Grieving on Election Eve

No matter what happens tomorrow, i’ll be sad…

We will remain horrifically divided as a nation.  There will be cries of election fraud regardless of the outcome.  There will be outbursts of intolerance – potentially from either side of the argument. 

What brought me down?  Two separate conversations over the past week tell me that i need to get working on my “Find Me a Husband” profile on a Canadian dating website. 

The first?  In the office.  After a strategic planning meeting with the working troops, a few of us were doing the post-meeting analysis.  One mentioned that he was encouraged to learn that a mutual friend – an outspoken lifelong democrat – had “seen the light” and plans to vote for McCain.  i expressed surprise, as this individual had been so far left of center in his positions, he made me feel downright uptight in my own.  But he was apparently appalled by the “scam” that is Mr. Obama. 

colleague A:  well, you know, they’ll riot no matter what happens.

daisyfae:  Huh?  Who?

colleague B:  you know, they riot no matter what’s going on…

daisyfae:  Seriously, who “they”?

colleague B: Remember Rodney King?  C’mon… you know there’ll be trouble no matter who gets elected!

i was stunned.  But rather than express an opinion, i did the best i could – and played dumb.  Keeping with the “who are the ‘they’ you guys are talking about?” to see if they would eventually say it…

colleague A:  They riot when their sports teams win or lose, so a presidential election with this much at stake is bound to get them in the streets!

daisyfae: What? Ohio State football fans? Not tracking here, guys…

and so it went…  and by the end of the conversation, i was just very sad. 

And then there was this little bit from Mom over the weekend.  Mom has made her choice, is disturbed by the direction the country has taken under 8 years of Republican leadership, and voted for Mr. Obama.  She shared that my sister, S, is worried about the outcome of the election.  S works in downtown Cincinnati, at a large law firm.

Mom:  S is thinking about taking the day off Tuesday in case there’s trouble.

daisyfae:  What?  What sort of trouble?

Mom:  She said she’s seen so many foreign people downtown for the past few weeks.  They’re taking pictures of the buildings.  Wearing backpacks.  All the people she works with are worried that there will be bombings or riots.

daisyfae:  You’re shitting me, right?  She’s serious?

Mom:  It’s not just her, but it’s everybody she works with… there was talk of letting everyone work from home because people are so nervous.

What do i grieve for?  The loss of critical thinking skills, rational thought and intelligent debate…  We’re fucked, people… And i’m off to learn the words to the Canadian National Anthem.

32 thoughts on “Grieving on Election Eve

  1. ‘What do i grieve for? The loss of critical thinking skills, rational thought and intelligent debate… ‘

    I’d tell you to move to Australia… but, well its probably not much better.

  2. > But rather than express an opinion, i did the best i could – and played dumb.

    I would have said “Oh, you mean the niggers. Yeah, bunch of troublemakers, no use to anyone.” It’s hilarious when people realise what bad people their pissant “I’m not a racist, but…” shite puts them in league with. The backpedalling is delicious.

  3. O Canada!

    Our home and native land!

    True patriot love in all thy sons* command.

    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

    The True North strong and free!

    From far and wide,

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land** glorious and free!

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

  4. Daisy, i gave up on the inhabitants of this country years ago, we are an ignorant and spiteful lot who always covet what we don’t have, our form of meaningful dialogue is who can yell the loudest and wave the flag the fastest even if they misrepresent everything the Constitution stands for… as far as the people of Cincinnatta are concerned, as a native Clevelander i can only laugh, we didn’t even consider it part of Ohio, same with Columbus until they overtook us in population, Cincy’s really only Eastern Kentucky with some running water and electricity how advanced can their thinking be? wow look at me getting all territorial.

  5. violence is often the voice of what we have come to accept as change… i do so hope everyone’s fears are unfounded,, and i am ever so thankful i am fortunate enough to live in the land that time forgot…….

  6. Having just returned from yet another foray down into the U.S.of A., I must say that I was struck by the nonchalance I encountered…well…everywhere. It felt no different than any other time I’ve been down there. In day to day life I could not see evidence of the financial crisis, the housing crisis, even the upcoming historic election.

    Mind you, that could be because we were in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa.

    The only “political” discourse that occurred in my presence was written about here.

    I can understand your disbelief at hearing the things that you are hearing. My theory though? People like us – technical people – genuine people – tend to ascribe our own attributes to others. We expect them to be functioning on a similar intellectual level to us. Sadly, they’re not. You just have to accept the fact that you’re a ten percenter. And hope for the best.

    @umdalum: Nice job on the lyrics! All those years of watching NHL hockey have paid off, eh?

    Trouble with Oh Canada lyrics? They keep changing. Oh yeah. There are French verses too.

    Buck up daisyfae. Keep smiling!

