Committing to debt for 30 years.  Clutching my heart only when i saw the date “August 19th, 2038”.  Rational thought saying “i will have it paid off in less than half that time” but irrational chick brain saying “i’ll be 76-fucking-years old”*.

My friend, realtor, garage-sale maven and fellow trailer park refugee, KMD helpfully pointed at something shiny and distracted me.  Arriving at the new condo at 2:00 pm for the pre-closing inspection**, we walked the place making sure that all required repairs had been accomplished.  i was clever enough to bring the stepladder to inspect a disconnected sewer gas line above the master bedroom.  i wasn’t clever enough to remember to bring a flashlight, however…

One annoyance?  KMD noted that the seller had removed every single roll of toilet paper.  Just rude.  Upon further inspection, we found that the seller had left the washer and dryer.  Ummm… ok.  Fair trade.  They seem functional, perhaps same vintage as mine.  i can leave mine in place at the “rental”, and that’s one less thing to move and connect.  i can buy toilet paper.

After the pre-closing inspection, we scooted back to my house to allow me to change into something less smelly, and to load both cars to start the moving process.  Since the packing crew – arriving friday – charges for wardrobe boxes, but all other boxes/supplies are included, we decided to start transporting hanging goods.  And we started with the end of the closet where my “party gear” resides…

What was the first box i carried across the threshold?  Corsetry, of course!  Two carloads later, it was just a bit less empty.  i’ll be deciphering the light-switch structure for months.  Had a celebratory drink with KMD, and i returned to the current homestead, met a friend, and we hauled two more carloads – and a six pack – over to the new place.  KMD had left a rather spectacular – and wildly appropriate – gift for my new home.  What’s a Trailer without Tequila?  Woo hoo!

Still daylight, we made another run – and this time, i felt compelled to bring the guitar.  It won’t feel right without it.  Knocking back a couple brews on the back deck, overlooking the wooded creek, it seemed like a good christening.  Festive girl-wear, guitar, and beer.  Oh, and toilet paper.

Once the dog has acclimated?  It’ll be home… (sigh)


* Ooops.  i think i said that part out loud.  Fortunately the seller – a pleasant woman across the table from me, and perhaps within tooth-spitting distance of 76 years old – did not hear the comment.

** Minor repairs, but necessary.  Found by the smokin’ hot, deliciously irish home inspector i’d hired, i had provided the seller the option of making the repairs, or cutting a check for $3500 at closing to cover the cost.  They chose to repair the items.  Damn.  Might have made a nice pool table fund…

17 thoughts on “Christening…

  1. “…Corsetry, of course! Two carloads later…” …ummm… am i reading this wrong or does this mean you had two carloads worth of corsetry? wow!!! i am your humble slave…

    …and, a huge “Congratulations”… you should be delectably excited about this new adventure in life.

  2. Congrats on the new home. Debt is the American way and by the time 76 rolls around the world as we know it will have ceased to exist and the people you owe the money to will be too busy learning to farm and make their own clothing to bother with you.

  3. Welcome to your new home – I’m a tad worried about the disconnectrd sewer gas line though. They’re called stench pipes over here – tee hee ……. it’s always made me laugh

  4. gnu – i’ll leave that as an exercise for the student! still haulin’ stuff this morning – on the way to the airport for a two day trip, will be dropping another load (heh, heh, heh) at the condo… no corsets this time…

    silverstar – Thanks! He’s pretty disrupted as it is… as usual, follows me from room to room, parking himself wherever i seem to be staying. but as i pack up the old place, i’m constantly on the move – not a “stay in one room til it’s done” person since i have the attention span of a gnat… he’ll adjust, but i fully expect him to drop a steamer on the carpet as soon as we walk into the new place!

    rob – that’s what i was trying to tell myself. 2038? Holeeeee Crap… but i remember thinking about 2004 and 2007 as imiginary years when the kids were born. “Wow! They’ll graduate in 2004? 2007? That’s a million miles away…” Goes quick, though.

    paisley – Thanks! It’s exciting – i’ve been in the same place for 20 years. It’s going to be a trip for awhile! Will try to get some pix before i dump all of the contents of my trailer into the nice new digs…

    annie – Whew! That’s reassuring! If society as we know it implodes, then this will be the least of my worries! I’m ok with that… 🙂 i’ve been very careful to avoid debt, so holding my nose and diving off the cliff again is a bit scary. But it’s real estate. It has value. It can be sold.

    MdW – yep. First mortgage on the house i’m currently in was a 40 year. We had most of it paid off within 10, and i was down to a very small amount on it when i decided to move…

    DP – it’s reconnected. PVC pipe is a job that even i can handle (and it would have cost $4 in epoxy for me to do it), but the seller paid a contractor $30 to crawl up in the fiberglass insulation and stick it all back together. “Stench Pipes”? Didn’t they open for Eric Burdon and The Animals?

    kyknoord – OK. You pay shipping…

    Alex – That’s the spirit! Don’t forget the copper pipe – it can be sold at a good price these days! Guess i’ve got it backwards – i plan to leave a gift basket of supplies to my “renters” – once i’ve got a pack on the hook…

  5. Glad to hear they left the tumble dryer. Never know when you might need to dry out. Goodluck with the new trailer Daisy. 😉

  6. If you make one extra mortgage payment per year you can significantly reduce the amount of time it will take to pay it off. Or you can, like me, plan to drop dead inside of 30 years and be free of a lot more than just a crippling mortgage.

  7. vapour – Good plan! one of the first “upgrades” to the new place will be a full wet bar in the downstairs “party” venue – which is convently located near the laundry room!

    nm – taking lightbulbs? that’s dark…

    unbearable banishment – early on, we paid double and triple payments every month. i’ve gotten in the habit of paying down principle every month. will have to reach some sort of “steady state”, once i get the existing house occupied, before i can really figure out my wiggle room… but i’ll have a bar and a pool table, so who cares? it’s just debt, right?

  8. That sounds so freaking cool! I’m sad I won’t get to see yo new digs–one day, I will make it back to Ohio & hang on your porch and sing with you as you strum the guitar. Sad Stanky.

  9. lksn – thanks! it’ll be really cool – in a month after i unpack!

    stankaloo – we’ll get you back here, and throw a big-ass party (like we used to do just because the sun was shining)… [sniff, sniff…]

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