The Welcoming Committee

Left London this morning, and encountered absolutely no travel glitches*.  Miraculously managed to hook an earlier flight home from Philadelphia – being allowed to board even after the gate agent had closed the door!  Quickly sent text messages to the kids to make sure one of them could get me from the airport almost 3 hours earlier than planned.  Quick confirmation from The Boy that he could come to get me, and a text from The Girl to “Save Room for Tacos”**.

Sailing smoothly through the doors at baggage claim, i had to wait a bit until they arrived.  Spotted them pulling up to the curb a few minutes later…

The whole entourage came to get me!  The Boy at the wheel, The Brown Dog slobbering in the backseat, and The Girl riding shotgun… Holding a cardboard sign out the window as they moved slowly along the curb…


Except it was upside down…  i love my kids… they always know how to make me laugh my ass off!  Great trip, great to be home…

* Well, not counting my failed attempt to stock up on single malt scotch at Heathrow’s Duty Free because i wouldn’t be checking my bag homeward.  Have to exit security in Philly after customs… Bastards…

** They had come home to a very sparsely populated pantry.  Even worse than usual.  The Girl was in charge of dinner, The Boy responsible for dessert.  Hence, vegetarian tacos and jello pudding cups on the menu.  What The Girl called a “hobo meal” – the “shit you eat when you don’t have money”.  Over the meal, they decided they should open a taco and pudding restaurant – to be called “Taco del Pud”.  Pronounced “poohed”…

18 thoughts on “The Welcoming Committee

  1. We have Taco Del Mar here. If you ever want some nasty stuff, it’s fish tacos. Unless of course they have mango salsa on them. Taco del Pud sounds good in comparison. Meanwhile, welcome home.

  2. rob – of all the gifts i’ve wished for my children, the two most important are “health” and “humor”… both essential to a life of adventure and meaning! they are funny little sprogs…

    silverstar – i’ve had a fish taco before. had to try one on a business trip out west. blechh…. but mango salsa? i’d eat shoe leather if it were covered in mango salsa!

    DP – Alas, i don’t “meet up and tell”… sorry to disappoint! Best left as an exercise for the reader! For fun, there may be a “behind the corset” post, but photos from the second “double corset” session may not be suitable for publication! pajama parties with nursemyra are the best!

    FFE – Simon was ready for a nap by the end of the show. A troupe of Ukranian huha-hooping midgets could have surrounded him after the show and he wouldn’t have noticed that either. At least that’s my story…

  3. dear daisyfae, i think you’ve confused the little ragamuffins message. in honor of your visit to Espana, they were actually asking a question en Espanol of whether it was a good trip or not— “?WOW?” (sorry, don’t know how to invoke an upside down question mark in HTML)

  4. I can totally see your Girls sign saying “WOW”. Such a bonus with the question mark. Internet is far and few between here these days. Island life sucks bunghole. Oh, I hope ya didn’t eat rare meat over there. 🙂

  5. umdalum – i giggled myself silly as the flight attendants walked the aisle saying “Duty Free? Duty Free? Duty Free?”. i’m a dork. loved beavis…

    bob – will get to work on that soon. The Girl is intrigued by the TESOL certification option… you’re an amazing host… xoxo

    gnu – She is a linguist, after all! Should have figured that out…. but it’s supposed to be backwards and upside down, isn’t it?

    manuel – just being goofy. that’s what we do best…

    uw – sorry you’re sucking the internet bunghole! fingers crossed that the connectivity issues will get fixed. i was surprised at the amount of meat in the spanish diet… saw a vegetable one day. it was wrapped in meat and deep fried.

  6. alex – not sure i’d eat there myself, but the meal always tastes best when prepared by someone else, so the mere fact that they made dinner was a delight…

    kyknoord – part of my “condensed biography” series. but, i’m taller, have smaller breastages and don’t keep a flask in my undershirt (on most days, anyway)….

  7. Mrs B – The hardware needs a “flask strap”. My next invention – sex gear with an enclosed bar….

    dolce – they were good, for soy-based, meat-substituted tex-mex food!

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