Birthday, Schmirthday…

i’m over it.  a little corset therapy, thanks to the encouragement of the magically delicious nursemyra, who has invited both Ms. Vita and i to join her for some friday fashion fun…

however… given that some of my professional colleagues, not to mention my son, are regular readers here at The Trailer Park, i’ve got to put the photos below the break.  With a suitable warning.  If you read further and go blind, not my fault!

WARNING:  if seeing mildly suggestive photos of daisyfae in sex gear would either disturb, frighten or scar you for life, then please do not read past the break.  No actual naughty bits are exposed, but consider yourself warned.

Now, on with the show…


Observations:  Holy Fucking Shit!  Do any of you realize how ridiculously hard it is to do a self portrait of your bits without knowing how to use the fucking timer on your camera?!?!?  We all owe the amazing nursemyra – and i mean totally fucking amazing – our undying gratitude for her devotion to the beautification of the blogosphere every friday. 

Sheesh.  Perhaps one day i’ll post a few of my 80+ “out takes” – which consist of shots of my armpits, nostrils or the dog-fur encrusted carpet in my bedroom.  And i believe there was one magic shot that had all three in it.

Face it.  Fashion ain’t for sissies.  Yet another reason i’m an engineer.

27 thoughts on “Birthday, Schmirthday…

  1. Oh, I don’t know, daisyfae. I think these turned out quite well, actually.

    Perhaps if you had a willing assistant – and I’m sure there are many volunteers – you wouldn’t need to worry about the timer.

    But, if you’re assistant-shy, just remember the old adage – “Practice makes perfect.”!

  2. And Nurse Myra is even more amazing when you consider she doesn’t have a tripod or a timer on her camera. Of course, she’s had more practice. Not bad, but a little small. (Not your equipment, the pictures.) God, am I getting prurient in my old age? Of course, if any of the guys posted pics of their man boobs and beer bellies manly physiques, I would be all over it.

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  4. rob – i think i need to figure out the timer… part of the ‘game’ is the self-portrait aspect. besides, the cropping tool is my friend. not sure i want to give up any creative control!

    lksn – thanks much!

    uncle keith – two words: pillow fights.

    gnu – the video of this photo shoot may not have been particularly erotic. me swearing, groaning as i wished for longer arms, pushing the dog out of the shots… oops. did i crash the “third wall”?

    silverstar – of course the photos are small. baby steps. i’m a rookie – not ready to have my blemishes inspected by millions a few dozen people. like the idea of a ‘gentlemens’ day. not sure i wanna see thongs, however…

    nm – you’re my hero! safe travels…

    alex – Thanks and Welcome to The Park. And don’t think of it as ‘competition’ – more like ‘tag team’ 😉

    az – Thanks – and you’re next! and don’t protest – you’re gorgeous! we’ll get you talked into this one day!

    DP – if anyone could get the “gentlemen’s version” of corset friday going, it would be you… on second thought….

    dolce – oh, child, you are smokin’ hot! wonderirng if you had as much trouble taking the photos as i did. then again, you didn’t have to do as much cropping, i suppose!

    kyknoord – with some estrogen shots, a little wax, maybe just a hint of photoshoppery – i suspect you could join up. i may have to extract a few out takes. not as hot as nursemyra’s out takes by a long shot… or a close shot…

  5. *shuffles feet* ta Dais. And ja. Trés difficile! That was the only one that didn’t include a thumb or a bit of armpit or half the wall. Or a chin. Or two, ye gads. But it was fun. Lots and lots of fun.

  6. Daisy! It’s the FOURTH wall! The FOURTH, that has to be preserved. Good thing you’re fucking hot, cuz your brain is addled. Maybe it’s the gin?

  7. dolce – oh, gawd – the ones where i caught my face?!?! grimacing as i contorted myself to get the proper angle? [shudder]

    kono – again, Welcome to The Park! there’s a notch at the bottom of that get-up as well (tee hee)…

    annie – you’d be quite stunning, no doubt. no pressure, but it sure was more fun than i thought it would be… once the pulled muscles healed!

    tNb – the dog thought i was insane! stone cold sober – this time. perhaps (if there’s a) next time…

    Her Royal Stankiness – i realized that late today. big ol’ “duh”. But remember, i’ve never had formal theater training. i’m a hack.

  8. umdalum – maybe every Friday the 13th, Ms. Vita and i can come up with our Tribute To Nursemyra… maybe. Don’t send me an opthamologists bill, though.

    Alex – yeah. you and uncle keith. i’ll send you pictures from the pillow fight in seville, too…

    Bb – a “double”? wouldn’t that be a “quadruple”? i’ll pack something festive and see if she wants to play…

    vapour – Rock and Roll! Can’t wait! [tapping toes, looking at watch]

  9. Mrs. B – surfing channels while visiting Mom and stumbled upon the young dr. frankenstein – and giggled myself silly (unfortunately, might have interfered with her napping). Man boobs are over-rated. Yeah. i know they have a low rating… it’s still too high…

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