Storm Chasers…

Lovely “meet up” with awalkabout and her fabulous clan Saturday night!  Along with her husband, aka The Cabana Boy and their three young children, she made the trek to Dublin, Ohio to see Gaelic Storm– which is the gang of roustabout celtic jammers that i’d stalked watched at a local concert the weekend prior.

Ms. Walkabout is one of my heroes.  She is in the process of raising her third batch of humans – and in my opinion, there is no one better suited to have such a responsibility.  The youngest clutch of children – all three of them have some degree of autism spectrum disorder, or developmental challenge – were simply charming!  And she works as a family practice attorney, while aggressively pursuing her passion for writing.  Folks, she’s the real thing*… 

If you stop by over at awalkabouts place, you’ll see that we had quite an adventure on Saturday!  In addition to the onstage antics she captured, there were some [ahem] incidents in the mosh pit that got the attention of the local police department. 

While our gentlemen companions were immersed the “World-of-Warcraft” zone**, we were talking about my adventures in Spain, with the lovely nursemyra.  And she commented on my brave entry into the “Corset zone”***.

Needless to say, as we were working our way up to the stage, trying to get the attention of those darlin’ boys of Gaelic Storm, we were desperate to stand out from the crowd.  Through a magical alignment of blogger cosmic-consciousness, we had both worn identical matching corsets under our Gaelic Storm concert t-shirts…  which we discovered as we simultaneously decided to wave the shirts over our heads to get the attention of the gents on stage.

Photos were taken, but alas, the Dublin police were afraid that we were going to incite a riot, and all cameras were confiscated.  Evidence should they need to press charges for indecent exposure, mind you.  Shame we can’t post the photos, but we’ll be watching for bootleg video on youtube, if not on CNN.  As they say, “Film at Eleven”…

So, to echo awalkabout’s parting thoughts…

Patrick Murphy, lead singer for Gaelic Storm captures it nicely:

Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, No harm, no foul, no crime

Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story….it’ll get ‘em every time.

And never underestimate the power of a pink cowboy hat, as worn by Little Miss of awalkabout’s clan… As we attempted the “geolocation by cellphone” routine, in a noisy crowded place, it sure made finding them amidst 10,000 people a whole lot easier! 


* i had to laugh out loud at an aside awalkabout shared with her husband.  After a few minutes of discussion, she turned to him and said ‘See?  She’s not crazy!”  HA! 

** Just like the Twilight Zone.  Only scarier.  Much, much scarier…

*** Absolutely NOTHING like the “World of Warcraft” zone.  Not even in the same timezone…

13 thoughts on “Storm Chasers…

  1. “confiscated” my ass… i’m betting you have a deal in the making… Brangelina got a cool $million for pictures of their twins… i’m guessing you and walkabout are conspiring to get twice as much since there were double twins to be photographed!

  2. Ooh Shiney – Welcome to The Park! Twas a true pleasure meeting you and the clan – and ok – i’ll spot you some WOW hotties. Like her… and i thought y’all did it for the adventure! As for convincing her to ‘bust out’ of the t-shirt? Gotta credit the magical spirit of nursemyra! She brings out the sexy beast in all of us!

    manuel – i believe they could be hockey players. but suspect they’re more your garden variety football ruffians (i just like the phrase “football ruffians”).

    silverstar – Why, Ms. Star, i do believe we were tuggin’ on your leg just a bit… (awalkabout is much better at the creative fiction than i am, but i agreed to give it a run 😉 )

    gnu – shhhhh…. we’re in negotiations…. don’t blow it!

  3. nm – The Pied Piper of Corsetry! Leading us all into the realm of “woo hoo!”

    kyknoord – in these parts, fuzzy purple ones, with sequins, are currently all the rage. she wore it as though it were made for her! beautiful!

    dolce – nursemyra and i are still considering our next holiday venue. if we make it to south africa? the opportunity shall arise… we’re counting on you for assistance! And we’ll help you check that box. So to speak…

  4. Daisyfae, a joint undertaking well worth the effort all the way round. 🙂 Save those Regrets for when I find the Cabana Boy 9000– we’ll draw straws for him!

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