Buzz off…

The Girl is still in Beirut, doing well with her classes and enjoying intensive Arabic language study.  And the Beirut nightlife.  Hard to believe she’s been gone for two and a half months, and will back in just another month…

She calls every few weeks, and we exchange the occasional e-mail (and she reads the blog), so we’re staying connected.  i was a bit amused by this bit from her most recent e-mail update, about an “all night clubbing” event with friends – including a group of young European men also studying in the Middle East.

One of the guys who went out with us last night kept M and I entertained with a very.. um.. unique dance move.  He would put out his arms to either side in beat with the music, swoop behind one of us, and utter “bzzzzzzzzz” in our ears. The “bzzzz”ing was generally followed by an unwelcome grinding against the target. Wanted to smack the bastard like I would squish a fucking mosquito. And poor M. She was the target of most of the “bzzzzzz”ings. The deluded guy thought he had a chance. In your years of experience, have you come into contact with such a mosquito on the dance floor? Has this at any time been a “thing”? It got tiring after a little while, so we came up with an excuse to leave a bit early, ruining an otherwise decent time.

i’ve been on dance floors all over the world.  Danced with men of many nationalities, young and old.  i can honestly say, i’ve never been buzzed… Good thing.  There would have been bloodshed.  And not mine…

Keep your stinger in your pants, buddy!

Keep your stinger in your pants, buddy!

13 thoughts on “Buzz off…

  1. Never been “buzzed” but in my university days I had a problem with men just walking up to me and kissing me. Seriously. One minute I am minding my own business and the next, I am dislodging tongue from my mouth. A certain amount of Irish temper was released in the aftermath of these events too. “Buzzing” could have landed me in jail.

  2. uncle keith – but when you do it? it’s hot! totally hot!

    unbearable banishment – make them tough. encourage them not to be doormats. teach them how to say “no” and “go away” and “POLICE!”
    my initial reaction was to hop a plane and go kick some ass… but she managed just fine on her own!

    kyknoord – yeah. she called me old… ummm… she’s right… probably best if i don’t throw her back. i’m too old to pop out a replacement.

    nm – you’d think that it wouldn’t work, but who knows. there must have been some positive reinforcement somewhere along the line…

    annie – Tongue assault? Blechhh… What could compel a loser man to introduce his tongue before introducing himself?

    heartbreaktown – kills. skeeters. dead. i’ve bought her LOTS of pepper spray. unfortunately, it’s kinda illegal over there. but i’ll remind her to put it back in her pocket when she returns home!

  3. I would have found that totally annoying. And probably been in jail for assault. And Annie, anytime anything penetrates another human body unwillingly, it’s sexual assault. *shudder* Never had that problem, myself.

  4. Obviously not an Australian bloke, who would of been standing at the bar yelling the rather tasteful chant of ‘tits out, for the lads, get your tits out for the lads’. Yes we are incredible romantics! Get her some mace or a taser, that takes care of the freaks pretty quick.

  5. silverstar – agree that unwanted touch, especially crossing into body cavities, is assault. and disgusting….

    alex – awww…. i’m a sucker for such sweet talk! just so long as i’m not getting buzzed… by a stranger, anyway….

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