Color blind?

i have a dream – that someday i shall live in a country where the media will NOT reduce a man’s character to the color of his skin.

Early morning news coverage of the inauguration events is leaving me gently ill.  i’m a HUGE fan of Mr. Obama.  NOT because of the color of his skin, but precisely because of his intellect, vision and character.

Hello?  Did we forget that this man was president of Harvard Law Review?  He is a constitutional law scholar?  Is deeply intelligent, much more moderate than many realize, and holds the potential to gently close the great divide between right and left in the US of A?  Oh, let’s not forget the fact that he speaks in full sentences and doesn’t make up words….

Granted, the elderly blacks who grew up with the blatant racism, restrictions on voter registration and the ugliness that accompanied the civil rights movement have more than enough justification for a little extra celebration.  It was only about 40 years ago that we still had “whites only” drinking fountains in this country.  Bring it.  You deserve this moment…

Idiot comment from the current news girl:  “It occurs to many Americans that they’ve never seen a first couple who looks like that.  Young, black and in a Presidential limo…”.  Jeebus McGee.  This bimbo went to an overpriced private university and bought got a degree in communications to bring us this kind of deep insight?  Her parents deserve a refund…

Is it just me, or does the media emphasis on his race detract from his achievement?  Let’s get on with the business of fixing what’s broken…

[end rant.  off for coffee…]

30 thoughts on “Color blind?

  1. The ignorance of the young will always amaze me.
    Seems like someone failed “ethics 101”.
    Perchance she drank away those brain cells.
    Something’s got to erase the memory of sleeping with the TA for credit.

    oh, wait, that was my college experience.

  2. But it was always the same. Art Shell was the first black coach in NFL. Randy Cunningham was the first black quarterback. (I think). The first black Secretary of State, etc. etc. etc. But you don’t hear people say that about Condoleeza Rice. So there’s some hope that after we get past this event, we will have moved on.

    Who knows, if they can ride in a limo, maybe ‘driving while black’ will become a status symbol, not an arrestable offense!

  3. I was sort of thrown off by all that, too. I mean, yeah, he’s black. Big deal. At least he’s not a moron.

    You would think that a well spoken, intelligent person getting elected for the first time in a long, long time would be the news. When I get elected, I hope no one says it’s because I’m white.

  4. i’ve contended for a long time this country is chock full of morons and each day i’m proven right, hell we’ve had one for president for the last 8 years, i’m with Ginny, the guy seems to know how to get shit done and at this point that’s all that matters, he also seems to be an adult which is something that’s been sorely lacking in the highest office for the last 8yrs. To prove my moronathon (made up word) point, wait till Che hits theatres and all the kids run out and buy more Che Guevara t-shirts, handbags etal than ever, the man was an assassin and a murderer but hey let’s not talk about that, as Stephen Marche wrote in Esquire, “to wear a Che shirt screams you have vaguely leaning leftist sympathies but have never read history.”

  5. Consider the source.

    Do you expect the mass market media to do anything original?

    I think they do have to acknowledge his racial background because he is the first.

    I watch almost zero chattering idiots these days.

    There are plenty of good sources for actual news.

  6. Those of us who are old enough to remember Kennedy’s inauguration well remember that much was made of the fact that he was the first Catholic president. Since Obama is of two races, (too bad we couldn’t have had a little Asian thrown in) can we just get on with realizing people are just people, no matter what color their skin is, and start to work on what this country needs. I suggest a good clean-out for corporate greed.
    Since I slept through the inauguration itself, I went over to ABC news to watch the swearing in. Is it just me, or is there some cognitive dissonance with having to watch an ad for a luxury car, which features views of a luxury home, before watching this man sworn in?

  7. i think it does matter. I think it means something important. I think it says so much for America. It says in America YOU CAN.

    But it doesn’t mean that when he makes mistakes or gets it right it was because he is a black man.

    It is important but less so than almost any other aspect of the man himself…..

    huzzah for Obama and huzzah for America

  8. baby steps… yeah, it has been some 40 years since Dr. King expressed a dream of people not being judged by the color of their skin (still a very powerful speech to listen to). and there will be those waiting to pounce on every slip he makes. but there are enough of us who want to ignore color in favor of character. it will still take awhile. all we can do is continue to rant, as you’ve done, whenever we catch some clueless bozo making the same mistake as the journalist did. catch them and smack them down.

  9. I’m totally with you on this. It’s been bugging me for months. The media just keeps focusing on the fact that he’s black and, in my mind, if we were really past all that, we wouldn’t be remarking on his blackness at all, just all those other fine qualities he possesses.