  7. I would love to go live in Canada. But for some reason, they want you to support yourself. Damn. I have friends in Vancouver, and love Victoria. I could easily get by. I live close to the border for 10 years, so I’ve learned to end every sentence with eh, and to say aboot. I could totally pass.

    I just want this election to be over. I’m tired of all the nasty campaign ads. I miss my DVR here at the hotel. I used to record my shows and watch them later just so I could blip through the commercials. It is comforting to live in a blue state, however, where I haven’t heard this nonsense that folks in your part of the world are spouting. Mostly I’m hearing excitement about the election. Have a little faith and hope.

  8. I was telling Rob yesterday after we crossed the border that I was glad not to be in the States for election day. I had worried we might be. Irrational? Probably. But The last two elections have convinced me that we are indeed a truly divided nation and that there are people who benefit from this and have no interest in seeing it change.

    I hope that Obama wins in a landslide. Maybe that will quiet things some, but I fear for him if he wins. I joked with Rob about American’s being more sexist than racist when Obama got the nomination but the truth is there is still much hatred and unrest and a puzzling longing for times long ago that frankly weren’t all that great.

    Canada is revamping its Immigration laws in favor of professionals you know. If you got in, you could eventually sponsor The Boy:)

  9. I’m with anniegirl. As an antipodean I hope for an Obama win yet I fear he will not be allowed to complete his term. And it will not be the “Them” your colleague failed to mention who do that – – –

  10. kyknoord – we should start our own religion. i’ll make sure the bar is stocked, you bring the women…

    alex – maybe i’m just sad for the general state of humanity. what we need is a good alien invasion to unify the world!

    nm – of course it’s better! you’re there! will absolutely get there on holiday within the next few years! xoxo

    eli – welcome to the park! i was very tempted to go right at it – almost that directly. unfortunately, i believe these two gentlement were too dense to have gotten it, and would have walked away going “damn. she’s racist.”

    umdalum – Ah! The Hockey Dad! Singin’ along with the toothless ice-bound rabble!

    unbearable banishment – i really do think it would take an alien invasion, or some sort of global epidemic, to bring the country – and the world – together. We need Darth Vader, god dammit…

    kono – nice example of intoleranc toward your lesser ohio brethren 😉 We’ll always be second rate citizens – our rivers never caught on fire, and we didn’t give birth to Dennis Kucinich…

    paisley – there’s something to be said for “the land that time forgot”. dinosaurs. dinosaurs rock. fully.

    rob – trying hard to be optimistic. i’m a cynic. the beauty is in the voter turnout, the energized youth – TAKING BACK THE POLITICAL PROCESS and their country… and the world reaction. we have a chance to re-set our foreign policy course in a healthier direction. the world is flat. we forgot that for about 8 years… but still…

    miss – hey! can you buy me passage to canada stashed in a hidden compartment of a horse-drawn buggy? that would be S.W.E.E.T.

    silverstar – i think the fact that i’m living at ‘ground zero’ regarding the battleground has made it much darker for me. inane letters to the editor, flaming CRAP e-mails from people i thought i knew (republicans and democrats)… my television has been off, and i don’t answer the phone (although i REALLY liked the call from Matt Damon!) Maybe i’ll shake the funk…

    annie – i’m sure it will all go smoothly. so far, so good. no riots, major (obvious) voter fraud/discrimination… just a shitload of people voting. i waited 90 minutes this morning. gladly. lots of fresh faces… which made me smile. still…

    archie – i worry. a lot. i grew up amongst armed militia-types. did i mention that i worry?

  11. At the risk of diving into political waters that are very different thenwhere I prefer to swim, I must say that I can’t think of any nation I would rather live than the good old USA. Canada is a nice place to visit and I really like how the Aussies tell it like it is when it comes to politics. But none of those countries can hold a candle to the USA. As for the rest of the world, most all other countries are either socialist/dictatorships or third world shit holes. Why do you think there are so many illegal aliens willing to risk death to live here? As a second generation immigrant who grew up dirt poor, I know what opportunity I was given, and I’m very thankful. For those who don’t like this country, my feeling is don’t let the emigration door hit you in the arse. Though we have our squabbles, we generally don’t shoot each other after elections unlike other places in the world. I virtually disagree with every position the Democrat candidate has on everything, but if he is elected, I trust the system will work and there will be lively discourse on the issues.

    In two years the penduluum will swing the other way like it did after Carter hosed everything up and then it went back to Clinton, after H.W. raised taxes. What is amazing to me is that in spite of the many mistakes the current administration has made and given that the Democratic candidate has spent over 4 times what the Republican candidate has spent in ads, that it is this close. That tells you something about who the Dems put up. I was never a Hillary fan, but I think she would have done far better and for the life of me I don’t understand why the current candidate never chose her for VP (maybe he was afraid his jet mayhave crashed inadvertently).

