Seven Random Things

Recovering from a rather gnarly hangover entertaining weekend… and am still doing the “post-game analysis” on everything that happened…  Was tagged by the delightful heartbreaktown with a “Seven Random Things” meme.  Although i generally don’t do them, i’m so excited for her as she joyfully counts down the three remaining days until her fortieth birthday, i’m in!  Be sure to pop over there and wish her a happy birthday!

Consider it ‘self-tagging’ – play along if ya wanna…

1.  i have “monkey toes”.  Very long, strong toes – capable of picking up objects from the floor.  Can even retrieve a quarter from medium pile carpet.  Have won money from people who are stupid enough to bet against me…

2.  Given the choice between an exceptional creme brulee, tiramisu or a decadent gourmet dessert and a package of ShockTarts?  i’ll take the ShockTarts every time.  Arrested taste bud development has left me with a powerful addiction to kiddie candy.

Sour enough to pucker your head

Sour enough to pucker your head

3.  As an 11 year old girl, my family took a vacation to the Huntsville, AL “Space Center”, and we were able to tour the Space Shuttle (a full-scale mock up in the facility).  i complained vehemently to our guide that the Space Shuttle only had urinals for men.  It had never occurred to me that women couldn’t be astronauts, even though (in 1973) it had never happened.  One of the primary reasons i pursued engineering as a career field was the Apollo Space program… Mom and Dad woke us up on July 20th, 1969, to watch Neil Armstrong allegedly walk on the moon.  i was 7 years old.  It changed my life.

4.  i sleep with the TV on.  This goes back to 7th grade, when my brother gave me a teeny-tiny black and white set he’d built from scrap parts…

5.  As a junior in high school (in 1979), i was recruited by West Point (US Military Academy).  Women were just being allowed into the military service academies – hard to believe it was only 30 years ago – and they were desperate to find women who could hack the academics and physical rigor.  When the recruiter came to my school to meet me, he took one look at me (large and lumpy – a complete hippie-chick) and kept the “recruitment visit” to about 5 minutes.  Probably wouldn’t have worked out well, anyway… i was a bit of a socialist then.

All hands on deck, baybeee!

All hands on deck!

6.  Childhood nickname:  Pippi.  Mom still tosses it out there sometimes…

7.  i am more comfortable in front of an audience than i should be….  Whether it’s on stage with guitar, performing with the local thespian troupe, or giving presentations to geek audiences as part of my job, i find it calming and comfortable.  Get this sort of zen-like trance thing going on before making my “entrance”.  For most normal humans, i believe this is considered a nightmare.  Guess i’m an exhibitionist….


13 thoughts on “Seven Random Things

  1. Oh, I don’t think it’s exhibitionism. It’s just a coping mechanism. I can’t do those sorts of things without getting into the Zen. Otherwise, I would be a total wreck.

    Now, when you start picking up silver dollars with your quim, I will call you an exhibitionist.

  2. Priceless! As I knew it would be if you played along so thank you, thank you, thank you for breaking your meme-rule. I consider it an early birthday present!

    Okay, now…monkey toes? #3=you rock! #4. me too. And #7 – I’m telling you, you need to write a one-woman show. You would be amazing, I just know it!

  3. Quim? Oh my. I haven’t heard that in ages. Thank you – I may have to find a way to bring it back into my lexicon.

  4. this was fun to learn about you… i have the monkey toes as well. now if i could only learn to play the guitar with them or something… hey, did you wanted to be an astronette? i’m sure the monkey toes would’ve helped you get into the program…

  5. I recently watched a documentary that was about the space program and Stanley Kubrick, the implication was that he (kubrick) had filmed it, and it was faked. Of course it was all a joke, but it was very well done, they even interveiwed Donald Rumsfeld, and other big players in the whole thing. Monkey toes hey… nice work.

  6. silverstar – i generally don’t get that nervous before i go into the zen… although if i were doing things with la quim? different story. i’ve heard it best to start with ping pong balls and work your way up to coins… i’ve heard….

    heartbreaktown – it was a fun diversion! thanks for the tag… won’t always do them, but when i’m brain-fried it’s fun to just see what comes out when i start writing… and i, too, am re-integrating “quim” into the daily vocab. a fine word…

    unbearable banishment – not likely to post details! stand by for the “real life crime” drama on your tv-tube!

    paisley – hadn’t thought to try TCM. for me? the danger is always saturday night, going to sleep to Saturday Night Live and waking up to televangelists and infomercials. Makes for some quirky dreams… Jeebus needs a Juicer…

    gnu kid – the monkey toes would have been a great thing in space — for grabbing tools and stuff. only would work inside the station, though. barefoot rednecks shouldn’t be doing spacewalks…

    alex – i think i saw the same mockumentary! it was credible – other than the fact that it was a joke and all… i just wish we could rally people back around science the way the Apollo missions did. Maybe alternative energy?

    squirrel queen – we should definitely start a club! Put on fundraising shows when we need to stock the bar, offer services for childrens parties… Hmmm… perhaps i’ll add this to my post-retirement planning!

    nm – i’ll let you. anyone else tries it? i’ll be flinging poo with them monkey toes…

    kyknoord – caught me. this is a thinly veiled advertisement for Pippi’s one woman show, where she flings kiddie candy at an Army recruiter with her toes, wearing a space suit, with a 1960’s vintage black and white TV playing the moon landing on continuous loop. i’ve applied for a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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