From the top of my “What the fuck was i thinking?” file*:  i have once again offered my home as a “Party Substrate” for two young engineers from the office celebrating promotions.  For this Friday.  And yes.  i said “once again”….

As an “old and crusty” yet “sorta cool”** mentor within the organization, i am known for my enthusiastic support of the younger technologists.  When they need celebrate a promotion, or say farewell as they change jobs, they often have no suitable location for a party.  daisyfae to the rescue!  The last farewell party ended up with somewhere between 80-100 people stopping by during the course of an “afternoon – evening – early morning – ‘get-yer-ass-outta-my-house-i’m-going-to-bed’ pre-dawn”. 

It was big fun.  The party gaggle was back the next day – not of bright eye nor bushy of tail – and cleaned my house as promised.  My responsibility is to make jello shots, keep an eye on the guests to assure all get home safely (or are tucked onto a horizontal surface until ready for transport), and generally flit about moving piles of kibbles to where the clumps of party goers are assembled at any given time***.

This gaggle includes one of my favorite “young ‘uns”, and i’m sure it’ll be big fun.  This will be the fifth in the series, and we’ve finely tuned the process – making it all pretty straightforward.  They bring food, drink, tables, chairs.  i open the door.  We play.  i go to bed.  They clean up.

i once heard a comedian reference his method to “drunk proof” his house before a party – which included duct taping his dog’s ass.  Not likely to be that kind of party****, but i should locate Mr. Pickles kevlar collar and barf-proof cape just for safety.


* “File” is an understatement.  This collection is being converted to microfiche for efficient permanent storage…

** “Agedly hip”?  “Crustily cool”?  Have to work on this…  Perhaps The Great One can provide guidance….

*** Also, to assure that no one has sex in The Girl’s bed.  Her direct orders.  Not that it’s a problem with this crowd, i do have to lock things down before hosting cast parties for my theater crowd…

**** No one from my extended family will be in attendance.

26 thoughts on “Toga?

  1. The Great One?!? Surely you got your links mixed up?? 😉

    PS: I love your receipe “They bring food, drink, tables, chairs. i open the door. We play. i go to bed. They clean up.” Brilliant.

  2. Didn’t the last one of these end up taking three columns of the newspaper Police Blotter to fully report? Here’s to a great party, Daisyfae… and maybe a record fourth column in this weekend’s paper!

  3. daisyfae, I salute you. As one who has studiously avoided socializing with most of my work mates over the years (geez, don’t I spend enough time with these people?), I am in awe of your stature and ability.

    Oddly enough, the wife and I will be attending a BBQ hosted by a co-worker this Friday. Assuming, of course, that the babysitter calls us back…

  4. A noble sacrifice indeed. I just wish the equivalent events in our company bore some similarity to yours. Ours tend to be dour, miserable affairs where we all glare at one another and mutter into our drinks.

  5. [I heard that tNb ……… tsk]


    ‘As an “old and crusty” yet “sorta cool”** mentor’ – in your case should read ‘As a “potent sex bomb ready to explode if anyone says or does anything wrong” yet “sorta interesting if wearing a flack jacket” mentor’.

    Or in my case ‘As an “old and crusty” yet “sorta cool”** mentor’ should read ‘As an “irritating and windy old wind bag” yet “sorta smelly” mental.’

    Can I have a glass of wine now please? he whined ………. pleeeeeeease

  6. Share the photos…paaaahhhhlleeeeeezzzzzze!

    And be glad your dog ain’t like my dog, Luke. Luke lurves nothing better than eating puke. His own. Another beast’s. A human’s. He’s not fussy.


  7. only one question…
    why the hell didnt i click on this link at mandy’s sooner?
    (possibly because i’m too bloody perpetually morose to click on anything described as hilarious?)
    cant believe i’ve been missing this.

    used to be an office ‘mama’ too, to hordes of unruly lads… and your post just makes me realise how much i miss that.
    i just hope i was also percieved as ‘kinda cool’, rather than ‘old school’!

  8. tNb – was trying to think “old and crusty”. guess who’s picture came to mind? the recipe works – tested, tested and tested again!

    rob – these are generally festive events, average age of the attendees is around 27-30. it takes a few years off me to socialize with this pack! oh, and if the babysitter bails, perhaps i can send The Boy?

    kyknoord – those would be the formal “team building” office parties. i simply don’t go to those any more – rarely go to office “farewell” lunches for the same reason… this? the technical term is “a throw down”…

    silverstar – a great reason to have a party. then have another party to make sure!

    archie – Lo, TG is certainly invited, but she is welcome to toss the Old Git across the pond for a few days and enjoy the silence!

    DP – close… “potent sex bomb ready to explode if anyone says or does anything wrong” Ummm, i typically only explode if anyone does anything right. and yes, here’s a bottle. now take a nap. you’ve been helpful…

    dolce – oh, but that’s yet another of Mr. Pickles endearing traits. which we learned at the first of the series. it took me a few minutes to figure out how my dog got a hangover. yep. not only ate it, but ate enough of it to get a substantial buzz. (ASPCA – move along. no dog abuse here. nothing to see…). Pics could happen…

    nm – it’s good to throw him a bone every now and then… gives me karma points…

    oniongirl – Welcome to The Park! i can do “morose” – just another service offered here. Usually comes with a side order of “cranky rant”. And “hoardes of unruly lads” sums it up nicely… it was after the first event, where i discovered my Xena wig, along with several crumpled one dollar bills, on my coffee table, that i remembered the “unruly” one who was teaching the others the art of male exotic dancing. on my couch…

  9. archie – merkin? perhaps we should be thankful it was deployed mercifully low…

    Lo,TG – honored, as always, by your visit! we can arrange the pond drop – perhaps with a rubber dinghy and paper oars. he’ll get home, but after you’ve had a nice long rest!

  10. uncle keith – Not exactly. Closer to a frat party, with nerd-esque behavior. Just found out that one of the celebrants – who is actually performing in our next show – has invited the theater people. Oh my. When worlds collide… theater people + frat-boy technologists = new furniture…

  11. DP – perhaps it’s the RF ID Tag she’s had implanted under your skin. “Bell Around The Cat’s Neck” for the 21st century… perhaps if you spend some time sitting under a gigantic electromagnet. Say, one of those big ones used to move automobiles in a scrap yard?

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