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Being a Trailer Park Superhero is risky business.

BJ – married to my niece, and certified construction working-man hero – broke his back on the job Thursday.  Working at a job site with his dad, a catwalk collapsed, and he fell 14′, and crushed a vertebrae.  Seeing a large hunk of grillwork headed for him, he managed to roll out of the way, preventing further injury from the falling metal.

As of yesterday?  He had been fitted with a back brace, given an assload of morphine, and sent home.  No signs of paralysis, neurological damage or other injuries.  He’ll be off work for about 3 monhts, and eligible for extended medical benefits.


Plans for the construction of the new “double wide” home in the country – with an attached apartment for Mom – are temporarily on hold.  Plans for the “negligence” lawsuit against the owner of the jobsite with the inadequately secured catwalk?  Well underway…

16 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Crap! I hate it when things like that happen. Yeah, definitely sue. Spines are a bad place to have a broken bone. They are so lucky he didn’t do more damage rolling out of the way of the grillwork. Here’s hoping there are no permanent sequelae from this.

  2. wow.. that’s a shocker.. poor BJ.. hope he is as well as he seems to be and makes a full recovery.. those construction boys are tough tho,, my dad, who is a drywall man, fractured his c1 vertebrate about 10 years ago,, was in a halo for 3 months and never missed a beat… get well quick BJ!!!!!!

  3. Glad to hear there is no apparent serious damage.

    ‘Plans for the construction of the new “double wide” home in the country – with an attached apartment for Mom – are temporarily on hold.’

    Plans never seem to go off without a hitch do they.

  4. silverstar – yep. life sometimes sucks… and thanks for the new medical term: “sequelae” Had to look it up…

    paisley – he’s young and healthy, so here’s hoping it’s a quick recovery. since he does this for a living, and his wife doesn’t work (other than taking care of my Mom), they’re a bit nervous about what’s ahead…

    alex – yes, always something. Roseanne Rosannadanna said it best “it’s always something. if it’s not one thing, it’s another…” i suppose he could always sell the pain meds to make ends meet if need be?

    kyknoord – he is a bit hyper, doesn’t stay down much. but i think the pain is taking care of that for now. expect that once that’s under control, he’ll be working in the damn back brace. and i do need some stairs added to my deck at the new place…. hmmm…

    nm – how can i put this delicately? he’s not a real “verbal” guy. although he’s pretty good at basic math (watched him “cyphperin” to calcluate building supplies when he built my deck), verbal isn’t a strength… not likely to be an effective blogger…

    dolce – “Borgs”, dear. Ever hear of them? Manufactured and shipped from an far off civilization to ultimately drink up all the booze on planet earth, causing massive wars, famine and sobriety…

  5. Like uncle keith says, 14 feet is a long way to fall. All in all he’s very lucky; I’ve known of cases where a fall from 6 feet resulted in a fatality.

    Crushed vertebrae, though. That’s gonna hurt. Pretty much for the rest of his life.

    Here’s hoping for a speedy and effective recovery.

  6. Ouch. My dad has had two crushed vertabrae and he is a very stoic man, so I know this is uber painful based on the fact that he actually admitted to being in pain. It takes a lot of pain for my dad to acknowledge it.

    Hope the lawsuit is settled to your nephew’s favor. Back issues are never really a thing of one’s past but something that always has to be dealt with.

  7. wow I hope he gets better soon…..I dropped some cups the other day and burnt myself and ended up with a little red patch on my hand.

    So I know how he feels…….

    or something like that.

  8. Oh no! That’s just awful! But I suppose it could have been worse and for that we’re grateful. But my thoughts go out to you and your family and that he recovers quickly and permanently.

  9. unbearable banishment – yes, he’s a very tough nugget. last word i had was that he was doing well… pain, but managing… kinda makes you appreciate the fact that the worst on the job injury us desk-jocks are likely to sustain – beyond a paper cut – is carpal butt syndrome.

    uncle keith – and as you learned falling out of a bed, they take forever to heal… gonna be months…

    rob – could have been much worse. detailed description was that if he hadn’t rolled, the heavy metal from the catwalk would have hit him in the middle – possibly cutting him in half. blech… he’s a lucky boy, despite the long road ahead.

    annie – this is a case where his ability to work and support his family is in jeopardy. hoping that it’s a full recovery… and that they keep giving him good drugs til he’s better.

    manuel – yes, and i got poked by an errant staple, then got a papercut on my tongue licking an envelope. the horror, the HORROR…

    heartbreaktown – fingers crossed all the way around. will know more in a few weeks, but at least there’s no paralysis…

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