Arrival in Ecuador

Just a few quick notes as we head out to explore Quito, Ecuador today…

– The Bathroom angels sang “Hallelujah!”  Plumbing tolerates paper! 

– Fan-damn-tastic meal last night, Broiled Sole in garlic sauce, vegetables, and dessert – plus 3 generous helpings of a local beer – for $18.  Including service.  And the beer angels sang “Uuuuurp…”

– Working girls, casinos and 110V electricity… just like home.

– Let the experimentation begin:  Very close to the equator (Quito is slightly north of 0 degrees).  While not he primary reason for my journey, i am on a mission.  There will be experimental toilet flushing above, below and hopefully AT the equator.  Relax, people, i’m a scientist… i shall seek truth…

11 thoughts on “Arrival in Ecuador

  1. …or, to add on to silverstar’s question, are we talking about which way the working girls swirl? will you check both for me, daisyfae? inquiring minds DO want to know.

  2. Ah, the consummate geek.

    I heard a great line last week which I’ll paraphrase here: You should set up a 1-900 number and then you can talk “nerdy” to callers.

    Hope you’re enjoying the exotic holiday.

  3. Daddy P – Thanks! i think it shows off my eyes, don’t you think?

    awalkabout – check your e-mail! sent a pic hot off the equatorial presses so little miss can see it herself! it was pouring rain, but big, big fun to stand at 0.00.00. One guy – even more of a geek than i am, perhaps – brought his Garmin GPS… but he wasn’t the one racing to the bathroom to flush the toilet. Over, and over, and over…

    silverstar – i’ve realized that toilet flushing is not sufficiently “controlled” to do the experiment i am psychotically compelled need to do… the toilet jets may interfere with the water direction. hence my new quest – filling sinks with water and then opening the drain. more of a natural flow… more on this when my experiments conclude…

    gnu – did not procure services, hence i cannot comment on how they ‘swirl’. but i did follow a pack down the street and can say that they ‘swish’ in the same manner as the gals i’ve seen in Vegas…

    rob – do you think i’d make money? “Press ‘1’ if you’d like me to derive Maxwell’s Equations. Press ‘2’ for a description of my lab coat. Press ‘3’ to hear me recite the largest known prime number…”

  4. dolce – surprisingly, i’m used to throwing the paper in the can after just a week here… better than trying to take a leak at an outdoor concert in many ways. at least i have privacy and a door…

    nm – *snort* you are EVERY man’s dream woman… in so many ways! dessert? flan… an assload of flan… and very good flan at that…

    kjayne – somehow, i’ve managed to get everyone in my group engaged in the “toilet study”, and we have colected multiple data points. photos to follow once i’m back in country…

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