Snow Dog

From the “Canine Life Partner” files…

We got 1/4″ of ice, followed by about 7″ of snow on Tuesday evening.  It’s beautiful.  Since dogs love snow – at least mine does – The Boy and i wanted to get him out to play.  Being in a condo means i can’t just turn him loose in the back yard – so we let him venture out on the deck…

Cracker Dog attempting to dig through the deck

Cracker Dog attempting to dig through the deck

Dewlaps for the ages...

Dewlaps for the ages...

Special... "short bus to obedience school" special...

Special... "short bus to obedience school" special...

We laughed our asses off as we watched him romp, dig, snort and spray snow all over the place… His next move?  He unleashed a massive steamer on my deck.  Melting down through the snow…  Technically, it’s outside.

Dogs.  They are simply marvelous…

14 thoughts on “Snow Dog

  1. such a beauty!! My Furry kids love to romp in our snow also–the older one gets right in there–love the face. always makes me laugh. Kick snow in his face and watch him run in circles then come back for more. My Aria loves it. I can hardly wait to get a fence for our yard then they can go and truly romp unattached to we pesky humans. Agree w/ Steph–He will need a helmet for his short bus ride after looking for the snowball.

  2. My dogs have always been perfectly happy to lay belly down in the snow indefinitely. Well, at least longer than I could stay out there with them and watch.

    What a cutie pie!

  3. Reminds me of the first Cocker we had plowing his way through about 7″ of snow. And cleaning up all the ice balls that came in on his legs. Good times.

    Mr. Pickles is adorable there. And, yes, technically, it is outside. Good boy, Mr. Pickles.

  4. Ah, Pickles! I miss his friendly, jumpy-ass self. Miss Lucy would love to play with him, too, if they weren’t separated by about, oh, 2500 miles or so. Lucy’s never seen the snow, and probably won’t for a good, long time. But the snow on the face is the best ever. Pickles, pickles, ah-roo-roo-roo!!

  5. stephanie – we do that! his little peabrain about ruptures as he looks for the snowball… makes me feel a little guilty, but it’s endless fun.

    uncle keith – tears of joy in my eyes, as i scooped up the poo and flung it into the woods…

    hisqueen – thinking i need to take the mutt to the dog park for an un-leashed romp in the snow before it melts. but they’re talking rain by the weekend, so it’ll most likely be a mud pit by the time i get there!

    squirrelqueen – there is nothing funnier than a large dog going ‘cracker dog’. little ones can do banked turns off the back of a sofa, but the big ones? like over caffeinated horses!

    amber – he’d be too sproingy to ever rest… he’s been staring out back all morning, looking for another frolic, no doubt!

    silverstar – today it’ll be icicles… pup likes to eat ice, so i’m going to toss him a few off the roof! not “javelin” style, though…

    dr. stanky – i’ll bring you a big ol’ bag of ohio snow next week! can’t wait for some beach time with you!

    archie – it would have been embarassing. he can’t spell…

    nursemyra – his cuteness has saved his life on more than one occasion.

    gnukid – i would never do that. ok… maybe just once…

  6. yes,, technically it is outside… my puppy has decided it is her spot,, the ENCLOSED back porch that i use mainly for storage… yep porch equals technically outside!!!!!! heaven help me!!!!!

  7. Yeah rub it in, you’re lounging about in so much snow you can have your dog lay cables in it, while I’m sweating my arse off in hellish conditions…

    On the other hand though, awrh look at the puppy!

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