T-Shirt Friday: Trailer Park Edition

Decided to play along with nursemyra and company on T-shirt Friday today.  Easier than writing on no sleep and adrenaline, and this is one of my all time favorite shirts!

On a visit to Arizona a few years back, i stumbled into a lovely bar out in the desert. Cave Creek, Arizona is home to nothing interesting a couple bars and souvenir shops.  On one side of the street is a bar called The Horny Toad.  Across the way and down a few steps?  Naturally, it’s The Satisfied Frog.

Although now under new, and disputed ownership, The Frog still operates… They have a ridiculous number of fine tequilas on hand, and give you a lovely souvenir t-shirt if you managed to drink your way through the list… 

Rather than see me drink through the list, then beat many innocent strangers into submission, my traveling companion decided to buy me a different souvenir shirt…

i rediscovered this one during my recent move… and although it’s a bit big on me since i dropped the weight, i still love it.  And will add this to my “clothes not to wear on dates” checklist…

whatever it takes...

whatever it takes...

EDIT:  And the ladies – on three continents and four countries – who are playing along today are nursemyra, silverstar and my uncanny twin sister in South Africa, ms. dolce vita…  And later today, Annie joined the party with a clever “studmuffins-made” shirt!

20 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday: Trailer Park Edition

  1. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. That was my usual routine back when I did drink. Actually, I was kind of a one margarita drunk because I drank so seldom.

    Like the T-shirt. Could have used it back a few years ago.

  2. Isn’t Cave Creek that little sort of old western town north of Scottsdale? I went to a place like that back in ’92 while attending a seminar in Scottsdale with a bunch of other refinery engineers. We ate a place called Rawhide. Maybe that’s where the old western town was. We’d been horse back riding earlier in the day and I must have had a few. That was one of the two times I’ve inadvertently found myself in a ladies’ restroom.

    Love the shirt! Reminds me of an old Jimmy Buffett tune I heard one time covered by Pure Prairie Fire – “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw”

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  4. silverstar – this is why i never have the third (or fourth) shot of tequila… champagne makes me cry (and gives me a horrible hangover) and tequila brings out the meanness… bad news. at The Frog, i stick to beer…

    annie – it might fit him! i still think we need to consider a betrothal to one of Rob’s daughters… although they seem like lovely young women, i’m sure they’d have a “zero tolerance” policy for some of his crap!

    rob – yep. go to the end of scottsdale road (about 20 miles out of town, i think). turn left. Fourty-seventh cactus to the left… i use this particular shirt as a ‘sleep t-shirt’ mostly. However, while chairman for an international conference, after the banquet i threw a massive party in my hotel suite, and popped the top of my business suit to reveal this shirt to send a message that “Chairman wants to throw down”…. have to tell that story one of these days…

    Mel – figured you’d know the place! haven’t been to The Toad, but will probably stop by there next time i’m in AZ. my new favorite place out that way is actually The Haunted Hamburger in Jerome, AZ… wondering if you’ve been there?

    tNb – Absolute keeper! i should write the theme song to go with it… or perhaps it’s the Jimmy Buffet song Rob mentioned?

    kyknoord – you know me well enough to know that i’m just a sentimental softie… puppies, bunnies and sunny spring mornings make me happy!

    DP – send me your box-head. i can take a pic of you wearing it. you’ll get some grief for the man-boobs, but it’d be a great photo, dontchathink?

    dolce – i have no idea how it is physically, biologically or space-time continuumually possible, but we are twins, separated at birth. you were just the really cute one, born about 10 years later! that’s trippy!

    nm – Hey, that’s the price you pay for being a fashion trend-setter! Pretty soon, your groupies are so jazzed that we’re all over it! wish i’d brought this t-shirt to spain… we could have had some fun with it! xoxo

  5. kono – have to be careful where i wear that one. at a local bar, it’s liable to start a riot!

    gnu – line forms to the right. no shoving. maintain order, please… 🙂

    unbearable banishment – yeah, it was goofy. went there the first time because a friend in DC has a sister who tended bar there. i’ve been there four times, and NEVER managed to be there when his sis was working…

    renal failure – of course! front of the line for you! bonus points for being healthy!

    alex – ooooh! fruit juice! want a little vodka for that? i’ll look a helluva lot better if you spike that stuff!

    Bb – Want “me”… that’s want “ME”, you silly canadian… i’m the one who wants “meat”…

    MdW – wish i’d bought a collection. they apparently don’t sell them on the website any longer!

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