Too many late nights…

Outbound on a short-notice trip, i carefully packed my rolling briefcase for a few days on the road.  With absolutely no interest in repeating my forgetful and expensive mistake from the last trip, i made sure i had all essentials.  Chargers, travel toiletries baggie, electronics, reading material… Check, Check, Check, Check… and DOUBLE CHECK.

Leaving the house at 0-dark-thirty for a morning flight, i even carefully checked my wallet to assure drivers license, credit cards, and cash were secure.  Carefully putting both the travel bag and my purse in the back seat.  Staring at them.  Knowing that there was NO WAY i was going to forget them this time.

Hopped in the car, backed out of the driveway and was about a quarter mile down the street when i realized i was barefoot.

Ummm…  close.  so very close…

15 thoughts on “Too many late nights…

  1. That is priceless DaisyFae! And sometimes the only thing funnier than your posts are the comments you get! What a crowd – y’all crack me up big time!

  2. dolce – or just pretend to take off imaginary shoes at the checkpoint.

    unbearable banishment – or better yet: swiped shoes from someone else on the other side!

    silverstar – yeah, it could have been worse. just glad i was still close enough to home to grab shoes and not have to rush to the airport…

    bob – Shut. Up.

    tNb – bet you make lists, too… i only do it for trips more than a few days, but i’ve lost more lists than i’ve used. i’m a goob…

    rob – i laughed pretty hard, too… my fuzzy slippers reside under my desk at the office. strange thing? i bet there would have been no shoes for sale at my small regional airport… socks? slippers?

    heartbreaktown – yeah… i’m a seasoned traveler, but there’s no cure for goob-a-liciousness… DEFINITELY would want to throw a party with all of the Park-ettes someday!

  3. Lol. With me its always my belt. I never remember my belt. Last week I presented to fifty ‘capitalists’ whilst holding my pants in the one hand and my pointer in the other (That laser thingymajig, not my other bit). Sort-a like a rap presentationer. Shit.

  4. alex – but i drive a fleet of shit-mobiles. on any given day, one of the three of them will have gas in the tank, and start.

    nm – no, i have to bag that these days, rather than leave it wild and free in the yard…

    archie – me too. shoes are an annoyance most of the time and even in the winter, i’m often found walking to the mailbox barefoot. have left bare footprints in the snow on occasion…

    vapour – GREAT visual. you should perfect the look, leave some bling and a baseball cap suitable for wearing sideways in your suitcase….

    manuel – i’m living the dream more often than not. fortunately, i can usually buy what i need on the road…

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