Hormones – one man’s point of view

During a belated birthday dinner tonight with The Boy, we wandered through a discussion of holiday logistics, where the kids would be going on what day and all that.  i’m not fussy… just want some ‘hang time’, and i don’t care if it’s christmas eve, christmas morning or whatever.

This led to a discussion of the latest fun with their dad and his live-in girlfriend.  They’ve both been irritated by her inability to let go of their father long enough to let them have time alone with him.  Oh, and the fact that she barks at him all the time…

The Boy:  She’s just fucking crazy.

daisyfae:  All women are a little bit crazy.  Can’t help it.

The Boy:  Yeah, but she’s totally predictable.  You just know what’s going to set her off.  With you?  i NEVER know what it’s going to be… at least there’s some element of surprise to keep it interesting.

Oh, no you didn't...

Oh, no you didn't...

18 thoughts on “Hormones – one man’s point of view

  1. Yeah, at least womens such as Daisy Fae and meeself keep things interesting. What fun is life without mystery and intrique? Crappy, says I.
    I don’t consider a statement or action worth stating or acting upon unless someone says “Damn, Aim, I can’t believe you said/did that!” Believe it, sweet-ass.

  2. paisley – me too! although there are moments when i learn things i’m not sure i want to know, and we can get on each others nerves badly – we talk through it…

    gnu – good advice. and yes, it’s only a matter of time before they get you. good skills only postpone the inevitable…

    rob – very insecure. “they say it takes all kinds” Nope. That’s just what we have…

    silverstar – exactly! i’ve tried to explain to the kids that he doesn’t mind the barking. the old “love me, hate me, show me you care” thing! the fact that she cares enough to bark? better than the non-clingy apathy that i radiated for the last few years…

    ame i – i’m with you! predictability isn’t my strength! keep ’em guessing!

    annie – no, she’s his age (7 years older than me). just very insecure and clingy. he likes constant companionship and that was something i simply could not do… i’m glad he found her, just bummed that it’s getting between him and his kids.

    uncle keith – that’s the pesky “danger monkey” gene in different form.

    nm – thought of you when i stumbled on those gals! there were some naked wrestling pics, but nothing as cool as the boxing babes!

  3. i would call men dogs but i don’t want to insult the canines, honestly as a dad i can’t see anything ever coming between me and my kids, certainly not a woman, no disrespect of course ladies, when it comes to getting laid i know to many guys who will do anything, i’m either to tired, lazy or apathetic to play those games anymore… or maybe i’m just a doting father which, by the way, makes me very happy.

  4. squirrel queen – Sting like a “Owwwwwww”….

    dolce – you should consult with my offspring before you commit to this particular parenting style. there are moments where i’m sure they’d prefer the sweet, tolerant “cookies and milk” momma…

    kono – doting fathers are the best kind! i like to think that there’s nothing that would keep me from my children as well… except (perhaps) a restraining order.

    kyknoord – it was from right next to me. what saved him? we were in a restaurant and the table had been cleared of stabbing forks…

    alex – i simply like to remind him that i’m not even pre-menopausal yet. stand by for the REALLY crazy shit in five… four…. three…

    tNb – i think it’s a word! and a good one at that! keeps it fun, always a learning experience, and definitely helps you feel alive!

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