Sevilla sangria…

Sevilla is beautiful… getting settled in, working through some connectivity issues at casa az, but nursemyra and i managed to work through our siesta, and crafted the first set of double corset friday pics…  a teaser below the break.

WARNING – if you might potentially need therapy, suffer emotional or mental damage, or lose your ability to concentrate in meetings should you glimpse daisyfae in her neon party-gear, then please, for the love of all that is decent, do NOT read below the break.

24 thoughts on “Sevilla sangria…

  1. wow. i’m so jealous! good for you that you can go on vacation and explore a whole new side of yourself and leave the real world behind. 🙂 I’m proud of you!

  2. My god, glorious girls…you’re delicious. I’m positively inspired. And deeply, hideously, disfiguringly jealous.

    I insist on one of you snogging some spanish lothario, just for my vicarious kicks. ‘kay?

    Ok, maybe not.

    But enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I shall be drinking cheap sangria in spirit!

  3. M-m-m-mel – Thank you! Take some anti-seizure meds and check back in the morning!

    Bb – me likes europe. me likes it a bunch. winters in Sevilla, summers in Oslo? is this a good plan?

    DP – Pardon? Did you just ask for a “ho-hummer”?

    gnu – seedless, please. wouldn´t want to choke anyone!

    annie – nothing about this you couldn´t do! the secret´s in the hardware! And it was quite fun taking the photos! We were giggling like schoolgirls…

    umdalum – great idea! perhaps we can do a ´donut theme´next time? cover ourselves with glaze and frosting? maybe a little powdered sugar?

    awalkabout – it helps that my sprogs are technically out of the house. although i have no idea what´s going on back there while i´m thousands of miles away. but to tell the truth? as long as the dog is cared for, i´m not sure i care!

    alex – you´ll have to wear something keeping with the ¨neon fruit¨ theme… perhaps an electric purple ¨grape¨thong?

    dolce – nothing to be jealous of, just join the fun! maybe next year, south africa needs a visit, and we can do a trio? Haven´t found a suitable el snogarino partner. yet. but the authorities are on high alert!

    MdW – the hardware instills both support and confidence. if someone had told me last year that i´d be posting pictures of my bits on the internet from Sevilla, i´d have said ´yeah, right´. follow the path where it leads…

    archie – so far, it´s been relaxing… the lifestyle of southern spain suits me well. sleep, eat, sleep, read, walk, talk, sleep, eat… repeat as necessary.

  4. Wow. Having seen those corset fillers on and off for the past few decades …. you look amazing. Can’t wait to see the whole kit and kaboodle next week. oxoox

  5. bob – the kaboodle is fine, hence the posting on the internet. the kit? still needs more gym time. perhaps another marathon…

    FFE – Welcome to The Park! And if you love decent, i suppose you wouldn’t be going to hell! Love the tribute!

    uk – Ka-BOOM! you got that right!

    kyknoord – Jughead?

    alex – try it. it’s all hardware, lighting and cropping! you might be delightfully surprised!

    daniel – Welcome! We’ve not had much chance to explore, but it is an amazing city! Exciting to be here when Spain won the Euro Cup last night!

    manuel – hotter than a mo-fo, but it’s beautiful! going to try to visit the cathedral tomorrrow some time…

  6. manuel – loved your post! will hunt down the rest of the adventure when i´ve got reliable internet access! it is an amazing city! glad your “dances with horses” hallucination has passed me by…

    Stankalicious – Reach out across that ocean, baby!

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