  10. If the media touted him all day as a smart, professional individual, would anyone have anything to talk about?

    Part of the media’s function, as far as I can tell, is to inflame the general public. It’s working! Sample the blogs out there, lots of the posts are just like this.
    If there were any obvious sex anomalies or sex stories about Obama they’d be all over that, first. Sensational sells. Singularity sells. The first (partly) black president is news. The second one will make the media yawn.
    It’s all pretty tiresome, isn’t it?
    Gotta go read my Weekly World News now. Obama’s probably really an alien.

  11. Even a blind man knows that color has absolutely nothing to do with character,honor,loyalty,or wiseness That one holds.The real issue is will he be able to lead congress out of the wilderness and make the tuff decisions whatever they may be without fear of being second guessed.Only time will tell.AJ

  12. Soul of Sydney – welcome to The Park… and it appears many folks are just as hoarked off about this diversion. maybe if we turn off our tv-tubes and give the talking heads a rest?

    stephanie – i think that explains a lot about television reporting (can’t call it journalism these days). not a collective brain cell left among the bunch of ’em…

    paisley – shouldn’t have expected more from the mainstream media, i suppose. my bad…

    awalkabout – i remember getting really hacked about the treatment Sally Ride got in the media. Although Colonel Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space (48 orbits, 1963), Sally Ride got lots of press as the “first female astronaut”. The press coverage was a lot of “Ride, Sally, Ride…” making it sound like she was aboard some giant sex toy rocketing her to fame and fortune. Made me ill…

    annie – sad, but i think we’re stuck with it… will we get the same thing with the first one-armed president? the first transexual president? the first alien president? oh, wait… we just had a cyborg VP. maybe that counts?

    casey – true. a non-simian president should be front-page.

    ginny – let’s hope he can get shit done. agree – case should be closed.

    kono – good point about the Che phenomenon. expect to see lots of t-shirts…

    kyknoord – i’m turning off the tv-tube. to steal kono’s word – television news is a Moronothon. enough…

    dolce – i was in business meetings on the road all day. will watch a re-run of the speech tonight when i get some time…. not lunar… just a good heart, dear!

    unbearable banishment – don’t feel guilty. think what you think. we’re out here for our own purposes – write what you need.

    turnbaby – i know. i’ve grabbed Atlantic, Harper’s, even Rolling Stone in airports and found better insight/reporting. just very little time to read… haven’t found much on the tube worth watching….

    silverstar – suppose it’ll always be this way… we’ve had the first talking monkey (prior administration) so at least that one’s out of the way… there’s no way to intelligently correlate advertising with content. but the “dissonance” is sometimes painful. sometimes amusing.

    manuel – i know, but the scary thing is IT WORKS BOTH WAYS! In American anything is possible – including the RE-ELECTION of an administration that had failed spectacularly in the prior 4 years. That’s the bad kind of “anything is possible”. Trying with all my heart to believe that this will work out – but it’s the people of this country that scare me. Will our Sesame Street attention spans allow this to move forward? Will we give him 100 days and then start tapping our collective feet, looking at our watches and saying “Well?”

    gnu – 44% of voters DID NOT vote for Obama. That’s a lot. there is dissonance. and a lot of ugliness to come…

    KJ – we can hope this will fade quickly. but i’m not optimistic…

    alex – sadly, luck will certainly play a part. here’s to a lot of it…

    beth – so, other than turning off my television, what to do about it? being generally cranky isn’t making a difference so far…

    nursemyra – to quote a friend of mine, “Oh, Yes I would”…

    AJ – true. it’s just the easiest thing to talk about when the media folks don’t know what else to say, i guess. tv stays off during news-time for me…

  13. I agree. The color thing is pure bullshit.
    I will say that given his approval rating right now, he looks good.
    It’s when he has to start answering questions that things will begin to change. I pray it’s for the good.
    I didn’t vote for the man for personal reasons but I intend to stand behind him now and hope he does right by the American people.
    Time will tell.
    And the media will still suck . . .

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  15. I don’t know if he’ll be a great president or the next Jimmy Carter, but he’s really smart and has a great emotional intelligence as well, and I like those things in a president.

  16. the ability to communicate effectively also matters… sad that we’re happy to see such basic functionality in the Commander in Chief. Were our expectations THAT low?

  17. Well, yes, I suppose they are! Look what we’ve put up with for 8 years! I’m sure you’ve seen all the videos of the LAST commander-in-chief’s powers of elocution … Here’s a link to one from Silverstar98121’s website

  18. beth – letterman was funny last night. basically referred to the last 8 years as a comedy writer’s wet dream. had one of the writers on, attempting to recycle bush jokes, ie: “Barack Obama is so dumb, when he was governor of texas he pushed conservation by going from 10 gallon hats to 5 gallon hats….”. seriously. what are the poor comedy writers going to do? start going after celebs again?

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