With a chance of Forgetfulness… Now staring at 4 hours to go, and there are a few items still uncollected/packed, i’ve got a work telecon in an hour and a half, and here i sit farting about on the blog… can you say “Procrastination”?

Both azahar and compu-diva did this, and it pretty much captures my current “brain cloud”.  Although i left out “muddled-shit” and “fucking off”…

Fun stuff… Hey! Look! A seagull!

lef out \

Cloud your own brain…

14 thoughts on “Cloudy…

  1. az – Over the past two decades, western culture – with increasing dependency on visual media – has triggered a Darwinesque evolution of the human brain. We have become increasingly incapapble of translating words into concepts as we are spoon fed a diet of pretty pictures, talking-heads thinking for us, and the shinier, more superficial an image, the more adept our brains have become at absorbing the information, or lack thereof. This work is built upon our hypothesis that given a list of words, vs presenting them as a visual “cloud” of shiny, colorful words, the human brain is more likely to internalize the meaning of the words. And then we went out for beer, tried to pick up the bartender, and got harassed by the po-lice for drunk and disorderly conduct in the parking lot…

  2. az – there is often more meaning in the meaningless than there is in the meaningful. know what i mean?

    dolce – if they can stop faffing about the house, trying to think of things i might possibly could have forgotten for a trip where i don’t need to do anything other than drink, eat, sleep, read, talk, repeat… pictures happen!

    gnu – never put off today what you can put off tomorrow…

  3. Safe travels daisyfae. Looking forward to hearing all about your “conquest of Espana”. Don’t answer the call for the Inquistion, though. I hear that one’s kinda tough.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  4. silverstar – if it’s nice outside, don’t be inside!

    rob – from London. safe so far… at i’m sure no one expects The Daisyfae, either!

    kyknoord – it was 8 am when i wrote the post. even i don’t drink that early!

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