From the brilliant minds at xkcd… 


i dunno.   Maybe i made the right decision.  Perhaps planting a passionate kiss on the smokin’ hot engaging gentleman in line ahead of me at the hardware store truly was a bad idea.  Especially since his wife was with him and all… and there was an axe in their shopping cart. 

But damn… i hate missed opportunities…


19 thoughts on “Regrets…

  1. i’m thinking the public snogging was brilliant as the wife couldn’t kill you without witnesses. still… i’d double check your door locks tonight… otherwise, be happy and have at them whenever you see them…

  2. I will soon be appearing in every hardware store in Ohio in an attempt to “accidently” end up in line in front of you. Of course I’m no smokin’hot guy but you’ll have pity on me and my mission will be accomplished.

  3. unbearable banishment – in general, me neither…some might have been less festive in reality than they’d been in my imagination, but it’s still better to know than wonder! it’s the ones that didn’t happen that keep me awake at night!

    tNb – but in this case? i’d have been in the emergency room, regretting the axe in my thigh, no doubt (she was kinda short…

    annie – it was accessible but heavy. stories abound, however, of people being able to execute super-herculean feats of strengths when properly motivated. better not to risk it…

    gnu – true. and a jury of my peers – being middle-aged, hormonally-raging women – would take one look at him and find me innocent of any wrong-doing, and the wife guilty of ‘not sharing the candy’…

    umdalum – wear a carnation. leave the clown shoes at home… i’ll figure it out 🙂

    silverstar – no, not really sad! just means that the Boyo is keeping you a happy woman!

  4. XKCD is absolutely my favorite web comic of all time. So far, anyway.

    I expect you’re right, too, about Silverstar. If you’re happy/getting your needs met at home you’re a lot less likely to screw strangers in the airport, er, kiss strangers in odd settings.
    [I’m not telling where the airport thing came from, but I will say it was pre-Bob. When I was your age … raging hormones and all.]

  5. bc – Nice tease. Airport? Screwage? Hello, girlfriend… you running for congress any time soon? We want the story!

    DP – Green goddess? wasn’t that a salad dressing?

    nm – Probably not. They had all sorts of paving blocks in the cart. i’m sure he let her finish the landscaping first… or, perhaps, had her dig the hole, planted her in it, then built the patio on top… Hmmm…

    alex – i like a decisive man. he was pretty damn hot…

    archie – didn’t realize it’s perpetrated created by only one mind! even more impressive!

    ooh shiney – e-mail to Cabana Boy Tech Support on it’s way! Thanks!

    uk – Yep. if we could only stop with the kisses… it’s all that messy stuff that seems to come along with exchange of bodily fluids that screws things up.

  6. Oh. Hell. I have lots of regrets around the “should haves” and the “shouldn’t haves”…but then again, no regrets. Because then things would be different. And I like things how they are.

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