Word to your mother…

i was stunned into blessed silence honored to discover that renal failure – the man who makes Trent Lott funnier than he is in real life – made me the newest inductee in the Renal Failure Trent Lott Posse. 

If you don’t get your daily dialysis, i highly recommend a visit.  RF’s got something very different going on.  i was hooked after just a couple of visits to Mr. Failure’s neighborhood – where he chronicles the exploits of Avonia the Wiccan Pimp, Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat, Mercury Shadow & Crimson Paraplegic (superheroes, of course…) as well as my homey T Lott.

Awhile back, he also tagged invited me to share nuggets of wisdom regarding how to write funny shit on a blog.  Not a meme – but a writing challenge – launched by Brent as a means to increase traffic on his sitepush the envelope of the laughable arts.  But i’m kinda lazy, and have no idea how to write funny shit… i write about my family, my colleagues, my poorly-reared children…  right… oh, yeah…  i got nothin’…

Ok.  I’ll wait for you to close all those link windows that you dutifully opened in order to fully comprehend just what the fuck this post is going to be about. [taps foot.  looks at watch.  sighs in annoyance.]

If i were going to share a wisdom nugget regarding writing funny shit?  Don’t spend an hour crafting an opening paragraph full of links to people who are funnier than you can ever hope to be thereby setting your readers expectations far too high…

Um… yeah…  What was i doing?

T Lott Posse.  Right!  i have not yet pasted my posse bumper sticker on my trailer, but will do so once i figure out how to hang it on the widget bar.  In the meantime, i’m bustin’ out a forty and going back to cleanin’ the crib.  Gonna need to get myself moved to the new party palace – so i can throw down proper in honor of my man, T Lott…

10 thoughts on “Word to your mother…

  1. Another interesting (and less taxing) way to build traffic and linky love would be to invent an award like that arty piccolo and let the spirit of blogger ass-kissiness (did I just type that?) shoot you to the top of the Technorati charts.

    Okay, I am not funny either. (hanging head in shame) I’ll go now.

  2. Are you sure that’s the way to build traffic, Annie? I thought it was to expose your boobs every so often. At least that’s what got me the most traffic.

    Anyway, congrats Daisy Fae. It’s nice to get recognized by our fellow bloggers.

  3. annie – “ass-kissiness”! that’s good – what do you mean you’re not funny? that got me giggling!

    rf – or it could be one of those exotic “liver parasites” situations that one gets from eating from roadside vendors in India… good plan, though. i’m certainly adding my T Lott Posse membership to both my dating profile and my professional resume. will see how long it takes til anyone notices!

    silverstar – Oh, don’t underestimate the power of breastages on the interweb! i still get daily tittie-hits. on the web, that is… no lines forming outside my trailer at the moment.

    kyknoord – no, i think it was funny, as in smell…

  4. so… where would the awards ceremony for something like this be? if you get the invite and says to “…arrive at the Motel 6 in Tuscaloosa and wear something skimpy…”, i’d be a bit wary.

    but, seriously, pop a cap in someone’s ass and be proud of this one. you deserved it and should be a happy little Lottician.

  5. gnu – we’ll be chillin’ with T Lott, ‘berto G, and even L’il Jerry Ferraro at the Glow Bowl “Bust A Move” night. Wear your parachute pants.

    dolce – get in line! nursemyra’s got dibs, but i’m in line next… or we could just make a sandwich…

  6. dolce – yeah, but nobody makes a sandwich out of Tag Larkin except Tag Larkin. shit. i’ll probably end up with Anonymous Doug. and lose him in the sheets (sigh).

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