T-shirt Friday: Galapagos Style

While banging around in South America, stumbled upon this gem in the airport at San Cristobal, Galapagos.  While my friends were loading up to head to the dock for boarding, i frantically snagged one of these…. with nursemyra in mind!

Happy T-Shirt Friday!  Not sure who else is playing along, but nursemyra is in the game…

Boobies rock.  Fully.

Boobies rock. Fully.

In case you’d like to read more about boobies, here’s a little bit more info.  Like all the critters in the Galapagos, boobies have no fear of man.  Or woman.   Took this shot from about 2 feet away…

Fearless Boobies of the Galapagos
Fearless Boobies of the Galapagos

Oooh – gnukid has joined in

Breaking news:  Sledpress and Renal Failure have popped in with t-shirt friday moments!

19 thoughts on “T-shirt Friday: Galapagos Style

  1. fabulous T-shirt, daisyfae!!!!

    and I loved reading about the blue footed boobies. Potentially bigamous, opportunistic breeders with binocular vision…. what’s not to love?

  2. I would have gotten into the game but the t-shirt I ordered online hasn’t arrived yet. Plus it’s hard to follow up my If You Can Read This You’re Sitting on My Face t-shirt from last month.

  3. archie – my hit rate is up for the day. suspect “boobie” searches are part of the gig…

    gnu – blue, yet fearless, boobies… bring it…

    kono – they were pretty goofy looking in person. or is that in the flesh? er, um “feathers”? didn’t see the strange mating dance, but we were out of season for that…

    e4 – Welcome to The Park! Been lurking your way since DK turned me onto your blog a few months back! LOVE the blasphemy t’s, especially “You Make Jesus Cry”…. may have to do some shopping with these fine folks…

    squirrel queen – boobies are the real deal! nothing not to like – unless crazy-looking birds keep you awake at night! that whole “Smurfette” thing was a little creepy…

    nursemyra – they were goofy-looking! the baby albatross’ were goofier, though…

    steveballmer – not sure if you’re really reading, or just comment-whoring. clever use of the word “nice” has me confused…

    renalfailure – there’s always next month! i think you should consider using cafepress to launch a line of “renal failure-wear” for your fans… i’m sure nursemyra and i could be convinced to wear Tag Larkin tees some friday in the future!

  4. Actually I lied (what? RenalFailure? Lying? No, say it ain’t so). My t-shirt just came in the mail today and is up for your viewing pleasure.

    Renal-Wear… there’s a project for 2009. Though I’m not sure the boldness and virility of Tag Larkin could be encapsulated on a mere t-shirt.

  5. renal failure – then Tag should have his own line of Ho-wear, perhaps?

    sledpress – Welcome to The Park! Glad to see other folks playing along… that shade of blue (a softer version) is likely to end up on some of the walls in my new place. it’s pretty gorgeous…

    silverstar – thanks! be kind to our fine feathered friends. and unfeathered ones?

    tysdaddy – Welcome to The Park! And yeah – what’s not to like about boobies?

    nursemyra – i want the line of Avonia the Wiccan Pimp corsets!

    manuel – but thanks for stopping by! now that you’re through the worst of the holidays? you’re a definite contender for Mr. Congeniality!

  6. mercurio – Who doesn’t love booby, booby, booby? San Cristobal airport gift shop! You were busy getting on the shuttle to the docks… i was indulging my consumer darkness…

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