Packing people boxed up my posessions on Friday.  Today, it was Four Men and Two Trucks arriving at my door at 7:30 AM.  Six hours later, it was as though those Four Men and Two Trucks took a steaming box-shit at my new home. 

This has been quite a run.  The physical stuff started two weeks before the trash dump garage sale in my front yard, and has been relentless since.  i hurt in places i didn’t know i had.  The blood blister on my toe from two weeks ago is still the size of a small New England state… i’ve been carrying “important papers” with me in a rolling briefcase for two weeks, because i’ve not been in the same place much, and have been coordinating this whole thing from the car via cellphone.


A friend came by tonight and helped me create my “bubble” in the bedroom.  And it’s amazing.  Mr. Pickles has been retrieved from the kennel.  As expected, he sniffed the place from end to end, and christened the downstairs carpet with his special brand of ‘dog logs’*.  There’s beer in the fridge (food still in boxes), a bootlegged internet connection** from clueless friendly neighbors. 

Only major glitch?  i’d taken care of utility transfer – electric, water, sewer – on the day of closing.  As i ran the nice whirlpool tub for a much needed hot soak tonight, i soon realized there was no hot water.  Ummm…  Gas hot water here.  My old place has electric.  Oops.  Forgot to make that call.  May be a few days before i can get that sorted… 

On the bright side?  i discovered the lack of hot water tonight, rather than in the morning, while standing naked and swearing as i get pelted with cold water at 6:00 am.  i can swing by my old house with a travel bag on my way to the office in the morning.  No problem…

My ex-husband essentially moved out in 2002.  We were divorced in 2006.  My daughter has been away at school for four years.  My youngest left for university last September.  For the first time, i feel like i’m truly starting over.  And i like it…


* i’ve never owned a dog that doesn’t feel compelled by some signal from the Dog Planet to take a dump on the carpet of a new home within five minutes of entry.  Pickles was a little slow (as is often the case), waiting a full ten minutes. 

** Apologies to my blogmates… i’ll still be a bit of a ghost out there in your comment boxes for the rest of the week.  At some point i really need to locate my food, dishes and other essentials.  Got the underwear and booze down, but a gal needs a little more than that to get by…


16 thoughts on “Movement

  1. So, does “movement” refer to your re-location, or to what Mr. P did on the rug?

    Man, I’da been pissed had my dog shat on the carpet a mere ten minutes after being introduced to the place.

  2. “Bootlegging” internet. In our family there is no pity for the fool who doesn’t password protect their signal. Sometimes cackling and sneering takes place. And then “liberate” the signal anyway.

    I carried everything around for the week it took to move up here. Everything.

    Glad you are settled in and at home.

  3. Yahoo — congrats!! The feeling of a fresh page is such an incredible rush, I hope you have a chance to savour every new experience in your new space. And with a few decades of singleton experience behind me, underwear and booze pretty much covers it. Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Well, unless he’s loose as a goose, it is probably easier to get rid of the “Lincoln logs” than what Friday would have done. Congrats on the new house. Me, I’d have had the food out, mostly because I have no liquor to worry about.

  5. help me out here as i’m very confused… WHY does a girl need more than just underwear and booze? that’s how i like my women to show up for a date… booze in one hand and easily removable underwear… you do want to make a good impression as you resume dating, yes? like i said, just a bit confused… ;->

    happy starting over… revel in the feeling…

  6. unbearable banishment – oh, i’ve got angst! i just haven’t found which box i packed it into yet…

    practically joe – it’s exciting, and exhausting. and confusing. i can’t find ANYTHING in either house! went to the old place to shower this morning, and planned to head right into work. had left my shoes over here. um… apparently not. i either go to work without shoes, or have to go back to the other place to find some

    jenny – thanks! hot water and a happy puppy will be the basics. he’s still a bit disoriented…

    rob – yes on both counts! and it’s pretty annoying, but it’s the price for unconditional love. he’ll do a poo every now and then…

    annie – i have an evil glee at the discovery of unsecured network access. but bootleg away. try to keep it low bandwidth… can’t imagine being uprooted for a whole week.

    tNb – it’s fun. i’m really, really tired, and looking forward to next weekend when i can catch my breath…

    silverstar – so far he’s not liquefied, but it could happen. first thing i UNPACKED (after the booze) was the carpet cleaning solution, pet stain removal stuff and de-odorizer. been there. dealt with that…

    dolce – it’ll be october at this rate, but there will be some throwin’ down. “pozzie”?

    nm – yes it is! can’t wait to have the “eject-o-bed” installed in my bedroom! i’ll open the roof hatch before i hit “launch” for the ones i kinda like…

    gnu – i have to go to work. pesky day job to support the party habit… showing up in my underwear carrying a bottle of vodka is generally considered bad. even in my office…

  7. Congratulations, lady! Enjoy that feeling of starting over now (while it lasts), b/c the routine will set back in all too soon. I miss you, stanky.

  8. dolce – ah, makes sense… ok. not really, but thanks for clarifying…

    empress stankaliciousness – thanks! it’s pretty groovy – and you’re gonna love it! we’ll have to get yer smokin’ hot butt out here to visit one of these days! And the party celebrating the Return of The Stank shall be Stank-tacular!

    awalkabout – Thanks! After three sets of critters, you’ve earned your own “bubble” one of these days!

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