Lost dog…

While still in the Lima airport, i received an update from my niece on how my canine life partner dog Mr. Pickles was doing in his new environment.  It’s pretty much what i expected – and that’s a good thing!

Here he is bonding with his human cousins.  That’s DQ, Jr and DQ, III on dog-back.

And here he is bonding with one of his canine cousins.  Of course, he’s neutered…

But to me – most frightening of all – getting tons of wonderful attention.  My Little Brown Hole of Need will never want to come home again… but he’s happy… and with BJ off work with the back injury, i suspect he’ll be getting lots of attention.

11 thoughts on “Lost dog…

  1. I just read an article on pets that cheat on their owners (seriously, I did). My oldest step-daughter’s cat is a shameless ho. She has spotted him lounging in the windows of people’s homes even. People that the cat somehow managed to convince that he was homeless. There was one young Chinese couple that lived nearby who even had a bed and bowl for him and he would “disappear” to their place for days on end.

    It probably won’t be that bad with Mr. Pickles.

  2. Look at his face in the picture with BJ. He looks sad. He’s missing you. Cats may ho around, but dogs are loyal and have the memory of an elephant. He will be ecstatic to see you when you get back. Of course, after all that daily activity, you may need to enroll him in doggie day care when you get back to keep him happy. (Do they have that in Ohio? It’s all the rage for singles with dogs here in Seattle.)

  3. Aaaah, the ancient art of dog riding. Which you can enjoy in childhood, but somehow becomes odd and a little kooky when you’re a grownup.



  4. Dolce, surely you’d still be able to manage a little dog riding on one of those enormous rhodesian ridgebacks?

    my son had an alaskan malamute for a few years and an adult could definitely sit on him

  5. annie – an ‘affection ho’ cat? sweet… i’m sure dogs are capable of the same behavior, but suspect that Mr. P isn’t going to refuse to come home… He loves the kids too much, if nothing else!

    manuel – it would end up in court…. could be kinda fun to take the whole clan on the Jerry Springer Show and duke it out before a live studio audience!

    silverstar – oh yes, there are “doggie day cares” here… nice thought, and wonderful if you’ve got that kind of disposable income i suppose. but um… Mr. P will have to be content with a nylabone and the TV playing quietly for company.

    alex – oh, i’m sure there’s still a little turnabout still happening. i think they just wanted me to see him smiling and acting like a man-dog.

    dolce – my kids rode our first pair of mutts. used the german shephard mutt as a “tv chair” even – sitting on his back while watching Sesame Street… i think you just need to find a bigger dog! Friend had a Great Dane. Definitely rideable…

    nm – perhaps there’s a market for “dog saddles”?

  6. how about hooking up little doggie chariots for the kids to ride.

    very glad you were able to find a home with doggie kith and kin. Mr. P. must be feeling like you sent him to a vacation spa!

  7. gnu – in this case, just have him tow a trailer… that’d fit the theme. i’m sure he’s happy… he loves peeps…

    squirrelqueen – more like “following me around, being totally underfoot, and not letting me out of his sight” – which is what he does after i’m gone for a couple days….. it’s an amazing trip! i’m a lucky puppy….

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