    As a former Ohio redneck who can swill more beer than any of the Dems in this Blog (Daiesy knows) and who clings to my guns (300 Win Mag) and religion (12 year cradle Catholic) some of you are out in la-la land. Signed Loud and Proud RightWing Nut Job who is a fan of Daisyfaes’ blog. At least you have one token non-lefty loon.

  12. gubment – thanks… i occasionally need the reminder that i’m free to whine, without retaliation, whenever and wherever i want. and as bad as it is, it’s pretty damn good… as i went to sleep last night, i remembered the “Gingrich” mandate that swung us to the far right in the first place – and know that there’ll be another one in about 10 years. but for me, it still gets down to education – we (as a populace) need to be better educated on real issues, not how much a candidate spends on a wardrobe, or whether he smokes… thanks for writing! miss our alcohol-fueled knock-down drag-out energetic political debates! Really surprised you’re still reading – i think it’s for the boobies!

    alex – the rain shall fall as my tears, falling forlornly on the dry desert rock, as i await the retrieval of my dog from quarantine… or not.

    nm – can i bring booze?

  13. My daughter has had an ongoing long-distance relationship with a wonderful young man; both have great jobs and love what they do. But she was prepared to chuck it and marry him so she could live in Canada if McCain won. So I’m glad she’s still here! (But now she has to find a new reason to make a decision.)

  14. One of the guys at work said, post-election result, to an American customer who’d visited us, ‘They’ll still have a chip on their shoulder, though.’

    I grimaced in shame, but to my surprise, everyone agreed and joined in.

    Good old Them and Us, alive and well.

  15. kyknoord – alert the flying spaghetti monster. he has competition.

    awalkabout – that’s one less thing for you to worry about, but it puts the pressure on the daughter-unit to figure out priorities/timing. canada is pretty cool – even when you’re not seeking political asylum…

    K. Jayne – i am fighting this pesky optimism thing. i’m a hardcore cynic. i know that one man can’t change a decade of “lost”. and we will start to recover from our foreign policy debacles – i know that. the young ‘uns of this nation know that THEY determined the outcome of this election, and will (hopefully) stay engaged and not disillusioned… but this is too big of a mess for just “hope”… we need to trench in for the long haul, and unfortunately, our collective “sesame street” attention span may not allow long-term change… fingers crossed, but…

    Fwengebola – i want to belive i want to believe i want to believe… there’s just this crunchy part of my psyche that knows better. There were 46% of the citizens of the US of A who voted for McCain/Palin. They happen to include the heavily armed, xenophobic militia types. i’m really worried. did i mention that?

    manuel – on my way. do you have an in-house bar?

  16. BITCH GET YOUR HEAD TOGETHER!! Don’t listen to these ridiculous downer freaks. There is HOPE, hope afoot now, and don’t you DARE destroy it by listening to stupid people. We will get there.

    Next time, don’t play dumb. Next time, say, are you seriously so racist you think black people will riot if Obama wins? You’re the boss, aren’t you? You must be optimisitic. Resistance to optimism is futile. I repeat, resistance is futile. I will Polly-Anna your ass SO fast you’ll be shitting rainbows for weeks!

    That is all.

  17. Stankola – i don’t think i’d be quiet again. not really the boss anymore, just crabby senior tech advisor. i should have called it out – but was shocked. will try not to be so gloomy – i wanna shit rainbows!

  18. Reblogged this on Trailer Park Refugee and commented:

    It’s November. How’d that happen? Everyone seems to be getting their NaBloWriMo groove on, or are working through the reasons they’re thankful.

    i’m sitting in a chair, wondering what i could possibly have done last night to make my feet hurt this badly, scratching my bits, and considering options that could possibly make this day at least fractionally productive.

    Decided to look back at my posts from four years ago. November, 2008.

    Some scores and highlights:

    – Returning from my trip to South America, i sumarized my equatorial experiments. Putting the myth of the toilet swirl to rest.

    – The Girl was studying in Beirut, and The Boy was studying about an hour away. She’s still living abroad, and he’s learning all sorts of things working through the post-hurricane mess on the east coast.

    – A lovely Halloween opportunity to embarass one of my children!

    – Having recently moved into my new home, i was still attempting to decorate. At that point, i didn’t have furniture in the living room. But i’d already purchased my whole-house integrated audio/video system, and a billiards table.

    But then there was this post. As we suffer through the final days of a divisive and disgusting Presidential election season, these words still hold true.

    Regardless of the outcome, we remain polarized and impotent. Fear-mongering is an accepted leadership tool.

    Regardless of the outcome, we are still screwed…

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