Notes from the road

It’s January.  Travel schedule for the next three months is looking quite festive… Some random burblings from meetings this week.

– Being an ovaried engineer has advantages. Unlike sporting events and concerts, there are no lines for the ladies room. Particularly handy if you are capable of drinking your weight in coffee during a 4 hour session… and if you’re a middle aged woman with a cold coming on*….

– In a room with 100 engineers, at least 50 will have Swiss Army knives. Of those 50? At least 10 will have one with a corkscrew. There will also be one with a full disaster preparedness kit in his car… Fortunately, it was the corkscrew that we needed last night.

– When going on a business trip, and staying in a new hotel – convention center complex, it is generally a good idea to plan ahead just a bit. Things like knowing how to get from your hotel to the meeting location are useful. But that would require actually checking in advance to determine the meeting location. Good thing i was able to phone a friend while googling directions on my blackberry. While on the interstate.**

– Meetings this week are around a technical field that used to be my “home base”. For the past four years, i’ve been off doing other things… it was delightful to wander into the conference center, 45 minutes late (see previous note) and know damn near everyone in the room. i could identify most of them from behind.*** Engineers apparently keep the same hair styles for a lifetime. So long as it cooperates… Suit jackets, too.****

– Four years out of this particular field? The challenges, questions and arguments remain mostly unchanged. Proving one of two theorems:

     1) Science is hard, progress takes brain power and time… and considering the exponential advances in so many fields (medicine, electronics, optics, nanotechnology)? Anal-retentive scientists should have their own holiday, groupies and comic books. The tenacity to keep drilling, despite failure, perpetually inadequate funding and public ridicule has led to some seriously cool shit.

     2) Geeks can suffer ridiculous tunnel-vision, and will continue to beat the same dead horse over, and over… and will bring the same dead horse to a variety of scientific meetings, despite the horse being quite obviously dead.  Tends to stink up the place a bit…

– It is apparently quite difficult sometimes for the people who sprinkle the research funding to be able to discriminate between theory (1) and theory (2) above.  Can’t believe some of the shit that’s still got cashflow 4 years later…

– i love these guys.  Not only am I a geek? I’m a “Geek Hag”. That’s just a little bit depressing….

Action Figure!

Geek Man: Action Figure!

* Sneezing is dangerous at my age…

**Wrong highway. Wrong direction. Oops…

*** They were seated. Trust me, I wasn’t checking out their asses….

**** Except the scientist who was sheepishly removing the price tag from his “new” jacket. Told me, red-faced, that unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time he’d worn it to a meeting…

17 thoughts on “Notes from the road

  1. Wow for a second when you said you could recognize them all from behind i thought we might have a world champion pegger on our hands. Damn, i change lightbulbs, i don’ t debate anything except which horse to bet on while i handicap the races on the job.

  2. …beat the same dead horse over, and over

    as a program mangler manager, we have a saying… at some point it is necessary to shoot the engineers and actually get on with the program.

  3. My hubs is an engineer and he has a friend who never removes the tags on any of his clothes.
    Love what you wrote about the hair. That is so damned true.

  4. stephanie – the engineers i love most? don’t work for me!

    silverstar – oh, we’ve got a few of those issues lurking around, too… what frosts my ass is that they trot out the SAME ISSUE and act as if they’re they are the first to ever consider it… ugh…

    dolce – of course, dear. the only requirement? are you now, or have you ever, exchanged body fluids with a geek? oh. um. you’re in, honey… 😉

    kono – not a pegger. well, not that i know of…. i mean, “what’s a pegger?” there is tremendous joy for me in the thought of a job that i do not have to take home with me, one that doesn’t require human interaction, and one that allows me to see what i’ve done for the day…

    tNb – perhaps we do need to consider this as an international society? bylaws and all that rot?

    gnukid – but then who’d fix yer damn computer, desk jockey? huh? HUH?

    nursemyra – see the note to dolce above… just do one. i’m sure you’d have no shortage of volunteers – geek and non-geek…

    kyknoord – you’re wearing one black sock and one blue sock today, aren’t you?

    kitty – it’s almost cute when they leave the tags on… almost…

    annie – i think you’re in! but i’m not sure rob qualifies as a geek. he can use power tools and build things…

  5. Dearest Geek Hag, By gods I have missed you whilst on my sojourn. I was busy beating my head against a wall with financial science (which is not a science) (1), flogging a dead horse named Capitalism (2) and found that cash flow has gone the way of the dinosaurs! Best for 2009! x P.S. I do not believe you for a minute on the checking out the asses front!

  6. uncle keith – it’s a specialty. i’m wondering what i’ll call myself when mine stop functioning – perhaps “dessicated ovaried engineer”?

    Bb – WELCOME BACK! We’ve missed you as well… What’s cash flow? Capitalism? Whazzat? Tell us a story!

    unbearable banishment – i generally enjoy travel. so long as i’m either traveling alone or with people who are pleasant and travel in the same low key manner… and know i’m lucky.

    alex – i didn’t get a good look, but my guess is that he got it for about $10.99 in the discount bin. Large pattern plaid is sooooo last decade…

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