Conversational Snippet – Testosterone Edition

Not to be upstaged by his sister, there was a brief snippet with The Boy tonight that brought a chuckle.*

On the phone with The Girl, sorting out details for her next “Study Abroad”** event, coming up in September.  The Boy, hanging out at her apartment, probably drinking her beer instead of mine for a change, could be heard in the background…

The Girl [talking to her brother]: Did you just say “penis”?

The Boy:  [mumble, yeah, mumble, mumble]

daisyfae: is he drunk?

The Girl:  No, he’s watching “Family Feud, Celebrity Edition”.  The question was “Name something that can be 12″ long”.

Did you hear the one about the guy who asked a genie for a 12″ penis? 

* it’ll have to do for a post, because i’m banging through real estate crap, bill-paying, icky-poopy work stuff and doing laundry tonight.  while drinking… it’s Tuesday, which means it’ll be Friday before you know it…

** No, she’s not studying broads…  She’s double majoring in Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies, has been around the world with Semester at Sea, spent 3 weeks in Morocco last summer, and is headed to Beirut, Lebanon for Fall term…

25 thoughts on “Conversational Snippet – Testosterone Edition

  1. Oh, so that’s why you said the boy would have trouble with the “mouse in the house” quote.

    Don’t tell the boy he might have a future in porn.

  2. educational television… when i was his age (yes, daisyfae, before you say it, there was television when i was that old), television was still full of innuendo and suggestiveness. we just weren’t allowed to blurt out words like that. hmmm… in some ways, the good old days weren’t quite as good…

  3. rob – i’ve thankfully got no idea… beyond the usual manly ‘boast and brag’ stuff, of course…

    alex – the “celebrities” were the guys from West Coast Chopper, so it’s possible it was discussed…

    nm – in my very limited experience, i’d have to say the average is closer to 11 1/2 inches… but i don’t get out much 😉

    dolce – [blink… blink…] so…. um…. yeah…. really?

    gnu – oops, let me clarify – he wasn’t on Family Feud, he was yelling at the television (a habit he has apparently picked up by watching his old lady during political debates). but yes, i remember “twin beds” on Bewitched and I Love Lucy

  4. You know why women can’t measure?

    Cuz men are always telling them [holding up hand with thumb and forefinger about 4 inches apart] that this is eight inches.

  5. Damn, everybody is talking about penis size today. Did I miss the memo? I prefer to date armless blind women…by the time they discover it isn’t 12 inches…it’s too late.

  6. kyknoord – presizely…

    toby – ch-CHING!

    rob – i thought that’s why men were better at reading maps – because they can internalize the concept that 1″ = 10 miles…

    DP – square root of the differential circumference. (heh, heh, heh… “root”)

    vapour – ask her what? do i want the answer to that?

    uncle keith – we might as well talk about it. it’s all women think about. yes, confirming the fears of every male human, we obsess about it, keep secret listings comparing notes, and, in fact, use this as the sole discriminator as to whether a man shall have repeat rights of entry… to our lives…

  7. that reminds me dais…. did i leave my little black book with you when we were in seville?

    I think it contained the names of all the men I’ve known who have 12 inch penises…..

    you may as well have some fun with it 🙂

  8. manuel – rarely derailed, from the time they become aware of their man-thing (ie: birth).

    nm – “little”? that was the journal is the size of a dictionary! i’ve got it alright… i’ll be burning through those frequent flier miles in no time!

  9. i always thought you girls liked the thick ones a bit better than the long ones, at least that’s what i read in Cosmo while waiting in line at the supermarket.

  10. kono – if you kept reading you’d have discovered that it’s actually the man with the H-shaped organ who can write his own ticket…

    cat – Shhh…. i can hear those little ‘nads shrivelling all through the blogosphere. We need to pretend size doesn’t matter so they continue to unclog our toilets, kill the spiders and lift heavy things for us…

    uncle keith – Ummm… never… i don’t do my own damn laundry, let alone someone elses’ poo-poo undies!

  11. “Name something that can be 12′ long”
    Wait! A penis?? Really? 12 foot long? One thingy after the number does mean “foot” right? Hmmm??? Just a sec … Let me clean my glasses.

    Oh … sorry … never mind.

  12. toby – yeah. sorry… 😉

    practically joe – oh yeah! gotta have me some penis bigger than my house, ooooooh baby! loves me some humongous penis… (but you did make me go back and check for the typo, so points for that 🙂 )

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