Test Anxiety

Tomorrow morning i’m taking the test on second course in my professional development series, which must be completed this year.  The first time?  Kinda stressful.  This one isn’t even multiple choice.  It’s a short answer test – 20 questions extracted from about 90 possible questions.

i think i’m prepared. i’ll know for sure next week when i get the scores back.  been slamming through “flash cards” with my classmates on lunch hours for the past two weeks, while banging my head against the information as well every night.  Never mind the fact that we’ve been working through two lessons per week (twice the recommended rate) for the past four months or so.

But in the meantime, here i go… Test anxiety?  Nah… i’ll just get creative…

BREAKING NEWS:  i passed.  just got the e-mail.  not sure what my score was, but it was “excellent” and that means more than 71% (probably 80-89%), but more importantly that means i can spend the majority of my weekend attending a local Celtic Festival guilt-free.  Drinking, dancing, and drinking-and-dancing.  W.H.E.W.

19 thoughts on “Test Anxiety

  1. I got an email once full of those little test pictures they were hilarious. But with the amount you have been practicing I’m sure you wont need to draw any elephants.

  2. They should give you “open book” tests like they did in a certain government agency I worked for for a short time. Confounded some of the higher ups when they had to take some university courses. And that’s why they say “Good enough for government work.” Good luck. But I don’t think you’ll need it.

  3. can you attach picture files to the test answers? i bet if you sent in your corset shots the guy scoring the test would automatically give you a perfect score…

  4. i’d like to help but word problems scare the shit out of me, well math ones do, i’m good at those essay tests cuz i’m like full of it, i’ll pat the lucky boy on the head for you that always seems to work during sporting events his father may have wagered money on.

  5. annie – my “teacher” was a computer. was in a test center with about 20 other poor souls…

    rob – thanks! i’m hoping that’s what happened. won’t have the score for a few days. ugh! and hey, what’s an “e” among frinds?

    DP – Thanks! and that is exactly what was in my head at 8:01 this morning!

    alex – got the rest of the pics, and will likely find one from that list for the final test in a few months! they are funny as hell… well, when you’re not facing a test anyway…

    silverstar – open notes would have been nice! i’ve stared at those “flash cards” we made for so long, i can see them when i close my eyes! a little retinal burn didn’t hurt during the exam…

    kyknoord – shit. how many points do you take off for spelling?

    nm – won’t know – but i was the first one done. they give us 3 1/2 hours to complete it (little timer ticks down from when the test starts). i was done in an hour, spent a half hour proof-reading, editing, spell-checking, and doing character counting (800 character limit for each answer). UGH. the waiting will suck big silver ball!

    dolce – good plan, but she wasn’t my type!

    gnu – they won’t let us bring in pictures. and, as i found out this morning, they don’t accept checks or credit cards toward bribes. cash only. double damn….

    unbearable – math/science would have been easier for me. formulas are just ‘plug and chug’. this was squishy, leadership b-school bullshit. icky-poo!

    kono – i can BS like a champ, and hope that it worked… appreciate the Lucky Boy Hair-Tussle!

    uk – damn. that would have worked. my two classmates – also testing this morning – why, we could have shaved our heads like a bunch of jerks, and if we’d had our choice of terminals, we could have sat in a circle…. circle… jerks…. hmmm… what does this remind me of?

    practically joe – Welcome to The Park! i’m liking this… i’ve got to write an paper next, and then there’ll be one final test. i’ll be in touch… What’s your preferred method of payment? you like women, booze, or drunk women?

  6. lksn – Thanks! Now to write that pesky essay and start the final coursework!

    Bb – no blood or needles, but i intend to wee all over the books when i’ve completed this thing. Perhaps initiate a pagan ritual of some sort…

    TAG – Welcome to The Park! Will find some time to visit your blog – seems like a fun place! Wanna see me derive Maxwell’s Equations? Physics and math….

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