New Superhero: Trailer Park Workin’ Man

He’s only 23 years old.  And in a mere 16 hours over the weekend, he re-built my back deck.  A 16′ x 12′, warped and sagging wooden structure is now safe, structurally sound, and renewed.  Ready for finishing. 

BJ, who is married to my 36 year old niece, DQ (of the “Redneck Wedding” and “Fourth and Park“) offered to work on my house as i prepare to vacate*.  Since he’s a carpenter and jack of all trades, and i’ve got way more projects than time or skill, i thought it prudent to hire him…

Arriving on Saturday afternoon, he spent an hour measuring, and “cypherin’ “, writing his supply list with extreme concentration and diligence.  We hopped in his 3/4 ton pick up truck, and went to the lumber yard.  Inspecting every single board for “straightness”, we loaded a cart and were headed back home an hour later.  My contribution?  Helping load the big wood, carrying buckets of bolts, and swiping my charge card through the reader.

Other than helping unload the truck, providing an endless supply of soda and a boom box for the requisite country music soundtrack, i went back to excavating the contents of my house.  He worked into the night, flood lights preventing pneumatic tool disaster and a guest appearance on “Appalachian Emergency Room“. 

After 11:00 pm, he moved inside, grabbed a plate full of barbecue and a drink** and started working on installation of new faucets, while i continued to wade through mountains of junk and paperwork. 

He was tucked in on my downstairs sofa by 1:00 AM, and asked for an 8:30 AM wake up call.  Morning rolled around, and i sent Mr. Pickles down to rouse him***.  After preparing a big lumberjack breakfast, we scooted off to the hardware store for more supplies – again, i just pushed the cart and cut the check.

Another day of carpentry.  He even pushed The Boy into service – having him dig a couple of post holes to reinforce the deck.  Not so much that he needed the help, i think he was looking for male company.  At nearly 20 years old, The Boy is almost the same age.  When i walked outside, and found them smoking, talking about hunting Caribou or some other manly gun-related thing, while listening to the Dixie Chicks on the boom box and sweating the perspiration of productive work, my heart damn near overflowed…

By Sunday night, 10 pm, the major carpentry was done.  i did a little finishing work tonight, and BJ will be coming back Tuesday night to do more.  From there?  It just needs paint.****  This was not a slapdash patch repair, but excellent craftsmanship.  Single-handed.  Next week he’ll tackle bathroom refinishing, and other odds and ends.

i have always admired those having useful skills.  i also admire those with a solid work ethic.  BJ is all that.  Maybe not the brightest guy around, and he needs Ritalin to manage his ADHD, but he’s been working construction jobs since he was 14 years old.  He loves to play with his dune buggy, build demolition derby cars, go hunting and fishing and fart around with his friends. 

He’s a good man.  Last week, he repaired a broken sewer line for Mom.  Renting a “ditch witch”, he dug out the lines, mucked through piles of raw sewage, and repaired her lines at about 1/3 of the cost quoted by plumbing contractors.  He did this over three evenings, after working 8 hour days on his construction job. He is trying very hard to be the “breadwinner” for his family, so his wife can stay home with the baby. 

i’ve always liked “working men”, and have generally found that it’s best not to think less of them because they don’t have college edumacashuns, wear suits, drive Lexi, visit museums or drink imported beer.  At the moment, i’m not sure where i’d be if BJ hadn’t made himself available for rent.  There are advantages to supporting your local Trailer Park…

Back to it…


* Tentatively scheduled to close the sale on the new place on the 19th of August.  Moving day is the 25th of August.  Open for visitation by potential tenants?  26 August.  Did i say “yikes”?

** i may have a new favorite drink.  Cherry 7-up and Windsor Canadian whiskey.  Holy crap, who knew?  It’s tasty!  I’m going to try to make up a bucket to freeze, and turn them into cherry slushies!  Right along the lines of another redneck favorite of mine:  Diet Sunkist Orange with Coconut Rum…. Did i mention that i’m a total redneck?

*** The dog knows this job well – and has the “cold-nose to the butt-crack” maneuver down to a science.

**** A tasking which shall go to The Boy while he mucks around this week, waiting for his car to be repaired!

19 thoughts on “New Superhero: Trailer Park Workin’ Man

  1. My brother-in-law is just such a man. Get this: he and his father (a similar manly man) installed central air conditioning in my sister’s house BY THEMSELVES. I, on the other hand, am the shame of my gender. I can’t do shit around the house. I could never move back to Ohio because I would never get past the testosterone checkpoint at the state line.

  2. unbearable banishment – yep. that’s me… i have watched BJ, and his predecessor (DQ’s first husband), do amazing feats of home remodeling. while not a bad auto mechanic (can handle “2 Banana” work), i am unworthy to lift the bandsaws of the skilled ones… i bow down. i write checks…

    annie – as i watched BJ, i did think of Rob’s amazing “just another weekend” stories. and i am humbled. always makes me wish i’d learned a trade somewhere along the line…

    DP – Well, we’ve seen pics of papersurfer’s amazing woodworking. And seen some of your “in progress” rehab efforts. you’re hired. job starts at 8:00 AM saturday. i provide breakfast, a shower, moderately clean towels and a couch. bring your own tools….

    kyknoord – i left that in just for you 🙂

    nm – he is. as my son said “DQ sure has a way of marrying useful men”. Haven’t seen the doc, may be awhle before i’m in front of a tv again, but i’ll track it down. didn’t follow them at all until they said “Buck Fush” a few years back – then bought a CD just to cheer them on…

  3. Damnit Kyknoord! As soon as I read that, I rushed right to the comments to make my snarky remark about loading the big wood, but you had beaten me to it.

    My brother does all the skilled work, while I dance around the stage.

  4. dolce – his actual initials. goes by his first name, however… but it fits, as he married his “first one”… As for the “sweaty, ripped manly man”? Ummm… not really. But he’s bringing a “helper monkey” (ie: the $10/hr kid) next weekend. Looking forward to that…

    dolce2 – sorry for the earworm. but, by the transitive property of earworms, you have now transferred it to me, therefore, i assume you are done with it. bitch.

    uncle keith – ya snooze, ya looze over here at the Trailer Park! And i bet your brother is totally jealous of the gorgeous women that abound in theater… he may do the skilled labor, but you’re hangin’ with the babes…

    vapour – Ritalin a Sex Stimulant?!?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! [poking fingers in eye sockets, driving away evil, disturbing visual…]

    empress – new neighbors at the condo? TWO Mercedes. Folks i’m buying the place from? Lexus and Escalade. Cannot wait to go rollin’ in with the jeep and my dented, pimp-gold shitmobile.

  5. i have always been partial to a guy that has a job… never had much success finding one… but then again,, maybe i was just lookin in all the wrong places……

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