Viva España!

Sunday night in Sevilla took a delightful twist. Spain won the Eurocup*, their first major title in 44 years. After evening tapas with azahar and nursemyra, we stumbled upon some young football ruffians**. Unfortunately, one of them was already hammered beyond repair, and was doubled over, hoarking up a liquid hairball into the fountain (blue shorts, submerged torso).

But the rest of the gang was happy to comply with a photo request…

just like being at home!

Perhaps it´s also a bit unfortunate that the Spanish colors led a few of these fellas to resemble Ronald McDonald. But they were adorable. Well, except for Pukez de la Hackenandez…

From the rooftop bar a couple hours later, we were able to hear the city erupt with excitement as Spain clinched the 1-0 victory over Germany. Cheers, horns, fireworks… from every quarter of the city! Shortly therafter, there was a ruckus on the square below. The same pack of young revelers were now stripping down and diving into the fountain. Apparently forgetting that one of their party tossed his tapas into the itchy, green waters a few short hours ago***…

ten boys in the fountain...

As we drifted off to sleep that night, the fireworks, honking horns and jubilant voices could still be heard. Packs of joyful men, roaming the streets well past 4 am, singing football songs. Made me deliriously happy! Much as i´d imagine victorious warriors, returning from battle would sound. Perhaps a bit less slurring of the words, though…

Viva España!

they were over 18.  i swear.

* i´m no expert in European sporting events, but the Eurocup is, in fact, a large coin, hammered into the shape of an athletic protector. All of the cool kids wear them here.

** not bad kids. i just like the phrase “football ruffians”. they were adorable. skinny boys, boxers hanging out, obliterated and being goofy. reminded me of the pack of goofy punk boys, friends of The Boy, who infested my house last summer. Minus the $200/week in pizza rolls i paid to feed them…

*** sorry for the picture quality. it was like, ummm… night…. and i haven´t had a chance to optimize the photos yet.


18 thoughts on “Viva España!

  1. You didn’t need to go all the way to Italy to see men romp around in a fountain in their underwear. Uncle Keith and I would have come to O-H-I-O and done it for you……

  2. Nothing as endearing as rabid nationalism. Some people I never met but were born on the same land mass as me beat some people you never met but were born on the same land mass as you. I rule, you suck!

    But maybe I’m overly curmudgeonly. The TdF starts this weekend and I’ll be watching every stage, and probably rooting for Slipstream (an American team), but more appreciating the pageantry and drama without waving the stars and stripes. I wish I could head across as you come back.

    Glad you’re having fun though.

  3. half naked spanish boys….yeeeeeha! Well done Dais.

    Oh, and give Az a hug from me. Sounds like she’s having a kakuka week. I’m mean, apart from having you there. Which must be her silver lining. You and Nurse M are good ppls!

  4. silverstar – Go Cubbies! Lived in Cincinnati when the Big Red Machine won the series in the 70´s… there is a simple joy in it…

    manuel – considering i was 2 years old the last time Spain won a major title, suspect the odds of it happening were slim. very good timing…

    gnu – shall i bring one back? you take an XXXXL, right?

    umdalum – will you wear the latest mens fashions, as seen over at “the riot”? i´d post nekkid booby shots for that…

    ctyri – Rabid Nationalism? Fuck Yeah! And not overly curmudgeonly. Just the right amount of curmudgeonly… a bit curmudgeonesque…

    archie – “My landmass-mates can kick your landmass-mates arse!” No, probably not a good cheer…

    kyknoord – we´ve scheduled him for a pit waxing. clearly, he has no problem being photographed in his underwear…

    alex – a bonding experience… was very sweet the way one of the boys waved me off, pointing at his dyspeptic friend with a concened look on his face.

    dolce – a bit young for me, but The Girl has put in a work order for hot boyz…

    umdalum – too much bugs bunny. italian opera, spanish city….

  5. Most certainly – to quote Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club:

    “I’ll do anything sexual. I already have. I’ve done just about everything there is except a few things that are illegal.”

    And I’m sure Uncle keith would be onboard as well…..

    Anything for nekkid booby shots!

  6. uk – the ronald mc donald wig, baggy, knee-length shorts (boxers visible) and no shirt, of course. bonus points for painting your face yellow and red!

    umdalum – “illegal” is relative… for example, most things remain illegal in the state of Utah

    ~m – it was festive. from a distance…

    uk – and then re-debauched once it’s been bauched and debauched….

  7. Nursemyra sent me over Daisyfae. I’m heading to Malaga on Sunday to watch Spain play in the final. So exciting!

    I’m hoping that I can catch some video of it. I wish I already had some from the revelry that Cadiar already experienced last night.

  8. Scott – welcome to The Park! glad you stopped by! It was a highlight of the trip to spain that year – here in the states, to celebrate sporting victory, it’s just drunk & stupid til you pass out, or a riot starts. the singing was my favorite part!

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