There’s no place like home

After quite a ride, Mom went home from the Cardiac Rehab facility today.  The first week there, she seemed to be happy to be out of the intensive care unit at the hospital, and was enjoying 3-meal-a-day room service*.  As she got more mobile, there was increasing restlessness.  And much to my complete and total amazement – she lost her appetite.

This scared me.  As i’ve mentioned before, we are not a family that wastes away.  i’ve seen her leave family funerals early to dig into the goodies brought over by neighbors.  She had every symptom of depression.  Going home might not be enough to solve the problem…

From the start, we’d told her that the decision to stay or go was up to her.  By Tuesday of this week, she was down in the dumps, crying a bit, and starting to ask about being “sprung from the joint” to go home.  My niece, DQ**, took her to a follow up appointment with the surgeon yesterday.  After the consult and review of her medical condition, she was given the green light!  Oh, and some anti-depressants – turns out a bout of depression is not uncommon after bypass surgery.

Just off the phone with Momma.  She was a little anxious.  i reminded her that she has a de facto “call button”, through the Life Alert System that she was thrilled to have installed last January. 

daisyfae:  Mom, you’re ready to be home.  DQ is next door, and the call button will get someone on the intercom within seconds!  It’s your safety net…

Mom:  Oh, that’s right.  i knew it would come in handy one of these days.

daisyfae: [biting tongue… while smiling]

* it looked quite institutional to me, complete with gray-green peas, creamed corn and dessicated meatloaf, but she loved it. At first.  When i was visiting over the weekend, she was pushing the food around on her plate like a stubborn toddler.

** i’ve had lots of unflattering things to say about my niece, DQ.  Like this, this and this…  Oh, wait.  Can’t forget this one…  But this round – when it comes to taking care of business for Mom – she has been brilliant!  Readily acknowledging that since she doesn’t have a job, and lives next door, she’s in the best position to lead the care-giving.  Stepping up to the task, she’s gone beyond ‘tactical’ support and logistics, but even gotten the hang of dealing with the doctors.  i’m awed, and perhaps feeling a tad guilty.  looking forward to things getting back to normal so i can write more of the fun stuff…

10 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. Depression isn’t uncommon. My dad went on anti-derpressants after his stroke. It was like getting a new dad in some ways. One I wished I’d grown up with as opposed to the old dad.

    Glad your mom is home and hope the eating picks up to normal levels soon.

  2. Glad to hear that she’s recovered enough to go home. There really is no place like home. Institutions can sometimes be breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty strains of things. Best to spend as little time there as possible.

    Hope things continue to go well.

  3. I’m glad your Mom is home. Home really is the place to be. And institutional food sucks by definition. When my ex had surgery for an obstructed bowel, they weren’t going to let him go home because they didn’t think he was eating well enough. I had tasted his dinner, and knew he just needed to get out of there. Sure enough, he slurped up a steak as soon as he got home.

  4. Your family are lucky you have such immense reserves of patience. In similar circumstances, mine would have already been fertilising the back garden.

  5. annie – she was a psych nurse, and has been very resistant to the idea of anti-depressants as a result. i hope that these brighten her general outlook, as well as mitigate the depression. fingers crossed!

    rob – agree with you about the ‘germ’ thing – i’m not a germ-a-phobe, but i’m a big fan of disinfectant wipes when dealing with hospitals and “facilities”. There be monsters there…

    silverstar – i don’t know how she was eating it… worse than school cafeteria food. pizza with beets? who thinks this shit up?

    dolce – i’m going to have a pre-paid pizza delivered to her house tonight! i’ll see if i can get a side of mashed tatas!

    kyknoord – i live 60 miles away. this has saved lives.

  6. az – she’s doing great! surgery is a bitch (as you know well)…

    uk – thanks! i hope to be back writing the crazy stuff as soon as the barfights start up again!

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