Alien Abduction?

i need to report an abduction….  Got a call today while running errands on my lunch hour.  This conversation happened today with my ridiculously self-absorbed sister, S:

S: I need to talk to you.  This isn’t about Mom, she’s fine.  This is about me.  It’s all about me.

daisyfae (inside her head):  i’m stunned-shocked-amazed at this!  YOU?  Talking about yourself?

daisyfae (to S):  Ok.  What’s up?

S:  They found another lump in my breast.  I went in today for a Halo Breast test – have you heard of it?

daisyfae: No – what is it?

S: It’s a new way of looking for cancer – they said because of the type i had before, i’d be a good candidate, but they weren’t able to make it work.  Hurt like hell.  But that’s not why i’m calling.

daisyfae (inside her head):  Ah – here it comes!

daisyfae:  Shoot*…

S:  They also asked me about doing genetic testing for breast cancer.  Have you heard of that?

daisyfae:  Yes – i had it done last year.  Came back negative.  i thought i told everyone in the family about it.  Key thing with the breast cancer mutation – it’s not only about breast cancer, but ovarian cancer as well.  If it runs in a family, there is typically rampant cancer (30%-40% of the women) – and we don’t have that on Mom’s side.  i did the test to look on Dad’s side because his Mom died of breast cancer, he was an only child, and we just don’t know that much…

S:  That’s good news. 

daisyfae:  Do you know of history on your biological father’s side?

S:  His mother died of breast cancer, but he had a bunch of older aunts – i don’t think there were more cases.

daisyfae:  Statistically, it’s probably a low chance.  Now, will your insurance pay for the test?  It costs about $3000 and there’s only one lab in the U.S. with the license to do the testing.

S:  I’m not sure.  I’ll go back and ask before agreeing to this.

daisyfae (looking at phone number to verify this is, in fact, Sister, S): Ok.  Keep me posted – and let me know if there’s anything i can do.  Did a lot of research on this during the 3 weeks i had to wait for the results…  Genetic testing is an interesting business** and i can help you navigate some of it.

S:  OK.  Oh, and don’t tell Mom – I don’t want to worry her about this.  I don’t think it’s a big deal – I’m not afraid.  I just want to figure out how to handle all this crap without too much disruption.

daisyfae (staring at phone. considering drafting a press release):  No problem – and hey, you’re one tough little nugget!  Way to go!  Let me know what you need!

daisyfae (inside her head): […..]

* Not an optimal word choice for this sister.  She’s the one with the “concealed carry” permit.

** i stopped short of my rant regarding the intellectual property issues relating to “Genetic Testing Patents”.  A law (Bayh-Dole Act) that was intended to speed the transition of research has, in fact, hindered many such transitions – by allowing patents for on gene identification processes.  A quagmire has evolved, and the result is reduced access to relatively straightforward testing. This slowed down research into development of a SARS vaccine, as many lawyers first had to sort out who “owned” the patents…  Baby steps. She was doing good, but not ready for this particular rant…  Sorry.  [soap box returned to cupboard under sink]

10 thoughts on “Alien Abduction?

  1. Sorry to hear about this daisyfae. Must seem at times why is it so hard to catch a break or breather, eh? Hope all goes well with your sis.

  2. It must be difficult to hear your sister has another lump. Too bad they couldn’t do the HALO, although it sounds too good to be true to me. And don’t get me started on patents for living organisms.

    I keep wondering how they decide who gets a concealed carry permit since finding out the crazy shooter at Folklife had one.

  3. rob – i think she’ll be ok! the first time she went through cancer (7 years ago), she withdrew, wouldn’t talk about it, let her husband and mother make all decisions, and was in a ridiculous state of denial. this is HUGE progress for her to face a challenge directly!

    annie – me too. she is a caffeine junkie (like me) and has had benign lumps before. fingers crossed…

    silverstar – first i’d heard of the Halo. i read up on it a little – share some of your skepticism, but if there’s another non-invasive, quick diagnostic tool that can help get answers, then bring it on! in my state, the only requirement for concealed carry is a one-day ($100) “class” and a favorable background check (no felonies, history of mental illness). UGH!

    kyknoord – no, but the dog is snoring in a pattern. is he communicating? sending signals back to the Dog Planet?

    gnukid – i’ll look next time i’m down there. hated that movie. scared the bouncing crap outta me… brrr… thanks for that one…

  4. uw – now THAT would be festive! i’ll have to keep the camera handy…

    tNb – why can they push all your buttons? because they INSTALLED most of them…

    az – she’s got her head in the right place. i’m optimistic… happy to help her out if needed, but she’s really taken a turn for the functional!

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