Blast from the past

As i mentioned previously, Mom is serious about uprooting – after almost 50 years in her home – and wants to move to “The Farm” with DQ and BJ.  Plans are well underway and an offer made and accepted on a 15 acre plot of land in the country.  i’m taking Friday off to drive to The Park and take Mom to meet with a probate attorney to lock down the best structure for the deal.

My excavations prior to moving were exhausting, but nothing compared to the amount of work required on Mom’s home*.  DQ and Mom tackled one bedroom over the weekend.  While i was finishing up moving The Girl to her new apartment, i received a photo text message from DQ:

TXT:  This wuz under your dads mattress!

What a fabulous find!  Dated 1976, this magazine was likely confiscated from my older brother, who had gotten divorced  that year from his first wife, and had spent some time back at the ol’ homestead until he got back on his feet.

Somehow this made me deliriously happy!  No idea why, but i asked DQ to hang onto it for me… Just a belated glimpse into my Dad’s world.  And a big ol’ grin about a week before he would have turned 85…


* About 6 years ago, we launched a weekend ‘dig’ at Mom’s house.  Three teams were working through the clutter.  My sister, S, worked the spider-infested bedroom that used to be mine, my niece and her first husband worked the garage, and i was wearing leather gloves and waded through mouse turds and moldy cardboard boxes in the storage barn.  At the end of the day, we hauled three truckloads of decent stuff to Goodwill, hauled another truckload to the dump, and burned a mountain of old cardboard boxes.  Clearing out half of her garage was a major accomplishment.  We have no idea how she did it, but within 6 months, the garage was full again, with only a small path around the periphery… this is world class pack-rattery…. and i told mom that it made no sense for us to clear it out if she was just going to keep buying shit. 

12 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. alex – suppose not… funny thing? The Boy wants to see it – says that it’s all about “real women”, not airbrushed, scrawny, “landscaped” women. suspect there’s a market for this…

    kyknoord – i will start the bidding at “Ewww…”. Like the idea of a special online auction! may take some photos next time i’m down, and set up a special page for bids…

    nm – isn’t it? something so sweet about it… a glimpse of the adolescent boy that remains in most men… *sniff, sniff*

    silverstar – i probably could… it would sell for more than the worn copies of “tranny truckers unleashed”…

  2. Before you auction it off on eBay, make sure you check to see whether or not any pages are stuck together…

    1976, eh? Were breast implants available back then? In a game of real or fake, I’d have to vote fake…

  3. @ Uncle Keith….whahahahahaha. Naked punani is definitely a bit weird. So glad some boys still like boooosch.

    Dais. I was sore in need of a laugh. Thank the sweet lord jeebers for the trailer park.

  4. unbearable banishment – i didn’t find it sad, but rather affirming. i always believed that my father was the source of my [ahem] passion, and it’s nice to believe a bit in genetics… i have my own demons, and may well be a creepy old lady at nursemyra’s “gimcrack”, stalking the old dudes from room to room…

    rob – i think i’m gonna keep it… twisted? you bet… but sweet. hell, i might just offer it up to uncle keith – as an afficiando of bush, i’m sure it’ll be appreciated!

    uncle keith – if it’s not in terrible shape, one of these days – if i can ever make the regional travel work – i’ll haul it out your way! would be delighted if it can find a happy home!

    gnu – that’s the real reason i didn’t let the packing folks into my bedroom. not that there was anything awkward that i hadn’t already moved, i was afraid my kids might have hiddne “Tranny Truckers Unleashed 2” under my mattress just to screw with me…

    dolce – glad to be of service! laugh away – it’s my life, but it’s pretty fucking funny! i love my family – warts and all!

    manuel – oh, i’m not going down that path. keeping it at the “high concept” level is good enough!

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