You Know Your Momma’s A Lush When…

Working the logistics for the week with both The Boy and The Girl before i prepared to toddle off to bed for the night…   i will be giving The Boy a ride back from the body shop after he drops his car off in the morning.  Asking him where the chop repair shop is located…

The Boy:  You know where Woodglen Drive is?

daisyfae:  Sure… it’s a long street….

The Boy:  Where it intersects with Harrelson?

daisyfae:  Sort of…

The Boy:  Do you know where Lefty’s Tavern is?

daisyfae:  Oh, yeah!  No problem!

12 thoughts on “You Know Your Momma’s A Lush When…

  1. you’re worried about you being a lush when your Boy Child already has geolocated a Tavern? didn’t you say he wasn’t quite of drinking age previously? maybe your genes have homing beacons to pubs built in?

  2. It’s the only way to find your way round quaint Olde England

    “Turn right at the Red Lion, continue to the Marquis of Granby and when you see the Ferret Down Your Trousers go sharp right and it’s next to the Kilted Tranny”

  3. Yeah, it’s like the Elephants in the Namib desert…they have collective memory of all the watering holes in the region…they literally know where the water is in their DNA, their genetic memory. I reckon, in my family, it’s the same.

  4. silverstar – funny part is? i don’t think i’ve ever been to Lefty’s. just know where it is!

    gnu – probably many things that i didn’t want to pass on to my kids are genetically coded. like the pub-beacon, bar-fight gene and procrastination chromosome…

    annie – it’s more fun with landmarks. until a building falls down or something… i guess it makes for more of an adventure that way!

    DP – good point! i can just claim it’s buried in my limbic system due to the 1/16 British genetic codes somewhere in my DNA. i use street names/numbers 15/16 times…

    dolce – you know where the watering holes in the Namib desert are? Wow. i’m awed… and will take you with me on my first safari. You drive…

    nm – at Lefty’s? they advertise by listing the bar bands on a sign with moveable letters on the outside wall. Wanna come over and see “Nutbuster” open for “Automotive Penile Extension” next weekend? They’re country-heavy metal fusion bands….

    kyknoord – Nah… i know where it is because i used to go to Hank’s Pub next door!

  5. unbearable banishment – indeed, The Boy is of my genetics. Somehow The Girl has grace, beauty, class, intelligence and fashion sense… Good paternal influence, no doubt!

    manuel – me or him? it occurs to me that The Boy is too young to be allowed INTO a bar… hmmm…

    uncle keith – A service? You call with an address, and i provide directions based on local bars, liquor stores and beer drive-thru’s? Brilliant…

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