Behind the Photos: Double Corset Friday

DATELINE: Sevilla, Spain — an inside look from behind the camera as two women embark on an international mission to bring a deep, intimate appreciation of corsetry to a small corner of the blogosphere…

i was delighted to have opportunities to participate in photo shoots with the amazing, brilliant and edible smoking’ hot nursemyra while on holiday together in Sevilla.  Although several of you offered cold, hard* cash for “out takes” and/or video, i can only assure you that there were no bad shots of her, but perhaps a few that i ruined by being a bit of a novice, or simply getting in the way.

To help you appreciate how difficult this process can be, we decided to share a few “behind the scenes” photos. This in-depth report is intended to shed light on the complexity of the process, so that her weekly efforts receive the full respect deserved. 

The first hurdle? i’m an inept photographer. Took a few test photos to find the best location, lighting and camera settings. We settled on a orange wall in the living room, accentuating our Day-glo Fruit themed lingerie.


From there, we had to position the camera – far enough away to capture all breastages, yet close enough for us to tap the shutter. We used my clever “gorilla-pod”**, which was affixed to the back of a kitchen chair, precariously perched on the glass coffee table. i’ve said it before – “fashion is not for sissies”.

Giggling like schoolgirls***, we used the timer and took dozens of photos!  Some of which shall never be published – lotions, potions and other utensils may have been involved, but this shall be left to the imagination of the student!  Here is a sampling of our “props” collection.  Remember – we were improvising, and had already discovered that Sevilla had a limited selection of suitable shopping venues.


It wasn’t long before we were certain that there were several photos suitable for posting. Time zipped by – we literally spent hours on this endeavor!  Seemed like minutes.  Inevitably, a few shots were poorly timed, blurred or otherwise yakked up.

It’s not going to become a regular feature here at The Trailer Park, as i must return to my “mission” – hoarking up extended family issues in an attempt to get the worst of it out of my head – and provide warning to my children on how to avoid becoming mired in cavernous black holes of infinite human need…. But this has been a joyful diversion, and i am honoured**** that nursemyra encouraged me to explore the exposition of my boobages on the interweb*****.

So, back to our regularly scheduled programming…  at least until we meet up again for our next adventure! 


* You know who you are… for shame, for shame…. Oh, and she said “hard”. Heh, heh, heh…

** Looks like either a sex toy, implement of torture, or some combination of the two, but it’s really a clever device, hopefully earning an assload of royalties for the inventor!

*** Not on the short list of ideas for future themed photo sessions, so don’t even ask…

**** as tribute, i’m even spelling a few words Aussie-style!  still working on installing the jets in my toilets to force the water to swirl counter-clockwise…

***** certainly provides yet another opportunity to send my children to therapy.  can’t imagine any of their friends mothers have plastered hooter-shots on the web.  On second thought… those middle-aged women on Craig’s List are some body’s mother…

30 thoughts on “Behind the Photos: Double Corset Friday

  1. “…left to the imagination of the student…”

    you do know that most of us have vivid and extremely misguided imaginations, yes? or, perhaps not so misguided… maybe fantasy and reality are actually the same! (see, it’s already started… whoo!! i’m gonna need cooled down now…).

  2. I couldn’t decide which I wanted worse, boobs like the two of you, or the gorilla-pod. Unfortunately, I think my camera is too heavy for it. And the software is still old, and I can’t afford new hardware. Or software for that matter.

  3. oh that brings back happy memories (as I huddle over the heater in sydney’s winter weather)

    still haven’t had a chance to work out how to use the timer on my camera so I can take advantage of the gorillapod you so generously gave me 😦

    hopefully by next week…

  4. gnu – we’re not talkin’… What happened in Sevilla, stays in Sevilla!

    silverstar – the gorilla pod comes in two models: i have the industrial sized one because i’ve got a larger camera. the boobs: many shapes, sizes. all of them special! love the ones ya got, and go for the ‘pod!

    turnbaby – Welcome to The Park! Do you have a blog? With an enticing comment like that, i’m sure my readers will want to know!

    dolce – it was truly fabulous! can’t describe it beyond “Pajama party”… even with lots of “boy” talk! i’m not sure about t-shirt friday. will see what i can find…

    nm – very, very happy time! and if you look up the make/model of the camera, there’s certain to be an on-line users manual.

    kyknoord – the “missionary”. sounds so boring… so banal… oh, wait. i’m writing about my family, and how i feel about my family… it is boring, banal. crap…. must cogitate further…

  5. alex – if you look at the “el segundo” post i put up? my gals are looking a bit wet and shiny? um…. well….

    silverstar – i think nursemyra, dolce and other folks (including the fortunately inimitable daddy papersurfer do a “t-shirt friday” on the last friday of the month! go for it!

    toby – there was a tenacious mosquito… nah… couldn’t have been spying on us, now could it?

    umdalum – you? bribery for boobies? you weren’t alone, sir…

    uncle keith – you are a giving, generous man. shall we provide the ice cubes or do you bring your own?

    toby – fluffernutter? YUMMY! peanut butter and marshmallow creme – now that would have been a great prop!

    umdalum – and he’ll do his own damn laundry if he does!

    turnbaby – Wow! You’re a blogo-celebrity! Intrigued by HNT. Very intrigued… Hmmm… will check out blogradio for sure!

    DP – yes? you want to ask something?

    DP – seriously… don’t be shy…. OUT WITH IT, for chrissake…

    DP – No. We did not have to poo. Ladies do not excrete solids. They are sublimed directly into sweet smelling vapors. Next question, please…

  6. silverstar – thanks for tracking it down! i’d heard of “half nekkid thursdays” but didn’t know where the ‘hub’ was! hmmm… like the concept very much…

    tNb – good warning. it was simply a blast – no other way to describe it! we got so lost in the project…

    rf – nm is a teeny-tiny sprite of a woman, perfectly constructed! wouldn’t need to be a very big table!

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