i’m not much on ‘glurge’.  and i’m not much on ‘sports glurge’ in particular…

but this one got me…  maybe it’s the bottle of wine i consumed with a pal tonight.  maybe it’s the christmas spirit.  hell, maybe it’s just the fact that i don’t want to leave a post about dog poo up for christmas…

redemptive nuggets of humanity are out there… and sometimes, you can find* them in the sports pages…

Hope.  It’s not all that hard when you think about it. 

Best. Gift. Ever.

yes.  another puppy.  that's the ticket...

yes**. another puppy. that's the ticket...

* i found it here.  cool guy… has a cow…

** image sourced here.  mesmerizing…

17 thoughts on “Hope…

  1. merry christmas girl…. missing ohio today as both my sisters are there,,, in medina,,and my man is buried in akron…. but life goes on and here we are… so merry Christmas to you,, the girl,, the boy,, mr pickles,, and the rest of the gang from the park!!!!!

  2. silverstar – Nope! i just adore the Life photo archives… google features it on their search page, and i finally got around to poking through the pics. Merry Christmas to you and the Boyo!

    DP – so long as you keep dropping in occasionally, i’ll have no trouble keeping the farce with me! Merry Christmas to you, LO, TG and the entire papersurfing clan!

    annie – it’s shaping up nicely! slept til 1000. waiting for my kids to come home later tonight, then we’ll brave a visit to The Park tomorrow afternoon! Merry Christmas!

    turnbaby – Merry Christmas to you, Brad and the babies! turns out, i’m just a big ol’ sap inside this crispy, crunchy exterior. “Hope” is good… “Joy” is good, too!

    unbearable banishment – It flies by so quickly… i remember days of cookies for santa, wild-eyed excitement on christmas morning, and the frenzy of holiday visiting… Roll in it… and Merry Christmas!

    gnu kid – Merry Christmas, gnu! i haven’t been downstairs yet to check for “round two”, but i’ll skip the ribbon. more likely to put a shipping label on the dog and send him to Timbuktu if there’s more yule logs down there…

    paisley – Merry Christmas to you and the pups! Ohio is cold, and sunny today. No snow in the southern parts, but at least it quit raining! Looking forward to the arrival of my sprogs tonight…

  3. Merry Merry Daisyfae! ‘Tis the season of eggnog and no calories – huzzah! Grab yourself another bottle and glurge until you can glurge no more 🙂

  4. tNb – don’t drink the ‘nog, but in terms of wine, an open bottle is an empty bottle these days!

    don – merry christmas from the trailer park! you’ve actually gotten more snow in LA that we’ve had in southern ohio!

    uncle keith – i don’t ask such personal questions. does it help if the cow’s had mastitis for months?

    nursemyra – the Life photo archives are a good place to waste a few days of your life! great evening with the sprogs… no zombie killing. yet.

    cat – here’s to an amazing 2009 for cat!

  5. Got the mother-in-law a giant coffee table book of 70 years of LIFE photos for Christmas this year. She loved it.

    Sports stories can always tug at the heart. It’s one reason I love sports – we don’t always know how the game will end, real drama.

    At my house, there’s always canine Christmas poo. This year there was a little extra since they broke into and ate an entire bag of dog treats. They were bloated I tell you.

  6. Sometimes those hope stories seem a little unreal. I guess if they were more commonplace, then it would just be ordinary. I often wonder, when I hear/read these stories, what happens to any of the folks involved. Like, in this story, will it make for a significant life change for any of those boys from Gainesville?

    Thanks for sharing daisyfae. Enjoy the holidays.

  7. squirrel queen – “christmas poo”. it is becoming a tradition. i should learn my lesson i suppose… the Life photo book would be cool…

    rob – i know. there’s part of me that knows better, but my sap-tastic little heart wants to believe that such gestures can truly make a lasting difference. better than nothing, even if it only brightens a moment or two…

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