Trailer Park Police Blotter

no.  not my family.  but a REAL blurb in the local paper…

Schadenfreude… so thankful i am NOT related to either of these fine gentlemen…

CORNWOOD – Aug. 24: Officers arrived at the 500 block of S. Main Street on a fight call and observed one of the combatants (age 21) holding a washcloth over his left eye.

He told officers a 17-year-old male wanted to fight regarding a $5 debt and punched him, then said the man couldn’t hit him because he was a juvenile.

The man said he defended himself and hit the juvenile several times before the juvenile hit the man’s head to the ground, causing swelling and bruising to his eye.

The officer asked the juvenile if he was injured: “No, but he squeezed my junk real hard.” Both were charged with disorderly conduct.

No Relation.  Seriously.  Not related to this one...

No Relation. Seriously. Not related to this one...


11 thoughts on “Trailer Park Police Blotter

  1. rob – i kept the “wood” but modified the front end. definitel a “wood” kinda town! And no, not related. i am clinging to that fact at the moment!

    silverstar – can’t say that i’d take a swing at someone for more than that, either. might try to run over them with a car or something, though…

    kyknoord – yeah, you know what they say about “fishing off the neighborhood pier”. biggest surprise to me is that they weren’t listed as “family” members, and it wasn’t a domestic dispute. that’s the kinda fightin’ we did as kids!

    nm – a little? i think it’s his doppelganger. Looks like it could be his double, too!

    manuel – on the bright side, the fight got settled, rather than being dragged out in a protracted court battle. no, wait… there will be court. just criminal rather than small claims… would be a great one for one of our televised “judge judy” kinda shows over here….

    uncle keith – or the aforementioned “people’s court” stuff, like judge judy. Springer would be another option. Junk Grabbing on tv would set a new low bar…

    unbearable banishment – Ewwwww….. really, dude… just “Ewwwww….”

    annie – Ouch. Sorry to hear that. Glad you’re not there anymore. see my above comment to unbearable banishment.

    gnu – Ah-HA! Busted, baby… Looking for you on my television tube at 11:00 pm…

  2. Ah, so maybe it was Wormwood? Which would make my play on the word Wormhole. Which is what you might have to use to get to the place where the picture was taken?

    Yeah, idle musings. Not funny.

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