Sort of getting there…

Spending a few days with the kidlets helped.  Having a nice drama scuff up with the family definitely brought back the emo-memory*.  But it has been the time in the kitchen that’s really started to do the trick.  Spent an entire day yesterday baking.  Some cookies, some biscotti and assorted bits and tasty things to give to friends…

Mr. Pickles decided to help.  i’m pretty sure i washed my hands after i petted him with flour all over me… it’s ok.  Dog fur adds fiber…

you know you wanna give me the chocolate, lady

you know you wanna give me the chocolate, lady

Oh, and the decorations.  The neighbors have done it up right.  i just don’t have stuff on hand to decorate outdoors.  So i found some mini-ornaments and hung them on the dead chrysanthemums still on my front porch.  i think it’s lovely… perhaps some lights?

they'll resurrect themselves for easter

they'll resurrect themselves for easter

* like muscle memory, only emotional.  they can poke at me with a word or gesture, and dredge up decades of annoyance and frustration.  only family….

14 thoughts on “Sort of getting there…

  1. Hmmm, so the shelf life of dead plants can be extended by decorating them…. wish I would have known that before I threw out my petunias.

    Nice to see that Mr. Pickles likes to help out the same way Bailey does: Taste Testing Quality Control.

  2. I don’t mean to reduce you to a stereotype, but I think there’s something that very satisfying and very primal for women to hold-up in the kitchen and bake all day. For guys, it’s falling asleep in front of the football game. We are all victimized by our genetics.

  3. stephanie – i am bad with plants. killed an air fern… these looked good in the autum for about 2 weeks then dried up and started looking like this… someone told me that you’re supposed to like water them, or something?

    rob – reminded me of my mutt, so i had to buy the planter. no snow here. a few days of freezing rain, a dusting of snow, but we’ve been spared. Los Angeles, Seattle and other parts are getting our white christmas this year!

    unbearable banishment – you’re right, i think. more than genetics, biology. it’s just the limbic system (aka “dinosaur brain”) at work. i’m not domestic. i don’t shop. i don’t do many traditional “girl” things. but i totally groove on a day spent baking… didn’t eat much, just baked like a freakin’ machine… felt good… [girl grunt, girl scratch]

    manuel – and a merry christmas (and respite from terribly long days on your feet) to you! Mr. P is a honey… but he ate 3/4 tray of peppermint brownies tonight while i was out, so he’s literally in the doghouse…

    silverstar – he’s an “antler” kinda dog… not much for the santa gear, i do have a “super dog” halloween costume for him. which he tolerates. barely….

    miss – those icicle glitter things are even easier than the mini-ornaments. string (or a tangled up ball) of lights? done! life is good, and i’m drinking dirty martinis in front of the tv-tube…

    alex – i didn’t give him any. last year? he jumped on the kitchen counter and ate a tray of chocolate peanut butter biscotti. if the choco-trauma didn’t get him, i thought my daughter would (she’d stayed up all night baking). this year? choco-peppermint brownies — that i had PUT OUT OF HIS REACH. i’m pretty careful about keeping chocolate away from the pups – had one go to the veterinary emergency room after eating 2 lbs of chocolates from under a christmas tree one year…

  4. DP – except a dead chrysantehmum… drizzled in chocolate! too late for this year, but i’ll keep them out til next year and just add to the festiveness!

    gnu kid – clearly, the mutt is half-baked. i’m throwing him back in on ‘slow roast’ for a few days…

    dolce – i suspect my neighbors think i’m a little batty. bring it, grannies!

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