Double Corset Friday – El Segundo*

On my final night in Spain, nursemyra and i had a festive pajama party to celebrate – fully documented, of course!  We had a marvelous time with the “neonphoto shoot on our first night together, but the farewell party had a “black and white” theme. 

Now that i’ve had two opportunities to apprentice with the corset mistress herself, i believe i’ll be able to go back to the regularly scheduled programming.  There may, however, be a “Behind The Corsets” post in the future.  This isn’t an easy process.  Fashion isn’t for sissies.  

Once again, my disclaimer for those random professional colleagues who visit The Park who could be damaged by seeing daisyfae exposing girl-flesh.  And my kids**: 

WARNING – if you work in the same geek-o-sphere as daisyfae and would find a glimpse of her breastages disturbing, DO NOT read past the break.  This one’s gonna hurt…  Also, if daisyfae gave birth to you, avoid future therapy sessions and go back to the “Girls With Guns” website where you can surf until your eyeballs fall out of your head…


* Not the city in California.  Spanish for “the second”… El Segundo, CA is perhaps the smelliest city i’ve ever visited – literally and figuratively.

** “What?  You mean your friends mothers don’t have blogs?  Don’t post their girl-bits on the interweb?”

20 thoughts on “Double Corset Friday – El Segundo*

  1. it’s 6:30 am… i usually stumble out of bed by 6:00… yeah, i know after seeing me snoring past 9:00 am every day in Sevilla that may be hard to believe 🙂

  2. there should be a law… MANDATING this. you are lovely together. i humbly volunteer to do whatever money-raising ventures are required to get you two back together so we can have more of these quad-Fridays. breathtaking!

  3. Its all business isnt it, I’m not complaining but a nice smile from you two girls would really perk these shots up. Of course I wouldnt post a photo of my head if I had me ‘bits’ out either. Lovely as always, when are you getting together next for another double act.

  4. Can you please inform me if you gave birth to me …….. a sort of advance payment I suppose ……. so I’ll know whether I need to save up for some therapy ……….. actually, it might be quite a good idea anyway ………. so don’t bother …….. now, what was I saying ………?

  5. gnu – alas, money isn’t the limiting factor. can you lead a “Time-generating” venture? got all the frequent flier miles i need, just not enough weeks in the year where my owners let me loose…

    kyknoord – you know you wanna do it. the gentleman protesteth too much! Triple Dawg Dare you!

    dolce – your ante’s can certainly hold up their end of the bargain! can’t begin to convey how much fun we both had doing this! innocence of a school girl sleepover… with bigger ta-ta’s, of course…

    uncle keith – too late! too late! too late! i’m already damned 😉

    alex – What? we’re not perky enough? 😉 it’s psychologically challenging enough to get my bits up there… besides, i’ve learned that if i dress properly, no one notices my face anyway. Coping Mechanisms 101…

    seraphine – Welcome to The Park! The answers to your questions can be found at The Gimcrack Hospital. nursemyra has been sharing her corset collection with her rabid & salivating devoted & worshipful fans every friday for quite some time. She has the answers you seek…

    toby – thank you, kind sir! but this is just an inpspired phase… i have joyfully wandered off track to explore my self-image issues, but need to get back to my regular programming! and yes, the “speedo” thing just doesn’t cut it, does it?

    silverstar – don’t be discouraged! the hardware does some serious magic – and i have been amazed at what shows up on my camera when doing this! just good, wholesome fun!

    DP – Hmmm… You? Needing therapy? Can’t imagine that… just inconceivable… Some people are victims, others are carriers… oh. right. not my business, is it?

    bc – wasn’t comfortable with the bigger jump on these. moment of false modesty, perhaps? your boobs should join in – the hardware is festive, the camera can be surprisingly gentle, and it’s just big fun!

  6. annie – alas, i’m out of the game for now! the festivities will continue over at The Gimcrack, but i’m hanging up my…. um…. er…. hardware until i meet up with nursemyra again!

    rf – Welcome to The Park! Bob could use a proper slob, could he?

    Bb – gracias!

    silverstar – perhaps one of these days, should nursemyra make a visit to the states, we can bring her particular brand of ego boosting out to Seattle! i can see a world tour coming!

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