Return of Danger Monkey

The Girl is home!  After 4 months in Beirut, she was successfully retrieved from the airport*, minus one bit of checked luggage, and none the worse for her adventures!

She used her time well, visiting the north, the south, The Cedars, Tripoli and everything in between.  Scariest thing that happened to her during her stay (besides this)?  An elevator ride in JFK Airport, NYC.  As the elevator shook violently, her thought was “Damn!  After all that I’m going to die in a fucking airport elevator!”.

We returned, killed a bottle of wine, hung out with The Boy and swapped pictures and stories until way too late for this old lady with a pesky day job.  All’s well – for the moment – in this little corner of my trailer park…

At Musa Castle, Lebanon

At Musa Castle, Lebanon

*Despite predictions of a killer ice storm, raining death and destruction… which never materialized.  Not a damn flake of snow.  Yep.  It’s winter here

14 thoughts on “Return of Danger Monkey

  1. and the trailer park plastic flamingoes give out happy sighs… trailer park garden gnomes have contented smiles… trailer park boxes of wine opened, drained, and saved for flower planters… glad she’s home with her mama.

  2. unbearable banishment – has her wander…. [giggle]… wanderlust been [snort] satisfied? Bwa-ha-ha-ha… [hic] BWA-HAAAAA-HA-HA!… oh dear… that’s funny!

    gnu kid – aw, shucks…. that’s a whole lot classier than we do things here. got an old toilet with plastic geraniums out front, next to my last set of retread tires, full of dirt and a bathtub virgin mary…

    uncle keith – no, wait! you’re forgetting about… ummm….. uh…. oh. yeah. guess you’re right…

    annie – she was never really in any danger. just that whole thing with her halfway around the world, alone, and it being a site of global instability and occasional short-notice wars with the ol’ neighbors to the south… blame mother hormones.

    imeantno – not sure she’ll be coming, but i’m in for sure! ice or no ice. on the roads, that is… not in the beer… BINGO!

    dolce – this is all i really want for the holidays. time for the three of us to just hunker down on the couch. watch movies. eat junk food and decadent goodies. and hang out…

    manuel – i think she gets that from me. but since there’s a great big wonderful world out there – and we live smack dab in the middle of Nowhere Interesting, USA, we sort of HAVE to travel….

  3. Hi Laura Glad Danger Monkey made it home in one piece and that all went well.I guess Nursemyra Thinks we have to agree on everything to be friends.If it were so what a boring world this would be.AJ

  4. As the parent of similar aged fledgelings, I hear the relief in your voice.

    As I thought about this, I wondered: Did my parents ever worry about me like I worry about the kids?

    If they did, they never showed it.

    @nm: Certainement! Salut!

  5. alex – yep! we’ve always downplayed the holidays, and it’s just really nice to have downtime…

    AJ – she’s extremely tolerant – i’m guessing the question was just curiosity! really enjoying having the critters home… they’ll be headed out soon, and it’ll be awful quiet around here for a few days.

    nm – i have witnessed your tolerance first hand! and you have a much higher threshold for some personality types than i do! viva la differance!

    silverstar – she’s got adventure in her blood! makes me realize how important it is to be patient and enjoy the ‘hang time’…

    rob – yep. i don’t know if i’ll ever stop worrying… there’s a degree of acceptance of their independence as they’ve grown older, but still…

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