nursemyra – and you certainly know something about caring for instruments! 😉

    paisley – hope for the best, prepare for the worst. that’s all you can do. thinking about it – maaybe it wouldn’t have been so bad on display at my sister’s house. at least it would have some meaning (unlike the old keyboard…).

  6. I’ve known for many years that I’m a pervert, but you have to admit that your choice of words is often, ah, suggestive; also, it takes one to know one… 😛

  7. archie – getting over it. but the curiosity will linger…

    toby – of course it’s suggestive — just enough that i can pretend innocence should i choose to do so!

    dolce – *snort* Thanks for the Ru Paul reference! made me do a spit take with a little coffee in an airport!

    kyknoord – little sax? no, i said it’s a BIG sax. size matters. sorry.

    uncle keith – i played clarinet. all of the really hot chicks played flute. and one cute little french boy who was at our school for a year.

  8. Daisyfae, both my sons play intruments…Trumpet and guitar and they both play piano pretty good. Obviously a lot smarter than I was/am will ever be.Unless I win the lottery, then I will be the smartest person in the family.Just saying.
    Sorry about your Sax, I understand what you mean though. I’m in the trades and my tools….hate to see them grow old like my doggies, my babies and me. Shit. Arent we all just lillies of the field? Can’t wait to be a blooming lilly again.. though dont write me off just yet baby fae.

  9. kevinjohn – i’ve got a 20-year old lily-brain in a 46 1/2 year old lily-body. i intend to speedball to the finish line! introducing children to music is a lifetime gift! seems you’ve done well!

  10. Hope you find the sax, anyway remember that some things or persons or emotions fly away and disapear, but are like butterflies, they come back transformed into something else!

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