Conversational Snippets

Called both of my children this week to warn them about the pending “Kegger*” on Friday.  They’ve both been through these before – and depending on their general mood, have enjoyed a few, and been annoyed at a few.

Conversation 1:  While talking with The Girl, she wasn’t sure she’d come home.  FInal exams loom, and she’d had a bad weekend over the holiday – so we also went over some frustrations she’s been experiencing adjusting to her Dad having a girlfriend.  His partner is 180 degrees out of phase with their Momma, and it’s an adjustment, to say the least.

daisyfae:  Remember, your Dad is one of the most patient human beings on the face of the earth!  He put up with all my shit, didn’t he?

The Girl:  [enthusiastically] Yeah, really…

daisyfae:  [scowling] You didn’t have to jump on that so damn quick, did you?

Conversation 2:  When talking with The Boy about the party, he asked if it was going to be a good one, or a lame one**  – we’ve had a few of each.   He wasn’t sure if he’d make the trek home for it or not…

daisyfae: Somewhere between 50-100 people at this one.  Mostly work folks, young-ish.  Some families early.

The Boy:  I don’t know.  Sounds like it might suck.  Will there be a keg?

daisyfae:  Of course…

The Boy:  I might come down after work…

Post Script:  In subsequent conversations with both The Boy and The Girl, i have finally come to the same conclusion they have reached regarding the new girlfriend.  She’s a bitch.  And if she makes their father happy, they’ll learn to deal with it – and are handling this situation very well – but they are both deeply disturbed by how they’ve seen her treating him.  It’s none of my business – beyond the fact that i want my children to maintain a healthy, close relationship with their Dad – but in fact, it also makes me very sad.  He doesn’t deserve to be barked at by an unappreciative, selfish woman.


* i still have no idea how many people will be descending upon my house tomorrow after work.  Seems the guys forgot that “RSVP” thing…

** If it’s a Cast Party?  He’ll be in another state.  At the last one, it was the magical combination of Karaoke, Jello Shots and Theater People that had him digging out his eardrums with a butter knife at 4 am…

10 thoughts on “Conversational Snippets

  1. Have you already pre-alerted the authorities? Do you have the ambulance on speed dial? Sufficient jello shots for all, plus extra for yourself later? Then you’re ready….

    Good luck… this comment will self destruct in 3… 2… 1… [pfffttt]…(damn cheap ass self destruct explosives)

  2. i had to change my domain name to please change your links and or feed as necessary

    all you will have to do is remove the – from between why and paisley,, everything else will remain the same and will redirect you to the correct page…. sorry for the inconvenience…

  3. May the force be with you, Ms Fae. It’s going to be one helluva weekend.

    [remember: photos; especially of the hot, young ones. ‘kay? Cool!]

  4. gnu – no cops! no casualties! no need to call “Haz Mat” clean up professionals… as always, i thought it was “mission impossibe”, but it all came together. somehow.

    kyknoord – he sent a text as he got off work at 11 PM: “Worth the trip?” My reply (apparently with several typos): Not Lame. The Dog has already puked. He was home 90 minutes later…

    nm – he shares your deep distaste for show tunes…

    paisley – thanks for letting me know! i wondered what happened to your site!

    dolce – so far so good. and there were lots and lots of pretty young men (demographic is about 75%/25 male/female for this group) – but alas, i was too busy to take many more pics!

    silverstar – Good reminder – at least no one got shot at this party! Woo hoo! Hope this weekend is less eventful for you!

    az – the house is brick. the ‘crew’ does a good job of clean up… when it was time to move inside (i typically move them indoors at midnight for noise abatement), i was astonished at how quickly they mobilized! Took about 5 minutes!

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