Dress code?

Bought a new home this week – a condominium.  With the travel and my hatred of yard work*, it was time.  Since the housing market is in the shitter, and i don’t want to sell into such a pig market, i’m going to rent out my current place.  Lots of work to do for sure, but i’m excited about the clean slate that is a new home!

Talking with the kids, they are getting pretty pumped up about the new crib, too.  It screams “party” – large area for entertaining**, two patios, overlooking a woodsy creek, downstairs space for home theater room, as well as pool table with adjacent wet bar. 

But mostly, they are jazzed about access to the communal pool and tennis courts.

The Boy: Can i play tennis, wearing short volleyball shorts – my balls hanging out – wearing a midriff top while smoking a cigarette in a long holder?

daisyfae: i just read the homeowners association documents.  There is no dress code for the pool or tennis court.

The Boy:  Not yet…

* A half-acre yard is a lot to maintain. If you hate working outside.  Been contracting it out since my indentured servant son blew up the lawnmower before he moved off to university. 

** Future parties can be held mostly indoors.  The last one, with about 80 people, had to roll outside… the current house just isn’t set up for packs of drunken yabs.

18 thoughts on “Dress code?

  1. OMG, I give it six months with The Boy before you have to bribe the condominium association not to evict you. Of course, I don’t see anything wrong with his costume except that cigarette holders are so early 20th century.

  2. silverstar – i’m planning to become active in the homeowners association. a pre-emptive strike, if you will. i’ll be president of the damn thing within a couple years. let ’em try to evict me!

    DP – yeah. it’s a bit of a “lexus” and “mercedes” neighborhood. gonna be quite the wake up call for them when i show up in my old jeep, and park the shitmobile on blocks in the front of the condo. poor bastards…

    gnu – the association strictly forbids conducting a business of any sort from the residences. rules out selling weed, too…

    annie – don’t expect he’ll be around enough to completely freak out the nice blue-haired ladies in the complex. once they get to know him – for all his bluster, he’s a ‘carry your groceries’ kinda kid – they’ll be fine.

  3. The Boy has clearly inherited your sense of humour daisyfae.

    I’m reminded of the episode of “Friends” where some dude was hanging out with the friends in Central Perk. Everyone was grossed out because his genitals were hanging out of the leg of his shorts. Of course, no one had the courage to say anything to him. Until Gunther came over and said, “Hey buddy. Put the mouse back in the house. This is a family establishment.”

    I guess I’ll be passing on condos out of fear of unknowingly becoming your neighbour.


  4. nm – i’ll post a pic, but the development is kinda like this. i’ll feel right t’ home…

    rob – “mouse in the house”… i’m sure he’ll take exception to that. he’s a big fan of Hunter S. and Hunter S. wouldn’t put his mouse in the house…

    alex – he’s taken the ‘twisted, dark’ sense of humor he was born with and brought it to a much higher level. He also brought us “pimp in training” and “brewmaster“. don’t know whether he’ll be in prison or doing stand up in LA by the time he’s 25… i’ve learned to pick my battles.

  5. dolce – i don’t lie. i’ve adopted a more political approach. as in “i do not recall giving birth to a boy.”

    uk – damn. we must be related… scary… want me to send The Boy out your way to put your new homeowners association on notice?

  6. Maybe the boy shouldn’t wear short volleyball shorts … if he wears longer ones the pockets would be deeper and his tennis balls won’t be hanging out as much. Ever think of that?

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  8. shonda – Welcome to The Park! HST is one of The Boy’s true heros. As scary as that is… as a momma? i’m just glad he reads creative, well-written stuff! will get over to root around at your site when i’ve got some time – quick look said “hmmm… funny lady!”

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