Guitar-Corset Friday (?)

Somewhere in time, Casey, over at the Anthologies of Awesome, suggested we have a “Guitar Friday”… perhaps a variant on “Corset Friday”, held at the one and only gimcrack hospital.  In the spirit of the incredible edible nursemyra, along with my desire to show off my new Gibson, here’s a go at “Guitar-Corset Friday”. 

And once again, for those of you scouting candidates for the Mother of the Year?  Move along… there’s nothing to see here…


37 thoughts on “Guitar-Corset Friday (?)

  1. 70’s – it was big fun doing the “shoot”. definitely needed help with this one… can honestly say that this was the first time i’ve ‘rocked a corset’… well, with a guitar!

    tysdaddy – oh, lord, i’d never wear it in public! too old and mushy…

    sledpress – it’s brown velvet, with ivory lace trim, and brown suede boots… i can give you the guitar specs, too!

  2. Pls Pls tell me the boy didn’t walk in on this particular display.. That’s it removing you from the CNN list for “mother of the year”…However, looking for the “guitar of the year display” to add you to it. Love the boots =)

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  4. Ah, Daisy, I’m fifty-four. Give me six months, and you will wear that walking down Main Street.

    The guitar looks like a twelve string acoustic model. Mine is six, and I blush to think of the coffeehouse crap I used to sing to it.

  5. 70’s – thank you!

    renal failure – and Tag Larkin knows how to get laid!

    hisqueen – nope. i had shooed him out to the streets, where a 20 year old man belongs…

    nursemyra – it was a fluke. not going to make it a regular thing — you have the corner on corset friday, so i’ll stick with maybe putting up something on “t-shirt” fridays. kind of like an “all skate” day…

    sledpress – i dunno about “main street”… but there’s something about festive undergear that changes the entire outlook on life! it’s a 6 string, my ovation 12-string is busted up, probably beyond repair. nothing wrong with sappy coffeehouse crap – we’ve all got roots there! if you put that guitar on a stand in your living room, you’re much more likely to pick it up again!

    toby – welcome back to the park! thanks for dropping by – and yes, i’m not a fan of ‘rulz’, so i guess it really doesn’t matter. there’s no cash award for that ‘mother of the year’ thing anyway. just a years supply of detergent and Rice-A-Roni…

    stanky-one – YOU’RE hot! Let’s dress you up and post your bits on the interweb! maybe when you’re here in May?

    casey – of course i’ll wait til saturday… like i have a choice? like i’m going out there and beating you into submission until you wear a g-string and take pics of you with the guitar?

    alex – not even at gunpoint. just for giggles, and on a kinda dare…

    squirrelqueen – the first shot is the ONLY one that isn’t blurred. was playing with lighting on that one, and holding still. the rest are all ‘action’ shots…

    unclekeith – yes. you are such a nerd. i guess i’ll have to post booty-shots to get your attention…

    kyknoord – you first. i think you’d look smashing in some leather knee pants…

    paisley – thank you! i’m not sure if i rock, or just don’t give a shit. sometimes? it’s a fine line!

  6. kono – no, but perhaps in the future. nursemyra has on at least one occasion enlisted the help of her sons to pitch in…

    unbearable banishment – state secret as to the identity of the photog. he knows who he is, and that’s all that matters! was probably playing “just what i needed” (Cars) when those shots were taken… lots of ‘hair whipping’ required for that one…

    dolce – not quitting my day job, but it’s fun to get well outside the ol’ comfort zone every now and again! kinda like packing up and moving to london for a couple months?

    silverstar – i’m not ratting out my photog, nor the events that may or may not have transpired pre- or post-photo shoot. alcohol, however, may have been involved…

    KJ – don’t really consider myself “MILF” material. and my son’s friends? see me in my ratty sweatshirts and gnarly jammies so much, i kinda doubt they’d offer the tag. maybe “COC-ILF” (“crazy old chick…”)?

  7. you’re an inspiration, dasiyfae!

    the most exciting thing i posed for last night was apparently me in a snuggie. (this was, of course, after copious amounts of wine – therefore i’m relying on the stories of others).

  8. casey – so that means you’re buying (or bringing) the beer if i ever manage to stumble out that way!

    daisymae – inspired or insane? fine line, you know.

  9. dolce – i just had to be reminded that “pants” = “knickers”, and that lower-body outergarments were “trousers”.

    daveavenue – oh, no… but it’s bad enough that they both drop by the trailer park. The Girl will give it an ‘eye roll’. The Boy will send me a bill for therapy some day.

    sweetlife – thanks! much appreciated!

  10. You ought to wear that the next time we play at peaches Just kidding !!!!! I always thought you were a bit Racey brings back memories of the Girl Scout LOL but really there is still a wild streak in you and i like it we always have fun together playing or singing.AJ

  11. AJ – not likely to wear that in public! major wild streak… that i manage as best i can. once this string of travel is behind me, looking forward to more warbling!

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